Paris Hilton hates Sarah Silverman

June 6th, 2007 // 247 Comments

Remember that video clip of Paris Hilton trying not to cry as Sarah Silverman made fun of her at the MTV Movie Awards? Well Paris was overheard backstage saying:

“She’s a fucking bitch. I hate her.”

Oh, my ears! My innocent ears! Who knew Paris was capable of such petty anger? Not me. I once saw a man murder her parents and then make fun of the way she was dressed. And you know what she did? You know what Paris did? She bought him lunch. Because that’s just the kind of girl she is. A heart so warm it makes rainbows cry.


  1. Sarah Silverman is a Goddess

    No matter who was hosting the awards show-they HAD to make fun of Paris, as she is the laughing stock of the country. Don’t shoot the messenger, Paris! What is really bugging me is all the publicity she is getting from this stint, this is actually helping her career. Just think if the rest of us had to go to jail for the same thing-it would ruin your career and lives. Take it on the chin for once Paris.

  2. hey tards

    Look, nobody gets it. If Paris had any talent, all of this stuff would hurt her, especially going to jail. But she doesn’t, so all of this makes her distinctive, compared to other famous-for-no-reason “celebrities.” Going to jail sets her apart from everybody (well, except for Michelle Rodriguez, who makes Baby Jesus cry with all her poon-licking). If she had tried to plan another career move, it would have flopped and she would have faded a bit more from view. This puts her front and center. Sorry, but she wins.

  3. no1justminda

    No shit?

  4. skankalicious

    @#155 you are most probably right, but ya know damn she looked pretty pissed off at what Silverman was saying, Silverman wasn’t the one who really socked it home she was just the patsy – it was the cheering of the crowd – Holy Shit that was some reaction.

  5. mabbo

    People like Paris Hilton and those who are her fans or defend her (on here or anywhere else) makes me realize that someone smart enough could literally put a grapefruit on television with a blonde wig on it and find enough people who will worship it, start a fanclub for it, etc. I know there is celebrity/politician worshipping in many countries, but it seems to the extreme in American culture. Look at the people who worship at the feet of President Bush. Sad.

  6. thesarahficial

    Right….like Paris didn’t see it coming. She’s going to a freakin MTV award show with some comedian as the host…how can she NOT see herself as being one of the jokes. Sarah might have been a little harsh (I personally don’t even remember what she said) but Paris had to have seen it coming.

  7. One of the best thoughts, is this, I just looked up PAris…not as young as she used to be…..getting a little older…a little saggier, a little more burned out looking. Oh it’s going to be a rough 30 b-day party for her in a few years. I see Melanie Griffith in her future.

  8. I Hate Celebrities

    I want to point out that what Sarah actually said wasn’t even that bad: “the bars should be painted like penises”. It was the audience reaction that made it seem harsher. What she said about Lindsay was far meaner, LOL. She basically called Lindsay a “rude little pig” and made fun of her stints in rehab…how come the media and Lindsay fans aren’t on the superfish crying about those comments?

  9. Wedgeone

    #114 – Enjoy the leaky & open sores that Paris will give you, Skippy!

    #122 – You have that backwards. Paris is the one who sucks dicks on film for $20′s.

    #124 – please reread the 2nd paragraph of post #78. Thank you.

    #132 – Nice try trollbait! It’s obvious by the lack of retort to your idiotic remark that everyone knows the difference between the real wedgeone and you! That remark in #87 is you also, no?
    Please make your way to the exit. Do not pass Go and do not collect $200 ASSHOLE!

    #144 & 145 – please follow #124 to the 2nd paragraph of post #78.

  10. Gerald Ford

    Wedgeone it was my understanding that there would be no math on this blog.

  11. not jailbait

    With the exception of murder and rape,when has going to jail not helped any celebrity notoriety? Ever see Chicago? This has nothing to do with the fact she has no talent. Streed cred is established by going to jail-if and only if you are a celebrity. OF COURSE SHE WINS,talent or no talent.

  12. Kathleen

    Yeahhh Sarah!

  13. LL




  14. Pariz freakin knew
    they were gonna slam
    her, thatz Y zhe came…
    zhez like MommieFreakinDearezt(Brittney)
    everyone wantz to be her..zo zhe thinkz
    anyway….so good job zilverman…zhe
    wanted it…and everyone knowz it..

    to steve: go fuck yourzelf ..

  15. Hey if you go to my link I posted the Paris in Prison game! LOL fun stuff

  16. frenchie

    Sarah’s public slam was not funny and way cruel and out of line. Yeah Paris deserves the sentence but Sarah is a cold bitch to do that to another human being. It’s really telling when people actually feel good to see another person humiliated to that degree. Everyone that thinks it was funny should realize that this caloused attitude plays a role in the downfall that is quickly diminishing what is left of our humanity and goodness.

  17. mabbo

    #166 LL: I assume you mean that Sarah is a bitch for making fun of people? Well deary, she was hosting the show and that is what they all do. God, how many stupid people are out there today. Yet they seem to be able to operate a computer. You’d think these little twits have never watched an awards show and heard jokes at the expense of the rich and famous before. And defending someone (Paris) who is notorious for making fun of people is too ironic, but I don’t expect Paris fans/defenders to know what the word ironic means.

