Paris Hilton hates Sarah Silverman

June 6th, 2007 // 247 Comments

Remember that video clip of Paris Hilton trying not to cry as Sarah Silverman made fun of her at the MTV Movie Awards? Well Paris was overheard backstage saying:

“She’s a fucking bitch. I hate her.”

Oh, my ears! My innocent ears! Who knew Paris was capable of such petty anger? Not me. I once saw a man murder her parents and then make fun of the way she was dressed. And you know what she did? You know what Paris did? She bought him lunch. Because that’s just the kind of girl she is. A heart so warm it makes rainbows cry.


  1. Melly

    Go Sarah!!

  2. mabbo

    #197 frenchie: Thanks for replying frenchie. Glad to see you got my message. But hon, you’re the one defending Paris Hilton not me…I dare you to go out in public and start that “poor sweet Paris” bullshit and hope you don’t get slapped around. May I remind you that she is only in a jail cell for 23 days? Less than a month asswipe. Hardly what I would call rough times for a rich person. May I also remind you that she got her sentence cut in half for no real reason. Oh no, she won’t have her entourage and won’t be able to go to club Hyde for 23 days? Yes, she is really suffering…so much so frenchie that all of Hollywood feels teary-eyed for the bitch. Again, why don’t you shut up and watch how sweet our princess of misfortune is while slamming her “BFF” Lindsay on camera behind her back. How about her use of the N-word and saying little gems like “I’m a black guy and I steal things” or “I’m an ugly Jewish bitch” just some of her whitty comments caught on camera. So yes, frenchie, my original, if crude, comments stand: you’re a douchebag cum rag.

  3. tinkz

    dude…if only paris didnt go to jail..then could actually post some *real* gossip about hilton..sigh..what r the tabloids gonna do without her running about n causing controversy????

  4. hungmaster

    WTF, paris looks like someone just sprayd a huge fat load of man spunk on her mother! oh wait a second, I did!!

  5. woodhorse

    Agree with 106, #41 and #80 scare me. Most of you up there extolling “the big brass balls” have to be posers. It doesn’t take balls to be a coward. A coward attacks someone who can’t fight back, a coward is someone who kicks a person when they are down. MTV used Sarah to deliver the cheap material because no one of any integrity would do it. “Balls” would be someone calling her out to her face, not when she’s in the audience and on camera. We are funny laughing about her going to jail, Sarah Silverman was not. I hope Sarah Silverman realizes she just committed social suicide.

  6. brian

    I’m literally amazed at how many bloodsucking, worthless wastes of oxygen have the ability to type out a comprehensible sentence with their underdeveloped minds. I’m certain you feel no shame for the venom you spit at people you don’t know, and that’s what’s so pitiful. I’m surprised you can even speak with fangs in your mouth. You are animals with no humanity, integrity, or worth. You channel meaningless hatred at people who don’t deserve it. (Probably here you can respond with “oh well she sucks a lot of dicks.” Is that a crime punishable by “shanking” or gangrape? Just don’t go there.)

    Perhaps she does deserve her jail time, but does she deserve public humiliation, and a huge crowd of people laughing at her misfortune? It’s one thing for people not to care, but to enjoy it is disgusting. Every person in that room who laughed will get to dine with Satan soon enough, as will you. And the cowardly Sarah Silverman can be his personal whore.

    Now go ahead, fire back with your pathetic, mindless insults and show everyone how worthless you are. Let’s see how good your vocabulary is.

    However, you can know ahead of time that I’m not planning on visiting this site again, as I prefer to converse with humans. So respond all you like but it will be for everyone else.

  7. You know what would be Humiliating to me? Living the life of Paris Hilton. Doing drugs since I was in middle school, sex with numerous guys and dumping them because they just weren’t hot enough for me. Filming myself naked (even when no one else was around). Filming myself having sex. Filming myself saying I’d let guys in the back door for some coke. Trolling for drugs on a party boat. Etc……

    So many things Paris Hilton did in her life if I did just one of those it would be a shame that I would live with my whole life

    Paris has done countless numbers of them

    and she has done this being very unattractive and not all that rich

    How does she do that


  8. frenchie


    Yeah I got your simple minded message …thanks for stating the obvious with your imressive celeb know-how. However, I’m afraid you didn’t understand mine. You’re really not catching what I’m putting down are you? Judging by the unheeding attacks I guess it was a stretch for me to assume. I’ll put it in layman’s terms for you m-kay…but please stop reading if your brain starts to hurt.

