Paris Hilton hates Sarah Silverman

June 6th, 2007 // 247 Comments

Remember that video clip of Paris Hilton trying not to cry as Sarah Silverman made fun of her at the MTV Movie Awards? Well Paris was overheard backstage saying:

“She’s a fucking bitch. I hate her.”

Oh, my ears! My innocent ears! Who knew Paris was capable of such petty anger? Not me. I once saw a man murder her parents and then make fun of the way she was dressed. And you know what she did? You know what Paris did? She bought him lunch. Because that’s just the kind of girl she is. A heart so warm it makes rainbows cry.


  1. Ooba Gooba


  2. kamiki

    @#41 Holy shit they have internet access in jail!

  3. bungoone

    30, where do you get your information? becuase you’re way off base.

  4. pekpek

    Sarah Silverman couldn’t get famous by herself. She’s been trying so for 10 years starting at SNL. So finally she decided to marry Jimmy Kimmel.

  5. schack

    Sarah Silverman isn’t funny, but it’s not her fault. when male comedians go for harsh aggressive laughs, it’s funny, but when female comedians do it, they sound like rude cunts desperate for a laugh. lots of male comedians could have roasted Paris like this and made it much funnier. besides, you can never fully ignore the hairy-jew vibe she gives off.

  6. #22 – uh, yeah, the joke was funny. It was fucking hilarious. I don’t want to live in a world where mocking glorified prostitutes isn’t funny.

  7. pekpek

    Sarah Silverman’s arms are gross as well. Watch the vid again. They’re so flabby.

  8. #41…

    People still use the word “Haters”? LOL!!! Nice post, how are things back in the year 1998?

  9. pekpek

    in case you’re clueless about our law, a typical sentence for what she did is 2 days in jail and most just spend overnight.

  10. pekpek

    #61 you just have to use the most basic words when posting here. so how are things in middle school?

  11. kwsoze

    wow, schack. what is wrong with coming off a little cunty?

  12. stick

    This is the most stupid article I’ve ever read, “I once saw a man murder her parents…” WTF

  13. remember what tina fey said about paris?-What a horrible, horrible person she is…

    she wouldn’t say a word to defend any of these people vehemently rushing to her defense.

  14. havoc

    Besides being harsh, Silverman is just not funny.
    And she looks like Janice from Friends. Irritating.

    Her schtick is just Joan Rivers crap recycled.

    I don’t give a rats ass about Paris Hilton, but there is absolutely no talent in Hollywood anymore.

    Just shock.

  15. bungoone

    62, 2 days in jail for a dui or for how she got caught driving on a suspended license several times & showed up late for court?

  16. pekpek

    Tina Fey should get rid of that nasty scar. She got that from being chased around by her uncles in the barnyard and i’m sure those were great incest rape memories, but c’mon now. you’re in hollywood baby.

  17. bungoone

    and pekpek, since you’re clueless about pretty much everything, who cares what the “typical” sentence is. you do what the judge says & stfu about it. if it was so unjust, they would have appealed, but they didn’t because it clearly wasn’t so atypical, was it?

  18. kimberwolf

    I’m really surprised by some of you hypocrites. Sarah Silverman had the opportunity to say the kind of stuff you guys say every day on this site, but she could do it on stage, in front of all of her “peers”.

  19. Josh

    … this is not even newsworthy, not even for The Superficial. Come on guys, make up some stuff …

  20. pekpek- you sound as shallow as your girl paris. what does tina fey’s scar have to do with paris being a horrible person?

    i think you are defending her because you may have something in common with her…

  21. Jimbo ∞

    Her arm and nose hair implicitly support the crucifixation of my Savior, and for that I will never forgive Sarah Silverman.

  22. terry

    Sheva, you sound like an illegal alien that’s trying to hard to not sound like one “But like most any normal american”
    lol…anyway, yeah paris is a cunt that acts like she’s above everyone and she doesn’t care how much you defend her, to her you are nothing.