  18. Aeva

    Sarah Silverman is my fucking hero. Anyone who can prompt Paris into a genuine display of emotion through the plastic mask that is her face deserves immediate sainthood. And a Mercedes.

  19. some of you are going “awww poor paris” or “she didn’t deserve that!” or any other form of sympathy towards Paris. It’s ironic because some of you people who are sympathizing her must’ve said something bad about her. Sarah did exactly what a lot of other people do :) and if your going to say Sarah was rude for doing that then um ok, what about all the other people who hate paris not to mention maybe yourselves? Paris Hilton is not exactly everyone’s favorite heiress.

  20. #167 krazihottkelli…

    You’re an idiot, Paris has lived in a bubble, where nobody every said anything to her face. She had no idea, and that is why she looked like she didn’t know whether to cry or suck a random dick in the audience when Sara was talking. Also, if she KNEW what they were going to say, then why would she be yelling about how much she hates Srar Silverman? Wouldn’t she be thanking her if what you said was true?

    There, now go ahead and try to think of some other ridiculous lie to try to convince us that Paris is ANYTHING other than the most pathetic disease ravaged vacuous held together by dried semen collection of molecules to walk the face of the earth. (Well since Tara Reid.)

  21. mabbo

    #169 frenchie: go eat shit and die, douchebag! Paris Hilton and humanity? give me a break! I hope PH gets shanked in prison, and I hope you get hit by a car, you celebrity worshipping cum rag.

  22. Aeva

    132. Anti-semitism…holy shit. I thought people like you had died out. How the hell can you begin to justify that shit?

  23. del


  24. moderator

    #175 Aeva – the commenter “wedgeone” often writes racist or sexist material, but we post it as an exercise in free speech. It’s best to skip over it.

  25. noway

    i thought it was funny, mostly because it made paris cry.

  26. star69

    Anyone feeling sorry for the rich little bitch just go EF yourselves ya stupid fcuks!
    Enough of this dumb “poor Paris” horse shite!
    Cry me a damn river you fools!

    Anyone who gets caught driving with DUI will be prosecuted and sent to do some time and the law should not make any exceptions for the rich and famous. Already there’s been enough adjustments made for your Highness to make her stay at the prison more comfortable. She got/is getting so much better treatment than the standard citizen and she’s still whining.
    I’m sick of hearing about her stupidity, she bought this onto herself. She will come out of prison and get back to her lavish life where she can continue being a dumb, useless waste of space in this world. Doing absolutely nothing selfless, good or helping out the less fortunate.
    I feel sorry for the homeless, the poor, the beaten, the enslaved, the hungry and the sick, not someone like Parasite Hilton.
    Give me a break!
    I wish more people would do what Sarah Silvermann did on a daily basis maybe the spoiled brat would learn to behave and try to be a good person for a change.

  27. ugh.

    she may have brought jail time upon herself. but as you can see if you read some of these comments
    a lot of people hate her. and therefore the people at the jail are making so she doesn’t get hurt. they don’t want anyone to get hurt so if they have to put Paris in her own cell. so be it
    what Sarah Silverman said was mean, Paris is a person too. so stop being so freaking mean. she’s doesn’t deserve to be ragged on so much.

  28. Loved the clip, someone had to make fun of Parasite LIVE ON TV.

  29. Greatestntheworld

    Paris Hilton’s eyes don’t face the same direction. It’s quite gross.

  30. ugh2 only not nearly as stupid

    #180 Ugh: awwwww, poor wittle Paris. Big bad Sarah was very very mean to her. Maybe you should go to youtube and do a search “Paris used the N-word” and “Paris and Brandon make fun of Lindsay” and then tell the rest of us she is only human and doesn’t deserve the public bashing. Ugh, people like you need a brain transplant.

  31. Susan

    Sarah Silerman was SUCH a bitch, and her joke wasn’t even funny, just cruel. I think Paris sucks, but that was completely out of line for some ugly fuck to make comments like that.

  32. i don’t really blame paris. i mean, everyone’s entitled to their opinions but i think the whole thing was pretty harsh, especially with paris sitting in the audience. i’d be upset too. that was just kinda rude…

    i understand that it was for entertainment and whatever but i think that was taken a bit too far. i didn’t find it funny at all. i felt really bad for paris.

  33. davey

    If Paris can’t take it, then don’t dish it out.

    She got owned.

    Get out of the frying pan if she doesn’t like it.

    That was hilarious, and well deserved.

  34. sophia

    I’m surprised Paris had so much poise during the joke

  35. The people who are having a cry and going ‘aaaw poor paris’…

    HELLO….do you remember what a horrible, racist, selfish bitch she is?

    Sarah may be a bitch but at least it was semi-funny.

    Paris sucks.

  36. Phazon

    What a bunch of little cry babies you are. All you Silverman detractors should just go home and cry in your room while you look up at your Paris “whore” Hilton posters. Fuckin’ little bitches.

