Paris Hilton hates Sarah Silverman

June 6th, 2007 // 247 Comments

Remember that video clip of Paris Hilton trying not to cry as Sarah Silverman made fun of her at the MTV Movie Awards? Well Paris was overheard backstage saying:

“She’s a fucking bitch. I hate her.”

Oh, my ears! My innocent ears! Who knew Paris was capable of such petty anger? Not me. I once saw a man murder her parents and then make fun of the way she was dressed. And you know what she did? You know what Paris did? She bought him lunch. Because that’s just the kind of girl she is. A heart so warm it makes rainbows cry.


  1. Steve

    14- do you text your stupid comments in to this site or are you just that retarded?

  2. FFS


  3. Raquel

    Sorry, but it’s just not that great with Sarah Silverman delivering this material. Sure, it’s great to see Paris get trashed in public, but Silverman is very well known for sleeping around from the moment she landed in NYC, trying to fuck her way to success as an entertainer. Most male comedians are pigs, that’s what makes them funny, but even they think Silverman is pathetic for trying to hump her way to the top (and failing, obviously).

  4. YouRang

    #100 I remember when he hosted the movie awards. I really enjoyed when he said “50 cent has taken more shots to the face than Jenna Jamison.” Classic.

  5. A Yak With A Raging Erection?

  6. redsonja1313

    SO uhm if you hate having your pic taken and don’t want to be made fun of by comedians, MAYBE YOU SHOULD STAY HOME AND GET A FUCKING JOB !!! But if you want fame for doing nothing but shopping, clubbing and saying that’s hot, deal with perils that come with being famous.
    Or GO HOME AND GET A JOB !!! Don’t see them making fun of Nikki and hmmmm wait …. SHe grew up in the same house !!!

  7. helen

    Um…didn’t Paris make her mark on her TV show SImple Life by making fun of other people? The premise of the show is Paris and Nicole ( who are better then everyone) making fun of the “minions” who live lower lives then they do. I think if you are going to pitch, you have to be able to catch.
    I say it was time Paris got trashed with her own reputation.

  8. copyofblueboy

    I used to not like Sarah Silverman and now I do. The clip was funny. I loved the Boo f*cking hoo face Paris was making.


    Did she really think it wouldnt come up? I wish I could have been sitting next to her pointing and saying “DAAAAAMN!!!!”

  10. skanka

    fucking dumb whore I hope this bitch realises now just how much shes hated.

  11. Skip Smith

    I think Paris Hilton and Sarah Silverman should reconcile. For that reason, I am inviting both of them over to my house for a 3-way.

  12. Cracka

    Well, time for an education:

    Paris, if you did not suck dick on film or get busted several times and convicted and sent to jail then that hairy hag that fucks that down syndrome looking troll (Jimmy Kimmel) would not make fun of you……

    So class, what have we learned today?

    1. Do not suck a penis on film.

    2. Do not break the law, or at least do not get caught.

    3. Sarah Silverman gets moist like a Duncan Hines cake at the thought of Corky from “Life goes on”…….

    Here endeth the lesson……….

    Class dismissed……..

  13. jocko, Kansas City, MO

    I don’t understand why people love Paris…but then again I didn’t understand why women sent marriage proposals to the Menendez brothers

  14. withheld

    Sarah Silverman is the most unfunny skank in the comedy business. Why do people give that bitch air time? Whiny ass ho!

  15. Newt

    I made the mistake of watching Silverman’s show on Comedy Central. Once. 100% unfunny. I’m glad Paris was ripped, but only a retard would give props to Silverman.

  16. Sounds to me as if Paris can’t take a joke.

  17. Kip

    Silverman mean, yes, cruel, to be sure. But funny? Why hell……no. What a stupid, convoluted joke. Sarah Silverman is like the emperor’s new clothes. What the hell are people laughing at?

  18. Jumpin

    Aww, don’t cry, Paris. We ALL hate you! See how popular you are?

  19. ParisLover

    Sarah, your a bitch! Your just jelous that you cant get what paris can. You will never own up to what she is, or has! Paris wipes her ass with 20′s your the one that is backstage sucking dicks for a 20′s.

  20. Kiwi

    Come on, since when are comedians not supposed to take jabs at people and situations like this?

  21. meh

    Most of you people need to get a freaking life. You seem to forget that you don’t actually know the celebrities you read about. Most of the stuff printed about celebrities is likely not even true. The fact that you guys can hate someone that you don’t even know is pathetic.

    I do agree that Paris Hilton deserves to face the consequences of breaking the law though.

    I also agree that Sarah Silverman was being a bitch.

  22. Yourfairytale

    I love when Paris tries to act like she’s the sweetest person in the world and then she says shit like this.

    You don’t want people making fun of you Paris? Then kill yourself, ’cause that’s the only way you’re not gonna be a douchebag to laugh at anymore.

    And anyone defending that bitch Paris – shut the fuck up! You are no better than her if you defend a racist, elitist, stuck-up, self-absorbed, brainless, worthless, no good piece of shit.

  23. Announcer

    Comment #125 was brought to you by the makers of “Insane Misplaced Anger.”

  24. Paris hates anyone who makes fun of her or is prettier than her…so pretty much everyone.

  25. Morticia

    I keep having to ask..WTF is wrong with her bottom lip? It looks like she’s been chewing on a blue marker or something.



