Paris Hilton hates Sarah Silverman

June 6th, 2007 // 247 Comments

Remember that video clip of Paris Hilton trying not to cry as Sarah Silverman made fun of her at the MTV Movie Awards? Well Paris was overheard backstage saying:

“She’s a fucking bitch. I hate her.”

Oh, my ears! My innocent ears! Who knew Paris was capable of such petty anger? Not me. I once saw a man murder her parents and then make fun of the way she was dressed. And you know what she did? You know what Paris did? She bought him lunch. Because that’s just the kind of girl she is. A heart so warm it makes rainbows cry.



    Sarah Silverman is my newest personal hero. If she had actually made Paris cry on camera I would have signed over my house to her.

  2. suzanna

    Sarah was really mean… these celebrities are like a pack of wolves. They will turn their backs on each other in a moment – Sarahs turn will come around. Paris – is going to JAIL, I think most of the celebrities would be babbling like babies if they had to go themselves.

  3. Victor

    Oh shut the fuck everybody who is bitching that Sarah was harsh and really mean. That is bullshit, Paris deserves every fuckin joke made of her. Yeah others would be bitching if they had to go to jail, but they aren’t little snotty cunts like Paris. And most don’t think they are on a high horse like Paris. I wish I could see her one day, because I would slap the douche out of the dirty little whore.

  4. ieatrocks

    I would marry Sarah in a second. She’s always brutal, try watching ‘The Aristocrats’. I was really hoping Paris would cry when the entire awards ceremony cheered her going to jail. :D

  5. Meh

    Yes, but she deserves to go, remember? Remember how she had a DUI, and was caught driving when she wasn’t supposed to? Aaaaannd how she’s a waste of space? On that alone, she should go to jail.

  6. estupid

    5–you act like a panel of tribe members arbitrarily decided they would send paris to jail. no, she broke the law. several times, actually. so while i don’t doubt tears are falling out of that cum-damaged eye of hers, i will certainly not feel bad for her

  7. I heard she said, “I hate her. “She’s a fucking bitch.” Get the quote right you Fish asshole.

  8. RichPort

    Sarah should visit her in jail and make a “V” with her fingers wth her tongue flickering through. Paris needs to remember if she calls someone a bitch in jail, she’ll get a broomstick shoved up her ass… this time off camera.


    Paris going to jail makes the jail skeevier. Plus, it’s not like she’s going to the same kind of jail you or I would go to. She’s going to “Hilton money greased the wheels” jail. She’s probably getting a pedicure as we speak.

  10. Homer

    What does Paris do? Poor Paris. She’s going to jail. WHO CARES!!!!!!! Sara was great and gave Paris what Karma she has coming to her..

    She famous for doing coke, sucking dick, driving drunk and thinkng she does not need a driver’s linces. Fuck her.

  11. Silverman iz a fuckin bitch…
    what the hell iz thiz bitch
    famouz for…never heard of her..

    Pariz dezervez 100 million fuckin
    bitchez screwing with her…shez
    a bitch and carma iz a mutherfucker..

    notice how every pic of Pariz..
    U can see her herpez lip…all
    that money and she can’t hide it!

  12. Bill

    First off. Sarah Silverman is not a celebrity. She is far from it. She is a comedian. Second. If Paris wants to be made at someone, blame MTV. There is such a thing as a rehearsal where the production crew knows who to cut to when a joke is being made. MTV knew Sarah was going to make that joke otherwise you wouldn’t have seen a cutaway to Paris right away.

    That being said. Who cares? Given Paris’s history, the joke was damn funny. If you don’t want people making jokes about you, stop being a “celebrity”.

  13. Hates Sarah Silverman? Do ya think? Big fucking surprise. I guess sleeping with endless guys, taking facials, making sex videos, a complete spectacle of yourself, whoring out, NOT even being attractive, making money for ZERO reason whatsoever just might, MIGHT make for some material that others can use to make fun of you. Sorry she rubbed you the wrong way honey. I’d rub you a lot of ways, bitch.

  14. Boston Red

    Why was she at the show….What award was she getting? Oh, the one for best waist of life on this planet. Did she win?

    If not she can attend a party, suck some dick in the bathroom, get smashed, trash Sara and think about jail.

  15. Paris did some wrong, but sarah silverman didnt need to be such a bitch. i dont care much for paris but that was sad.

  16. E!

    Paris, 1, 2 Karma is coming for you…….

  17. YouRang

    I’ve always wanted to like Sarah Silverman, but she’s nearly as untalented as Paris Hilton. Both of these people suck. I give thanks to the audience for cheering when hearing the words Paris Hilton is going to jail.

  18. El Rafa

    I love seeing the Paris Hilton PR group hard at work this early in the morning.

    Sarah freaking rules, would you have had the balls to do that bit knowing that Paris was in the room? Not to mention, Sarah had nothing to do with the joke, the audience was the magic ingredient in that bit.