  37. Phazon

    Paris deserved everything she got. You reap what you sow. Paris behaves like a major slut. So why when someone points that out are they a “mean bitch”? All she’s doing is speaking the TRUTH and the majority of people in the audience agree. Sarah just mentioned that she’s going to prison and then a vast majority of the audience started cheering, that has nothing to do with her, she doesn’t tell the people to cheer, so quit your bitching, skank worshippers. Watch Jack Nicholson in the audience, he thinks it’s funny as hell and anyone that disagrees with Jack can go to hell for all I care.

  38. Sheva

    Does anyone have a release date of the new Paris prison porno?

    I think people should always fall back on their roots when things get tuff.

    Paris doing the boy and girl guards. That’s hot. $34.95.

  39. margiee

    i hatee sarah silverman, i mean, i know that paris is guilty but sarah is nobody to joke her! i wanna see sarah in the same situation to see how she feeell! ovbiously she is going to fell REALLY REALLY bad like the poor paris!, go paris, you can shut up the stupid mouth of everybody.. you can take it!.. and i dont care what people think about this comment..aah..and by the way, the last mtv awards STINKS.. was really nastyy i mean, will ferrel and sachaa kiss? whats up with that!? iuu.. and with the sarah and jessica’s one imnot surprised, cause jessica is a stupid lesbian bitch (everybody know that) and sarah is that and sooo soo soo soo much moree..SARAH PUDRETEE EN EL INFIERNOOO NO TE MERECES MOLESTAR A PARIS QUE SI ELLA QUIERE TE QUITA TODO LO Q TIENES.. YA Q ERES UNA POBRETONA A LADO D ELLA.. ASI QUE, ESTATE PREPARADA BABY..

  40. Steph

    The truth fucking hurts, Paris. About time someone had the big brass balls to do it, and what better venue? not to mention Paris can’t say shit about it- seeing as she’s in jail…too bad she’s not in general pop, though. She needs a dose of reality. Goes by the name of Bertha. Big Bertha.

  41. LL

    First of all, I’M the real LL. So don’t be trollin’. Or I’ll… be annoyed.

    Jebus… I thought Silverman was pretty funny. Mean, as always, but funny. You know, you’d think that Paris would know that comics who host “awards” shows often use biting, inappropriate humor aimed at other celebrities and public figures. So you’d think that Paris would have skipped such an event, but she’s such an attention whore, she just couldn’t stay away. So while I don’t blame her for being mad, she’s fucking stupid for being there in the first place. If she couldn’t be cool about it, she should have just stayed home. Celebrities seem to always want the cool parts of celebrity (getting into clubs, getting paid tons of money to appear at events/parties, having people talk about you as if you matter) but none of the shitty parts (people thinking you’re a skank because you video yourself having sex with your douchebag boyfriend, pose provocatively with your sister in a limo and flash your bajingo to the world). Suck it up, Paris. Either fade into obscurity and enjoy your inherited millions in private or continue to act like the world’s most famous hoochie mama and get your feelings hurt. But you can’t do both. If you act like a skank and dress like a skank, you’re a skank, no matter how rich and famous you are.

  42. ...

    number 183 – ugh2 [clever name by the way]: you try being in her situation.

  43. anniebee

    I’m not a Paris Hilton fan– what has she ever done that you can be a “fan” of anyway?– but I do think that Sarah Silverman’s comments crossed the line. What bothered me about Sarah’s monologue was watching one woman call another woman a whore and how the whole crowd cheered.

    Look, I know what I’m saying. Paris Hilton became famous for her sex tape, and so you might say, she was asking for it. But even if she was asking for it doesn’t mean we need to, as a society, stoop to her level then. I hate to see a sexually active woman dismissed as a piece of trash BECAUSE she is sexually active, which is really what that bit was about.

  44. frenchie

    174- mabbo…

    Thanks for all your negative feedback!!! Douchebag and cum rag… perhaps you can leave your middle names out of this.

    I know this is probably a total waste of my time because it’s far too sophisticated for you to comprehend…but I’m inclined to do so regardless.

    I was simply stating that it’s real telling of todays society that some elevate themselves via negativity or others pain. It is a sign of a morally bankrupt society…in my humblest opinion. You are certainly a vacant shell of a dog turd on your best day.

    Oh… and I hope you get hit by a big black pornstar shaft up your uptight barking spider… unless you, as I suspect, already make a habit of doing so in which case I hope you get your fondest wish of a D.P.

  45. spindoc===No, your the idiot..

    Pariz might have looked surprized…
    truzt me..she freakin knew that she
    waz the latezt newz out there and
    that bitch waz waiting for attention..
    thatz why she freakin went inztead of
    hiding…..the only thing she could do
    waz act surprized, even pizzed..she so
    playz U azzholez..your a dickbrain…

  46. NicotineEyePatch

    I was hoping by now nobody would remember her name.

  47. You Drink. You Drive.

    You Lose.

  48. dude, can we just quit talking about this bitch at least until she gets out of jail.
    God only knows, we’ll never hear the end of
    it in 20 some days..

  49. SweatyNutsacks

    The crowd’s positive reaction when Silverman mentioned Paris represents the majority of people all over the world how they feel about Paris.

  50. SodaPops

    LOL mabbo you rock!

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