  23. stick

    Just saw it on utube. That was a pretty lame joke. The “Paris is a slut” joke has been told so many times. Isn’t Silverman kind of a scank herself?

  24. terry

    Jimbo you sound like the product of incest.

  25. wedgeone

    To all you panty-sniffing Paris-ites out there:
    You have no right to shout at anyone about being a loser when you forget where the punctuation keys are on your keyboard. Ever hear the saying about the pot calling the kettle black? BTW – make up your mind. Are we losers or haters on here?

    Stop hating on Sarah. Don’t you idiots realize that she was reading SCRIPTED MATERIAL!?? She didn’t make that up herself – it was part of the production of the show. Some writer wrote it, and she regurgitated it on camera. Because Paris (and the rest of you lemmings following her into the sea because you have no intelligence) failed to comprehend how TV shows work, you have a beef with Sarah. Take up your problem with MTV and its writing staff.

    Agreeing with #25 – Paris reaped exactly what she sowed. She’s not even a whore because whores are at least smart enough to get paid to fuck. Paris gives her herpes away for FREE!

    Saw this on an earlier post and had to repeat it because it’s awesome!

  26. terry

    …oh yeah, and I don’t think she’s losing too much sleep over your forgiveness.

  27. Hillary Clinton

    Hey, let’s not cannonize Tina Fey (that expression has an entirely different meaning when my husband says it…). SNL was down at times but not out, and then Tina Fey took over as the first female head writer and proceeded to kill and bury it. It’s just like Katie Couric taking over the CBS Evening News as the first solo female anchor of the network nightly news, a move officially signaling the death of network nightly news programs. Chicks are like scavengers looking for carrion – sure, they serve a purpose, but if you let them get their claws into you it means you’re dead meat.

  28. Jeffrey

    Jeebus, can’t we have a moratorium on Paris stories? When she went into jail, I was thrilled because I thought we would have at least 23 blissful days of no Paris news, yet for some reason you find it necessary to report every time she farts. Enough already. If we ignore her, maybe she’ll go away.

  29. Eva

    “I’m with Paris on this one. Jail for a misdemeanor is no joke, and SS had better hope she never runs afoul of the cops and some a**hole prosecutor for not wearing her seat belt. (PS Considering the circumstances, Paris looked gorgeous on that clip. I think I’m in love.)”

    U FUCKING MORON!!! How can u even compare not wearing a seatbelt with drunk driving with no license u dumb fuck! In the first case you only put yourself at risk, in the second case (wonky bitch’s case) you put innocent people at risk

  30. Lanee

    It was a joke calm down Paris!!

  31. Jimbo ∞

    terry – sorry, I didn’t quite hear all that, could you repeat it, please? Your mom is the loudest cum-gurgler I’ve ever met! (Quit flashing that toothless grin and just swallow it already, ya heinous beast…)

  32. ph7

    I’m suprised WASPY Paris didn’t call Sarah a Jew.

    Considering Paris has no problem dropping the N-Word….

  33. Greatestntheworld

    I just watched the video. My god, I started to feel sorry for Paris. But then I remembered that it was Paris Hilton and I felt better. Plus, I was schtuping Sarah while watching the clip so that probably added to the feel-good.

  34. Pure White

    Do the ovens at Auschwitz still work? Sarah should try to play one of those rooms, it’d suit her perfectly.

  35. mafme

    Sarah rocks. I loved her before I even knew who she was– when she was a cast member on SNL– when she was on Mr. Show… Mmmmmm… She’s way hotter than Paris could ever be.

    And about being cruel– wasn’t the whole point of Paris’s inane show to make fun of working people?

  36. paris is getting a very cushy sentence. stop defending her. if she’d had the 45 day sentence in general population then i’d show empathy and hopefully she would’ve learned her lesson. instead she gets special treatment and probly makes money from the “experience”. this is bullshit.

  37. RoastBeef

    @59 great Massive Boob Shot on your site again today Bern. You are truly an artist. but you may be going to Hell for your column about the Pope.

