Good Morning! It’s Paris Hilton’s ass cheek.

April 26th, 2010 // 104 Comments

Because my pain is your pain, here’s Paris Hilton and her death knees hosting “Rehab – The Ultimate Daytime Pool Party” at the Hard Rock in Vegas yesterday and apparently they didn’t pay her enough to put her implants in. On that note, who knows how to inject penicillin into your soul? Because tying the King James to a hammer isn’t cutting it. Do you think a priest would bless me or would I have to look like Macaulay Culkin circa 1992? That seems like it’d be a lot of shaving.

Photos: Mavrix, WENN

  1. Jay Popeski

    I love the smell of leather.

  2. GQ Guy

    Paris is Hot. Great Bod, Style and she comes across as fun.

  3. benny

    I’d do her in a second, but would make darned sure I’ve wrapped my tool!

  4. She has the legs of an 80 year old.

  5. mike

    Jerpes… those knees look whore-endous!

  6. Virgodoll

    Why do her knees look so bad? did she undergo a lengthening surgery or something to make herself taller, those knees are not normal

  7. Truth

    As long as she can get on her knees they are fine by me.

  8. yuck

    she is re-donk-ulously gross

  9. xylus

    Why aren’t the Taliban firing poison gas at this abomination?

  10. e

    she is so std 2005.

  11. elvis2


  12. LMH

    Can someone confirm or deny in picture 17 — is she smiling at her reflection? Oh jeeze — what a f’in turd.

  13. LMAO

    Damn Fish that was funny as fuck! And this hag sure has nasty knees…yick!

  14. Poptart

    Pancake ass.

  15. Deacon Jones

    Her left leg looks like my grandfather’s..

    And his was hit by an artillery shell in Germany 60 years ago…

  16. Rick James

    Can we trade her in for a new model? I think she’s been used and abused one too many times… Not to mention her fishy smell just won’t go away!!

  17. Milo

    Rode hard, put away wet. Skank. We’re all probably getting pink eye from this post. I just wish Ricardo Montalban was still around….”Fine Corintian leathaaaaaaaa!”

  18. Raney

    Isn’t she 30 now?

  19. Raney

    Isn’t she 30 now?

  20. valerie

    i’m sorry.. JERPES?

  21. Dn

    Those legs look like something I saw in a beef jerky jar on the counter of a Seven Eleven.

  22. Rick James

    HAHA…. At least the beef jerky at Seven Eleven is safe to eat…

  23. Que

    As most celebrities, she’s overrated.

  24. John Boehner called… he wants his skin back…

  25. yes

    I WOULD FUCK THOSE KNEES LIKE A WAMPA. Back me up, Luke. Oh I forgot – you’re classy. Sisterfucker!

  26. elephantman

    i dont care what anyone says. i think she looks pretty hot, not to mention i would stick up her ass like a train going to tokyo! bullet train baby, yea!!

  27. elephantman

    i dont care what anyone says. i think she looks pretty hot, not to mention i would stick up her ass like a train going to tokyo! bullet train baby, yea!!

  28. elephantman

    i dont care what anyone says. i think she looks pretty hot, not to mention i would stick up her ass like a train going to tokyo! bullet train baby, yea!!

  29. ron

    she looks like a barbie in 19

  30. dude

    She needs to cover those disgusting legs and never, ever show them again.
    Btw, ROFLMAO at “JERPES”

  31. havoc

    There ain’t enough chlorine in the fucking pool that would convince to get near that…..


  32. Dn

    @ 22
    *BURP* I hope you’re right!

  33. Jerpes

    Jerpes: jesus meets herpes.

  34. beep beep

    WIN @ Deacon Jones #15. ROTFL.

  35. Sport

    Did the Herpes make her look like that?

    LOL at her meeting President Obama in the White House last week?

    Doesn’t that douchebag have better things to do?

  36. Girl

    Waist down…. A NIGHTMARE.

    Sooooooooooooooooooooo orange

  37. bitch PLEASE

    Her sister looks WAY hotter than she does….without even trying…

  38. Mr. Nice Guy

    Bad photo of her knees, every woman has those moments. But the rest of her looks good.

  39. Wishbone

    A little bug just crawled across my screen. Oh…wait….

  40. bar room hero

    Tanning makes chicks look haggard early…give me a pale skinned woman any day.

    I see some women coming out of the salons that look like the orange crypt keeper, scary shit!

  41. Good morning, it’s your worst f’ing nightmare.

  42. neptune

    ANOREXIC. Look at her arms, shoulders, and feet! Gross!

    Wayyyy too tan as well.

  43. lalala

    WHat ass cheek???

    THese dumb hollywood bitches don’t realize that tanning that much is gonna make them age and wrinkle so much faster. She is so gross. Does she know how to bend at all?

    Fake tan Fake boobs Fake nose Fake blonde Fake hair length Fake eye color Fake skinny REAL SKANK WITH REAL STDs

  44. Concerned citizen

    Are you sure that all she has is herpes and not some sort of super-STD that is causing her to waste away into a bony, jaundiced Gumby-doll? Seriously, how is she still walking around? More importantly, I want to know why we don’t have a vaccine yet.

  45. timmy the dying boy


  46. mk

    the orange beast. why is she always hiding her humongous feet in clunky pumps?

  47. Mama Pinkus

    I am 53 and have better looking legs and knees – I’m not kidding. Close up, this gal is not impressive.

  48. Elle

    Not a good photo day for PH, she is not looking good atleast she has her money. Was she always so flat?

  49. suds

    Overcooked chicken anyone?

  50. Just Cause

    She’s already looking like a crusty leather grandma. It only goes downhill from here.

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