Paris Hilton is a badass

October 3rd, 2006 // 60 Comments

You thought Avril Lavigne was a badass? Well Paris Hilton is an even badder asser. She’s got chains around her neck and a profane shirt and everything. All she needs is some guy following her around with a sign that says “Badass” and she’ll be the baddest assest in town. And notice how I didn’t even reference these pictures. I like to keep this place a classy affair, which is why I make every post with a glass of champagne in one hand and a plate of caviar in the other. Then how do I type, you ask? I don’t. Oooh, mysterious.

One more of Paris and her new look after the jump.


  1. I hope she’s trying to become a caricature of herself, because that’s what she’s devolved into.

  2. pinky_nip

    We all know she has a bad ass from the earlier thread.

  3. killahcheese

    i’ll still make sweet love to her lol

  4. BarbadoSlim

    Oh, she’s ass alright…

    an ass-clown

  5. The Gilbs

    I wonder if she has to rub Vaseline on the inside of her butt cheeks to prevent chaffing when she wears a thong? Those huge cheeks must rub together.

  6. That’s just a picture to help dudes know where to insert finger, I must warn you though, many a ring and watch has been lost up there……………

  7. killahcheese

    Thats even better. I like tight pussies

  8. bigponie

    that finger should be pointing downward.

  9. HollyJ

    Did someone slip and fall when applying her pink lipstick to her top lip?

  10. shell

    She’s such a rebel

  11. why is this interesting

  12. PunjabPete

    John Lennon – killed by another.
    Chris Farley – OD.
    Steve “crikey” Irwin – Barbed to death by a fish.

    Yet, this bitch lives on… Eveolution you say? Darwin would be on Prozac by now……

  13. bigponie

    This shirt, proudly displayed by Paris, is the latest design by her sister Nikki, it’s for her fall collection called ‘fingering’ and it’s due to hit your local wal-mart next week.

  14. bigponie

    see nikki selling her fall collection at wal-mart.

  15. Such a badass! I would hate to meet her in a back alley at night.

  16. BarbadoSlim

    *imagine a sorority girl*

    Ah MY gahd, those earrings make her whole pussey sparkle!!

  17. 86

    Naw, fuck YOU bitch!!!


    More badass than a baby dressed in leather, wearing sunglasses and riding a Harley? I think not.

  19. bunnyloo

    For someone so young, and rich, Parisite has the nastiest, flabiest, unsightly ass on the planet. I mean what gives?!

  20. Great, even that bitch standing behind her is laughing at her.

  21. She may not be a badass, but she sure does *have* a bad ass, as we saw from those pics yesterday!

  22. Ms. Sass

    Now if only she’d slip and “accidently” hang herself from those tacky chains around her slutty neck.

  23. vainandlovingit

    overaccesorized.abhorrently unintelligent…the best part is that even if i said it to her face, the comeback would be something like …’that’s hot, i love you, buy my cd’
    i dont understand why is she always in the fucking media…

  24. BarbadoSlim

    #24…and don’t forget, if there’s a table anywhere near, she’ll jump on it and flash her nasty pussy.


    She just needs a giant golden clock to match. I would totally hit it.

  26. BigJim

    Even she thinks she has a bad ass.

    At least that’s what she said when I gave her the Dirty Sanchez.

  27. slantingthroughdarkness

    Look. Paris’s shirt shows how high she can count.

  28. Her face makes me think bat thoughts

  29. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Next thing ya know, she’ll be wearing Mr. T as another accessory.

    In and among the chains, is the ‘Chain of Fools’–being any guy stoopid enough to fuck this fingery bitch.

    Commando attire for Beverley Hills…

  30. combustion8

    her ass is bad… I’ve seen pics.

  31. I can’t believe her and Nick Carter broke up. They were such a great couple. Just kidding.

  32. BarbadoSlim

    hehehe #29 reminded me of some lyric, can’t remember whose, “my diamonds are reckless feels like a midget is hanging from my necklace”

    everything is better with midgets.

  33. Filthy Bugger

    She could totally spice that shirt up with a BeDazzler and really make an impression.

    BTW, why does every other comment now end with a link promoting some poor Superficial rip-off. Am I missing something? Is Superficial the new pink?

  34. RichPort

    The funniest part of this? This idiot probably had NO idea what was on the back of her top when her stylist handed it to her.

  35. Spiratucus

    Someone needs to fart on her.

  36. Convent Girl

    Paris, guess you haven’t had enough scorn heaped upon you…..Please, just stop….Go away….Far far away……Either that, or start doing something actually useful with your life….You may have more money than most average people….But money doesn’t buy enough happiness….What a pathetic life you lead

  37. It looks like the finger is point toward her. Kinda funny.

    I think the “Can you hear me now” T-shirt on the following page is definitely more funny.

  38. LilRach

    I want that top – it’s cool! “Loves it”.

    But shouldn’t the hand be lower down on her skirt pointing up to her crack and saying aim penis here????

  39. Italian Stallion

    @32 Barbadoslim, your comment is just Ludacris I tell ya……………

  40. May

    Maybe Travis Barker is rubbing off on her a bit?

  41. May

    Maybe Travis Barker is rubbing off on her a bit?

  42. lollie

    she needs new lips.

  43. ER

    Badass? More like DUMB ASS!!! The Heidi-esque braided bun and headband really seal the deal!

  44. tsarinaamanda

    @31- You should have heard Nick and Aaron Carter talking shit about her on Howard Stern, it was fucking HILARIOUS! God, it’s “Dump on Paris Month” on Howard, the whole thing with Elijah Blue Allman saying he was so scared of getting a STD from her that he poured Tilex on his cock after fucking her was absolutely unbeatable though. Useless twat, she really needs to DIAF, like, NOW. I’m sick of looking at her.

  45. marie-jo

    What’s up with her lips in the 2nd pic? Did some-1 receive a jelly donut?

  46. KelKel

    Wow,that’s haute

  47. brotherlex

    i’d say there are influencing factors from the past

  48. Kim

    I pity the fool who doesn’t think Paris’s chains make her Badass!

  49. Kim

    Look at the girls in the background of pic #2. They are giggling at her like she sat in some gum. Maybe something gross is hanging out of the back of her skirt…like her but cheeks!

  50. BarbadoSlim

    Ludacris, thank you Stallion it was driving me crazy.

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