  38. Taylor

    Silverman may have been harsh, but she cracked on Paris freaking Hilton.

    This is called KARMA.

  39. Big Mama

    Why do I have this overwhelming urge to burn Paris with cigarette butts?

  40. terry

    You would know about toothless grins huh? poor thing your grandpappy/daddy probably doesn’t allow you to leave the trailer park often, yes there’s people with more than two teeth in their mouth out there(I know you must be flabbergasted.)

  41. Whatever scathing remarks Sarah Silvermade made about Paris were completely justifiable. Paris Hilton is the epitome of useless blond celebutard. I know it’s been said before, but I really do just wish she’d go away. If she was at least a bombshell – like Jessica Alba or Salma Hayek – she’d be fun to look at – but she looks like a half-assed Barbie doll. Yawn.

    As for Silverman – I’ve never been into her humor. When compared to the likes of George Carlin, Eddie Izzard, Dennis Miller, et al, she’s a novice with limited material. ANYONE with half a brain could’ve taken a jab at her.

  42. rupert

    Sarah Silverman was on the cover of Maxim as one of the “hottest” women in entertainment – that’s as bad (worse?) as Lindsay being named #1 hottest. Sarah’s one DUI away from getting her own story here (and getting rightfully ripped to shreds). Are you guys getting ready to lace up your suicide bomb vests? What the hell is all this “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” crap? Get back in your taxis!

  43. Peachie Jones

    Paris has slept with lots of married men, including the husbands of celebrity women, such as Chad Michael Murray who was newly married to Sophia Bush, and Travis Barker (married with children to Shawna Moakley). She is rumored to have slept with Nic Cage when he was married to Presley, and she has slept with married directors and the husbands and boyfriends of female celebrities in other countries.

    The women of Hollywood hate her, and rightfully so. Paris broke the law and doesn’t deserve special treatment. She is a skank who has not respect for other women or their marriages, so she doesn’t deserve anyone to be polite to her either. I don’t think her famous bruises were from that Boy Bander either (something Carter). I think she was messing with the wrong guy and his gf beat Paris up for being a skank.

    If she wants respect, she should stop flashing her p**** everywhere and sleeping with everyone. Otherwise, there is going to be a backlash but the dozens of people she hurt. No one wants a walking herpe sore around causing problems, and the Hollywood women are going to try to get rid of her.

    I never found Silverman that funny at all, but I’m glad someone finally embarassed Paris. She really deserves it. She hurts people all the time and doesn’t care, if the worst thing that ever happens to her is that someone makes jokes about her, she is lucky.

  44. Aja

    I am not a Paris fan, but who could blame her for hating Sarah’s remarks? It was brutal, but I gotta say, that Silverman chick has BALLS

  45. LKP

    Well, duh. If you’re going to an event the NIGHT BEFORE you go to jail, and you’re ALREADY a tabloid/late-night talk show joke, why would you go to the absolute most public place? The girl is delusional.

    If it were anyone else (except for maybe Lindsay Lohan), I would say Silverman should have toned it down. But Paris deserves it. She’s pathetic.

  46. Name (required):

    It’s ballsy to make a move like this if you’ve got something to lose. Sarah Silverman is a one-trick pony (off-color joke girl) who’s running out of time to make it beyond novelty-act status. She had nothing to lose. If this doesn’t get her some buzz, then it’s off to work in her uncle’s jewelry store.

  47. yeah

    obviously no one remembers chris rock hosting the mtv movie awards. what a bunch of pussies you are complaining about silverman.

  48. sucks for you

    1st time posting, but long time reader, so forgive me

    if silverman made that joke towards any normal person, i would consider it harsh.
    but since it was made towards that waste of air, well done.
    paris now knows what it feels like to have people laughing right in front of her face instead of behind her back

  49. Sara

    Silverman is hilarious.

  50. nah

    Key difference: Chris Rock is funny.

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