    Firstly there was no mention on my defending that twat anywhere in my origional post, nor do I defend any other celeritiy that repeatedly act out in an unsavory manner. She should go serve her time if not more. With that being said, Sarah’s very publicized uncouth remarks is yet another chip in our crumbling moral fiber. It will now be accepted to act out that way. What is shoking today will be seen as meek tomorrow…no need for boundaries anymore, right?

    My post had nothing to do with Paris but a mere commentary on general public attitudes and their increasingly sadistic need to see other’s suffer. It is sad when people reduce themselves to the lowest common denominator of a caveman.

    I’m positive you will be unable to differentiate between the two and call me some other witty names from your limited vocabulary. I’m sure it’s not a stretch to say that often people wonder if you are stupid. May I suggest you shut your mouth as to not remove all doubt.

  9. MisterE

    The bitch is loose… Rumors say she was infecting the other inmates with STDs (without even touching them).

    It’s an ankle-bracelet and home detention for pH (who’s as BASE as one can get).

  10. ThatIsGay

    If I were Paris, I would put a hit out on that fucking no talent comedy cunt.

    Have someone shoot her fucking head off.

  11. TheRage

    i like sarah silverman and i don’t enjoy paris hilton at all, but even i thought that she went alittle too far with her joke that night. how embarrassing for anyone to have to go through!

  12. Aerialgreen

    Fuck it, the bitch is out of jail (you can practically check it out anywhere you get your online news).

    A glorified upset stomach got her out? wow I bet the word has been spread around other detention centers for a massive diarrhea bail-out strategy.

    It’s sad when authorities make a joke of themselves by allowing this shame to happen, and no one can say they couldn’t give the proper medical attention in jail.

    It’s, it’s just stupid.

  13. both zhould be killed
    and then dragged behind
    a horze in the dirt like
    Hector from “Troy”……

  14. #198 krazihottkelli You posted…

    “”"spindoc===No, your the idiot..
    Pariz might have looked surprized…
    truzt me..she freakin knew that she
    waz the latezt newz out there and
    that bitch waz waiting for attention..
    thatz why she freakin went inztead of
    hiding…..the only thing she could do
    waz act surprized, even pizzed..she so
    playz U azzholez..your a dickbrain…”"”"

    Got news for you, Paris isn’t that good an actor. If she was, with her money and fame level she would be doing movies like Lohans movies, instead she has done a horror film where her best acting was getting a spike through her head, and a national Lampoon movie that never even made it into theaters.

    She is the brain dead spawn of a lazy bored man who inherited wealth and never had to work, and an F list straight to video gold-digging soft core wannabe actress who’s biggest claim to fame is that her sister was in the movie “Escape to Witch Mountain” Paris has her mothers lack of brains and her fathers lack of work ethic, she was out at the event for one reason and one reason only, she is an idiot that wanted to get her picture taken.

  15. #208 woodhorse…

    You wrote…
    “I hope Sarah Silverman realizes she just committed social suicide.”

    Social Suicide? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, maybe if Silverman wanted to go out to a few clubs that cater to druged up fame junkies. I seriously doubt she has the lack of brains to want to get into “Hyde” every night of the week. The only people that care about things like “Social Suicide” are people like Paris that are vacuous bags of nothing with no real purpose in life and nobody who cares whether they live or die. For THOSE people Social Suicide may be a worry since getting into clubs is the only thing they have in their lives. For the rest of the world it is about as interesting as watching a homless person pick at herpes scabs ((Or Watching Paris doing the same thing))

  16. Blohan'sDeviatedSeptum

    #209 Brian I know you said you weren’t coming back but in case you do i just wanted to ask if your penis has dropped yet you fucking gelding.

    Oh yeah and my joke would have been “Paris Hilton is going to jail. Apparently the sheriifs office has ordered a bulk shipment of disinfectant, just to be on the safe side”


    That Paris, she’s all class.

  17. Gloria

    I understand that most comedians jobs are too make fun of people, but what Sarah Silverman did was just too harsh. She is a bitch.

  18. toonkinstein

    Sarah is a bitch …a HUGE HERO BITCH…

    I move that we erect a huge statue of Sarah Silverman in our town square…and poo on a bunch of pidgeons….cos she rules….

    …let’s just poo on Hilton Shmilton…She prolly gave someone a blow job for that early release…

  19. toonkinstein

    …anyone that makes Herpes Hilton cry is MY HERO…that goes for Prince too..I love ya Baby!

