Paris Hilton is a victim of thievery

paris_hilton_elf.jpgParis Hilton sent a collection of Christian Dior products running nearly $10,000 to her mom for Mother’s Day – including shoes, purses, sunglasses, and perfumes – but according to her reps the package was stolen.

“A delivery person from Christian Dior delivered the items to the residence, and set the package down on the sidewalk while trying to work the intercom system. At this point, a person came along and grabbed the items.” The Hiltons spent Mother’s Day at the trendy restaurant the Ivy. Photogs asked Paris about the incident and she confirmed it: “Yeah, someone stole it.”

Damn, woman, just admit you forgot it was Mother’s Day. You don’t have to make up a ridiculous story about your $10,000 gift basket being stolen. She might as well have thrown in that there was also an original painting by DaVinci, three Faberg

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