  19. There's a Surprise Inside

    Sarah Silverman’s joke wasn’t even funny. It was retarded and made her look like an idiot.

  20. Boo fucking Hoo Paris! Silverman ROCKS.

  21. Heather

    That was the funniest thing Ive seen in a while. Nicholson laughing too. What fun. Silverman is great.

  22. Big M

    Sarah Silverman is fucking awesome!!! It’s about time someone ripped on Paris for being such a drunken, coked up, slut!

    Hey Paris, you reap what you sow!!!

  23. ph7

    Sounds like Silverman’s comments struck a nerve with Paris — maybe her comments, while harsh, might have a big ring of truth in them….

  24. come on people, they’re both fucking bitches.

  25. That was the funniest thing I had ever seen. But if if Paris wouldn’t blow everything over 3 inches, then she wouldn’t be subject to the public humiliation. You sleep in the bed you make or in Paris’s case, you sleep in any bed with a hard on in it.

  26. Jack Nickleson

    I even thought that was funny…Fuck that poor little whore.

  27. PHT

    I’m with Paris on this one. Jail for a misdemeanor is no joke, and SS had better hope she never runs afoul of the cops and some a**hole prosecutor for not wearing her seat belt. (PS Considering the circumstances, Paris looked gorgeous on that clip. I think I’m in love.)

  28. MrSemprini

    From one no-talent to another….


  29. kamiki

    Oh what the fuck ever Parisite got what she deserved, if she was a nice person with some redeeming features what she had happen would suck but shes a bitch who thought she was above the law and she deserves it ALL. Despicable toerag bitch.

  30. drunkman

    #5 don’t be a tool. Of course they’d cry if they had to go to jail…but they weren’t imbecilic enough to drive on a suspended license now were they?

  31. check out Sarah here… she’s hilarious i lurve her stop bitchin kids

  32. veggi


    Paris Hilton gets first emergency visit from shrink after only 35 hours in prison.


    What a stupid pirate hooker!!

  33. bungoone

    like paris hasn’t said worse about someone, well, more like everyone.

  34. jesusismagic

    sarah silverman is the greatest and that joke was funny as hell. at first i was like, damn that’s great. and then the camera pans to paris and i was like oh, snap! she just got served. AWESOME!

  35. bungoone

    take it like the man you are Paris!


  37. Pearly

    Sarah Silverman rocks…I can not believe any of you have sympathy for this spoiled brat who thinks she shouldn’t have to go to jail!! What would happen to YOU if the cops caught you driving with a suspended lisence after a dui?? JAIL!

  38. sosueme


  39. veggi

    @41. I’m actually scared. Hopefully you are kidding, but to take the time to find some worthless site celebrating this no talent fucktard are now moments neither you nor I will ever get back. *bash bash bashing my head on my desk*

  40. pekpek

    Paris never went backstage. this report is a fabrication.

  41. SugarTits

    Sarah Silverman’s joke wasn’t exceptionally funny, but Paris deserved it. Not only did the twat think she was above the law, but then Paris made a huge to-do about attending the awards before she went to jail as her last publicity stunt. It was a cheap, mid-grade joke, but it wasn’t unwarranted.

  42. pekpek

    who cares, when she gets out of jail, she’s still worth close to half a billion. and you’re still be living paycheck to paycheck. so enjoy this moment and hate as much as you can. hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. lol sad.

  43. zuzuspetals

    I agree with 20. I’ve always considered myself Paris Hilton’s biggest non-fan, but I odn’t think that Sarah
    Silverman is that funny, either. She has some good moments, but overall I hate her humor. Making a joke about Paris giving blow-jobs in front of the entire world was pretty low- it even made me feel bad for Paris, and I would have thought that was impossible.

  44. Shawna

    Well, i hope she did say it because I’d hate the BITCH too! That was way 2 harsh

  45. Sheva

    Thought Paris looked very nice and glam at the awards. But like most any normal American, I can’t get too worked up about someone who is nailed repeatedly for driving with an invalid license.

    I mean if she was an illegal alien I can understand and sympathize. Illegal aliens get caught for driving drunk, running people over and then they may even have to go to jail and be deported. Or something really bad like that.
    Okay they don’t but they have to go to a small basement with a bunch of other dudes and that ain’t fun.

    It’s not that Silverman was all that funny. It’s just the audience spoke for America. And when was the last time a Hollywood crowd was in sync with Americans?

    Paris can go kiss some lesbo ass. Enjoy biyatch!

  46. bilbob

    Poor Paris. Suck a dong make some money. Look like an idiot for a tv show. Make some money. Go to jail. Write a tell all and make some money. Get thrashed by a comic. Make some money. Go away on 3-week retreat at club fed. Make some money.

  47. pekpek

    you’re still poor and worth only as much as your last paycheck.

  48. #22 There’s a Surprise

    Paris, stop posting on here.

    I do have a question. Will they be disinfecting PAris cell after she leaves? Wouldn’t want any of the prisoners to catch anything gross.

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