  20. mabbo

    Frenchie: Nice try. I know you’re a true blue Paris fan. And bitch please, you come to a website like the superficial, log into a Paris Hilton post and start prattling on about humanity and how we’re all cruel, and then say it has nothing to do with Paris, you were making a general statement? Buahahahahaha. Honey, the other PH lovers may be as dumb as you, but the rest of us are not. If you care so damn much about how humanity has fallen then get off the internet and go help the needy, the poor, the destitute. Don’t bitch about how we are being too vicious to a spoiled rich celebrity…who now I hear got out of prison after only 3 days. Yes, a cruel, unfeeling world indeed. I feel sorry for Paris’s inmates because they have to serve their entire sentences.

  21. Celebrity BS Patrol

    I don’t know why Paris lets the small things in life bother her. So some ugly Jew bitch makes fun of you. Consider it a compliment because all that JAP has is her humor. Only Jimmy Kimmel would do that nasty ass!

  22. frenchie


    Jealousy is not your color. You don’t wear it well.

  23. mabbo

    #225: Who am I jealous of? You or Paris? Please be more specific.

    #224: I doubt Paris even remembers the award show, she probably was so wasted that night the insult just washed right off her orange shoulders. That and snorting cocaine too much damages short term memory. Paris is fine.

  24. frenchie

    226- this is getting really tiresome…

    You are jealous of anyone that is privelaged (like Paris) because of your mediocre existence. Evidently you do not get the bigger picture… probably have a warm bodied job, make around 30K-40K a year, drive a tercel (or something like it) and look at everything (in your life) only as it relates to you.

    It’s safe to say you do not hold the same privelages that come her way. Hey…don’t misplace your yealousy by lashing out on someone like me.

    The reality is that you would give up your pinkeys and pinkey toes to be her without a second thought.

  25. Jessica

    oh well it doesn’t matter, Paris is a retarded plastic ho. and no, no one wants to be her. anyone who wants to be her for the money is just shallow and brainless.
    and whether you agree with what miss silverman said doesn’t matter, it was a joke that lasted a minute. boohoo. Get on with your lives and stop arguing :o :)

    just my 2 cents

  26. Terri

    Sarah missed the boat on her criticism of Paris; who cares if Paris is a big fat slut? This country is filled with big fat sluts- it’s our right to be big fat sluts if we want to be now- this isn’t the 50′s anymore, for chrissakes!! Women today can suck whomever’s dick they please whenever they please & that’s one of the perks of being a woman today…what century is Sarah living in?? Obviously she’s got some serious sexual hangups…

  27. Oh you guys are all just freaking haters..You guys are all just jelous cuz shes famous for doing nothing and your not.Quit hatin on paris hilton and get on with your life shes famous your not deal with it..haters!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Cathy

    Sarah Silverman is the funniest comic. She is awesome. Paris is a public fiqure and shouldn’t have broken the law. Can’t she afford a driver? However, She should not be locked up in jail and tv time wasted on her. That news coverage and energy should have be used on the teen missing from Target that was found murdered. If all that energy, publicity and attention was on child molesters, killers, rapists, etc. someone’s life may be saved.

  29. Vic

    Laughing my ass off, good for the judge and tough shit for miss Hilton. She’s famous for nothing, her famous ass is in jail, I’m sitting in my not famous house drinking a not famous beer.

  30. george anderson jr

    ”I once saw a man murder her parents and then make fun of the way she was dressed”. rofl before you criticize sarah or paris learn how to spell or speak english better because what you wrote made no sense at all.

  31. stfu inc.

    233 – it makes perfect sense you moron. Replace “her” and “she” with “Paris Hilton.” All it takes is a little bit of reading comprehension.

  32. Tell me how you can’t feel sorry for this sad face?…

  33. RnBdeadhead

    “Silvercunt”? Oh you’re clever. Did you come up with that and have been waiting for your chance to use it?

    Shut the fuck up and turn your ass around punk ass bitch

  34. amy

    I dont not think paris is a slut. EVERYONE says that, but wtf do you all really know? Shes seen with guys and partying and stuff but thats what some girls do. Doesnt mean she has sex with every single one of those guys. She only has sex with guys she considers her boyfriend. Whats wrong with that?? She made a sex video with her BOYFRIEND. Some people do that, probably even your parents record some crap when they feel kinky. Its just everyone calls her a slut cause the video got released. You all have sex too! WTF is the difference? She wasnt having sex with a random guy, shesh. That boyfriend was an asshole for releasing it.

