Paris Hilton hooks up with Travis Barker

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I didn’t post this yesterday because I read conflicting reports saying it wasn’t true, but now photographs have surfaced verifying that Paris Hilton and Travis Barker have hooked up.

The pair met at a party at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas last week. An eyewitness said: “Before long they were making out on one of the VIP beds. They were groping and grinding with their clothes on. “All her friends and her sister NICKY were there, just looking on stunned.” The pair then headed for strip club Spearmint Rhino. But a source said: “Their steamy show in their limo near the rear VIP private entrance was more sizzling then the lap dances inside. “Guys were standing around watching.” On Monday they were snapped sneaking into a hotel in LA. Paris hid behind sunnies and a leopard print hoodie as they separated and entered the hotel apart. She made the no-bonking pact with girl pals to see who could last the longest while putting work first.

And then last night – the same day she was arrested for a DUI – she was spotted making out with Travis outside of Hyde. She also put on a dark wig and had her publicist Eliot Mintz chauffeuring her around, hitting up Hyde instead of attending the premiere of her movie Bottom’s Up. Which makes sense, because why promote your own movie when you can be reinforcing rumors you’re a drunken whore? Throw in a terrible boob job and cut off her ass and we’ve got ourselves another Tara Reid.

Some more of Paris and Travis after the jump, including her delightful dark-haired disguise. Alliteration, I call thee friend.