  27. There’s enough vulgar words in the world for Paris to curse everyone that hates her

  28. Superevil

    128 – Or a Smurf

  29. wedgeone

    Paris is racist, but Sarah belongs to a tribe of subhumans that should have been exterminated completely back around the mid 1940s. So it’s kind of a wash.

  30. #47 pekpek, You said …. “who cares, when she gets out of jail, she’s still worth close to half a billion. and you’re still be living paycheck to paycheck.”

    Try not to lie if your lies are that easy to check out.

    Hiltons family share of the old family wealth is something like 35 million or so. So basically, if her parents died tomorrow she and her sister would get around 15-17 million each…..Thats well…a little bit different from 1/2 a billion, wouldn’t you say? You lie almost as much as Paris does when guys she dates ask her if she has herpes.

  31. Chauncey Gardner

    Wow, Paris and I actually have something in common, now; I can’t stand that Silvercunt, either.

    And, to all the guys who think Silvercunt’s hot, you wouldn’t think so when you and your whole house get showered with black pubes everytime she pulls her panties off. ‘Cause you can pretty much guarantee she’s got a bush that goes up to her navel.

  32. Maxi

    Paris Hilton deserved every word!

  33. mabbo

    LOL, looks like the Paris fanclub is working overtime. I love how all of you “pretend” you really don’t like Paris, but still “feel sorry for her and the joke was too harsh”…you people are just as vacant as Paris herself. I also notice that most of you Paris lovers are female…big surprise there. As someone stated above, women sent marriage proposals to the Menendez brothers. So much for my hopes of female equality. No wonder we live in a sexist world when females idolize someone like Paris Hilton. I see these girls walking down the street with badly bleached hair, orange skin, barely any clothes on, and a teeny tiny dog stuffed in their purse. LOL. If only they realized how sad and pathetic they look. No doubt all you Paris defenders now invading the superficial look just like that. Well it’s no wonder the world is going to shit. However if any of you took your head out of Paris’s asshole for a second (I know it’s hard for you to do) you’d realize that no one in Hollywood likes her or has any respect for her. SHE’S A COMPLETE JOKE. Get it? The public hates her too. Her album bombed, her movies aren’t worth mentioning, and no one watches the simple life anymore either. But I do think those of you Paris fans/defenders were the type of geeks in highschool who worshipped the cooler kids, no matter how awful they treated you: “I want to be just like them”.

  34. # 63 pekpek

    “How are things in Middle School?” You’re kidding? That is your big insult? Who would be stupid enough to say anything that….wait a second, Paris? Is that you?

  35. bungoone

    122, what’s that, a trust fund? paris hasn’t lifted a finger for anything she has with the exception of from i can assume are several STDs.

    do you know what you lack? a passing grade in English!

  36. Chauncey Gardner

    I don’t like Paris, I just hate Sarah.

  37. evaluator

    #136 – way too long, way too earnest, way too worked up. If you’re going to bash a fan, do it in a funny way in a couple of sentences, or you look like you care way too much.

  38. takingnames

    #10 This Fifth Stooge guy is retarded. Stop posting, loser!

  39. Paris = Little girl

  40. Peachie Jones

    “You seem to forget that you don’t actually know the celebrities you read about. Most of the stuff printed about celebrities is likely not even true. ”

    but i guess you know her, and aren’t here reading all this likely untrue gossip like the rest of us.

  41. Jennifer

    I have to admit, what Silverman said was out of line and totally rude. I mean, she was kicking Paris when she had her defenses down.

    Silverman is a bitch.

  42. MassGrrl

    OK, I’m as snarky as the next person, but really, why *shouldn’t* Paris hate Silverman? She was a real cunt for doing that when she knew she was in the audience. What, she couldn’t come up with any new materials on the fly? Douchebag.

  43. Penetrating Penis

    hold on – Silverman is hairy as hell, doesn’t that mean she’s a lesbian of some type? cmon, grrl, howsabout some solidarity!

  44. nuttinnice

    Sarah Silverman is a genius……That is what comedy is all about Funny when Paris is laughing at other people’s misfortune it is hysterical. It was all in fun and she had to know the minute that she showed up she would be a part of the opening she has been in the news for months and according to one of my favorite comedians thats where the best comedy is in the daily news.

  45. All the PARIS Fans on here, seriously, you’re wasting your time. Seeing what kind of idiot fans she has only makes us dispise the useless waste of space even more. The earlier posts all had people cheering Sara Silverman so don’t think that by having 5 people sign on here under different names you are fooling anybody.

    Now, that said, you all have done your job, I’m sure you’re very busy today, don’t you have to go sign on over at Perez Hilton and start posting that he’s mean and that Lindsay Lohan is really pretty, but just takes bad pictures? Go on now, shoo!

  46. dr phil

    I was admitting a patient into our locked inpatient psychiatric ward today and she said the same thing: “Sarah Silverman is a genius”.

  47. jmp13

    sarah is amazing. its her dry sarcastic humor, i think.
    fucking paris deserves to be made fun of. maybe she will learn her lesson. all she does is use this jail experience into good press. shes a sneaky skank and it was about time someone turned the press against paris.

    sarah silverman is my hero! thank you for saying something everyone was thinking!!!

  48. Paris is having a pretty difficult Saturn-Moon transit at the moment. It should be interesting to see what happens around June 15th/16th…

  49. Oh yeah, does anyone happen to know what time Paris was born? Could anyone obtain this information?

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