  35. Janet Sinclair

    Paris has been raised in an environment where there are no standards so how can we hold her to them? She is learning hard life lessons and it will change her for the better. She may actually contribute something to the world with her wealth and newfound understanding. Let’s not judge but wish her well.

    As for Sarah, Paris called it RIGHT ON. This woman is the devils mother! How can any human stand there exploiting another person for her own infamy and say what she said? She has no class, no heart and NO BRAIN. They should have dragged her oof the stage screaming.

  36. Janet Sinclair

    Paris has been raised in an environment where there are no standards so how can we hold her to them? She is learning hard life lessons and it will change her for the better. She may actually contribute something to the world with her wealth and newfound understanding. Let’s not judge but wish her well.

    As for Sarah, Paris called it RIGHT ON. This woman is the devils mother! How can any human stand there exploiting another person for her own infamy and say what she said? She has no class, no heart and NO BRAIN. They should have dragged her of the stage screaming.

  37. I normally don’t find Sarah Silverman even mildly funny, but this shiz has me crackin up. Jack Nicholson drinking his water, and smirking it up was classic.

    Everytime I start to feel sorry for Paris, I go to youtube, and watch one of the COUNTLESS videos of her either being mean and nasty to someone on camera, or using the word n@gger as easily as breathing is.

    Karma is a biotch maybe the princess will remember that the next time she thinks she’s better than everyone else.

  38. diane is submissive

    Let’s go to a comparison of these two girlies:

    Sarah Silverman is a ‘Hottie McHott’ hot comedienne who has been in more than one good film feature and has a wide following of intelligent, articulate people who admire her for her talents. She is funny, urbane, and knows how to comedicly cut you like a Portugese fishmonger. While she has never been caught in any illicit tapes exhibiting her sexual prowess, this humble subbie does not doubt for a minute that Mistress Sarah could kill a normal human being with a mere moment of unbridled passion if they were not prepared for the sheer force of it.

    This humble slut would kill or die for the chance to be her subbie…

    On the other hand…Paris Hilton is a vapid, talentless skeez who is totally reliant upon her family’s name and money to obtain/maintain some sort of an identity. She has not made any significant contribution to society until she finally went to jail. In addition, her turns at the ‘Simple Life’ were a waste of air-time, but they were modeled after her philosophy…”I’m simple with no life, and I’m a waste.”

    The best piece of film work that Paris was in was shot in night-vision, but the critics panned it and it did not do too well in the theaters. Ohhh, poo! However, i would have eaten her in those burger commercials…she got me moist with those!

    While some people may find her blank vapidity and anemic, bulemic figure enticing, this humble subbie would like nothing more than to Domme her (while under the direct supervision of the very strict Ms. Silverman, of course)! Oh, the things that Mistress Sarah and i could teach that slut…

    Paris, i do not hate you…but i do love to see you punished like the slut you are. Embrace being a submissive and call me for advice. i’ll be gentle with you, i promise.


  39. fauxreal

    sarah is a racist piece of shit with no original ideas–she jumped on the chance to take a cheap shot because her comedic oeuvre consists entirely of toilet jokes and warmed-over dave chapelle humor (the kind that is only remotely funny coming from a black guy). i doubt she ever got discriminated against in her life. she has no right to talk the way she does. pathetic, leeching off the suffering of other races to try to boost her own failed career.

    does making fun of paris really make her a hero? it’s like picking on a retarded kid, a really obnoxious retarded kid, but still.

    fuck paris and fuck her.

  40. Thomas Green

    Silverman is nothing more than a trashmouth with no talent; her claim to fame is her profanity and vulgarity.

  41. cmkelso

    I don’t particularly like Silverman’s humor (except for the music video “Give the Jew Girl Toys”), but Paris needs to realize there is truth to the saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” If she wants the fame and fortune of being a public celebrity, she has to take the resulting infamy and misfortune if she makes stupid mistakes. I don’t think paparazzi have a right to invade celebrity’s privacy with super tele-photo lenses and helicopter photos of them in the “privacy” of their own home, but public behavior is fair game.

  42. Rachel

    if you’re gonna be a dumb bitch and let everybody know it, you’re gonna have to be prepared for real people to make fun of you. i honestly don’t know how she revives her self esteem.

  43. Sarah Silverman is HILARIOUS! Stop worshiping the celebs, they already have the good life, so get a life and stop worrying about how they feel when you don’t know them. Especially for people like Paris Hilton who deserves it.

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