Paris Hilton is 24-karats of naked

December 13th, 2007 // 88 Comments

Paris Hilton, in her own unique humanitarian way, posed nude while covered in gold body paint for the Rich Water Foundation, according to The Sun:

The hotel heiress posed in California’s Mojave Desert for the Rich Water Foundation, a scheme to source water from icebergs and relieve drought-hit regions.

Nobody told me Paris Hilton was made of gold. All this time we could’ve melted her down into something that’s actually useful. Like a set of golf clubs. Or solid gold hubcaps for my car if we’re really trying to make the world a better place here.


  1. penni

    airbrushed much?

  2. oola


    the campaign’s fugly

  3. Ted from LA

    She was so proud of getting laid doggie style she had herself bronzed.

  4. holla@meh

    that’s hot! (and first??) lol

  5. Starchasm

    It wasn’t for anything nearly so humanitarian. These are promotional shots for her new nauseating champagne-based drink.

  6. My eyes! MY EYES!!!!

    Just goes to show you never know what you are gonna get when you hit the refresh button..wonder if I can sue..

  7. Gerald_Tarrant

    I’d hit it………..over the head with a 25 pound sledge hammer (not my cock which coincidentally has been mistaken for a 25 pound sledge hammer.)

    Shit, can I write for the Superfish now? That was just as lame.

  8. Auntie Kryst

    I thought this skank was pushing her fucking champagne is a can with these pictures? Yeah I said it, champagne in a can, apparently it’s a real product she whores for. I boycotted Carl’s Jr. because it has the stink of Paris on it. Now I got to layoff water too? Time to drink my Jameson’s neat from now on.

  9. anyone ever notice paris rhymes with

  10. 24 Kt gold, huh? Does Kt stand for Kunt?

  11. PunkA

    I always knew she farted gold dust. Explains why she walks like she has a cork up her ass. The bitch won’t share.

  12. My eyes! MY EYES!!!!

    Just goes to show you never know what you are gonna get when you hit the refresh button..wonder if I can sue..
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  13. I had to drink..this site is making me VIOLENT!!!!

  14. veggi

    @4- nice.

    and you know what? I woulda drank champagne in a can. yeah, I’m classy like that. A fridge full of box o wine and champ cans.. Thanks whore. Now, I’m gonna have to go broke on Corona and Crown. I hate you, and so do my pockets.. (and so does your vagina)

  15. Chauncey Gardner

    Isn’t that a Whitesnake album cover?

  16. johnnyboy

    COmmenTing Fron iphowne u fuckrzzzzzz irsockzzzzzz

  17. veggi

    FRIST!!! I didn’t know you spoke French!..

  18. johnnyboy

    also i wanna lick her asshole

  19. antoine

    Just as pure as gold!!!!

  20. #17, great advertisement for the iphone..

    Veggi, that wasn’t French, it was Copynpaystanese..

  21. cookie monsta

    so who was the idiot that let her out of the desert anyhow? she woulda baked in that paint (mythbusters!)

  22. antoine

    This looks a lot like my bowling trophy!!!

  23. tp

    It reminds me of that stuff on lottery tickets that you have to scratch off…I want to take a giant shovel and start chipping away…

  24. Gerald_Tarrant

    @9 How else would you ever drink Jamie?

  25. D. Richards (Hands.)

    Good idea, philanthropist with too much fucking time on your hands! Let’s just harvest water from icebergs. Good idea. How the fuck would that even work?

    And Paris: is there anything I can say that she hasn’t already had sprayed in to her hair, or swallowed, or gagged on? I mean, is there anything I can type that would shame Paris more than the shame of having to live life as fucking Paris Hilton?

    Open your legs! Open your legs, whore! The world needs it’s water.

  26. Hiya bitches and queens!

    She’s hot, and looking smokin’ hot here. Simple undeniable truth. Not being a bitter loser, I can handle the truth.

  27. Auntie Kryst

    @25 well normally I like my Irish whiskey over ice, but now since this selfish flake is trying to harvest icebergs, I have to take my drink straight up. #26 has a good point, how the fuck is that going to work anyway?

    Why the hell is this twat trying to push booze in a can anyway? She’s a hypocunt! I thought she was all upset at beer swilling drunk elephants over in India or something like that.

    PS for the poster that came up with “hypocunt”, thank you. I’ve been waiting to use that word.

  28. Oh Behave

    Painting weird rich women gold..stealing the world’s ice supply to create resorts in barren places. This is clearly the work of Dr. Evil. If I weren’t so busy shagging former size 2′s, I would stop the bugger myself. Start without me.

  29. I do hate her but these are actually cool pictues. To bad it is wasted on her!

  30. gotmilk?

    since when are her tits even close to being that large?

    that gold paint does nothing for her already jacked up face. you’d think makeup would help, but it only makes her look like more of a greyhound.

  31. And speaking of color lets all take this opportunity to make sure this site is for whites only. let us keep all people of color off this site

  32. Eat my shorts

    Wish they’d left the paint on for a little longer so she may have suffocated.

  33. Eat my shorts

    As a geography major, I’d like to be the first to say “What a COLLOSSAL waste of money.” Bitch, you’ll write off anything, won’t you?

  34. Sauron

    Because it’s Paris Hilton it looks more copper to me.

  35. t

    I think they look nice.

  36. Ted from LA

    I think she looks great dipped in gold. They should try molton lava next.

  37. jt

    does she not know any other position?

  38. Bilbo Baggins

    I’d suck those fuckin’ golden titties and eat her sweet cunt…no doubt.

  39. Lowlands

    Do we have to worship this alien goddess?

  40. fergernauster

    Yeah… molten lava. And if not that… liquid lead.

  41. Ript1&0

    Dude, fuck Paris Hilton. Cause you know what I got back now?? That’s right, people – Bodycount. Ice-T is in the motherfuckin house! And it’s all thanks to YOU, Fish.

    Feel better?

    There goes the neighborhood!!!!!

  42. The tackness is almost beside the point, her giant man hoofs ruin the picture!

  43. Gerald_Tarrant

    Paris is the proud recipient of a golden shower.

    Yeah, I did it.

  44. Ript1&0

    Fuck. I’m bringing the crazy today aren’t I?

  45. Look closely

    Look closely, you can see a nip. ROFL!

  46. The Beer Baron

    I wish they left her on Mars after the photoshoot. Or was it Uranus?

  47. is that Golddust’s (Dustin Rhodes from WWF) sister?

  48. Nice concept there by Paris to wear nothing but a body paint

  49. Photoshop Cough Photoshop

    Her knocks are not that bad ass. They look great in that picture.

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