Paris Hilton has something to show you

May 19th, 2009 // 105 Comments

Here’s Paris Hilton enjoying a romantic dinner at Cannes this weekend, and what classy evening isn’t complete without a glimpse of her mangled cooch? It’s almost like being stabbed in the eye by the Queen of England, that’s how fancy it is.

NOTE: Pic links to NSFW versions that may cause paralysis.

Photos: Flynet

  1. ----------------------VERY RELEVANT COMMENT-------------------------

    Hilton: ‘My Neighbors Are Mean’

    AP Photo/Matt Sayles

    Paris Hilton has hit back at her moaning neighbors, branding them “mean” for complaining about her late-night antics.

    Residents in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills were left fuming after the star threw a party earlier this month to celebrate her and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt’s arrival to the street.

    Police broke up the bash after it culminated in damage to a number of luxury cars on the road and just days later, cops were called again when Hilton and Reinhardt were accused of making too much noise.

    One neighbor is so sick of the constant disturbances he offered to pay Hilton’s landlord an extra $5,000 a month for the property — as long as the pair is evicted.

    But Hilton insists she is the perfect neighbor and is upset by the residents’ reactions.

    She tells Britain’s Daily Star newspaper, “They are being so mean. We’re the nicest neighbors in the whole world. It makes me so sad.”

  2. Eva

    Richard McBeef (#15) <<<<<<<<<<

    Haha, ewww… where’d you find that!?!? Hahaha!

  3. yikes

    i’m horrified to admit that i am wearing the exact same underwear as paris hilton today. ew.

    but, hey, at least she is wearing them.

  4. Shane

    I’d like to personally thank the large star and the panties. I already don’t feel well this morning.

  5. pinky

    Wow! That vagina is not worth a million if thats how much she worth. NOT!!!

  6. Wench.

    What incredibly ugly knickers.

  7. #43 – And yet… here you are… on a celebrity gossip site… that shows paparazzi pictures…

    Contradict much?

  8. G money

    Pic 1 : *Pinnochio*

  9. The Listener

    Oh, PLEEEASE! There’s nothing accidental about this flash. Paris has enough experience with the paparazzi to know they’ll be taking photos down low to the ground when she stops out of a vehicle.

  10. salawite

    She is so tall and hot.I know a place you can date with such girls.
    *** S e e k i n g t a l l c o m *** which I have joined. I met so many tall sexy girls.

  11. yan

    thanks alot…now my retnas have teh herpes

  12. Deacon Jones


  13. yum. id eat that like an african refugee @ KFC

  14. #62 – And Paris will provide her own version of secreted horseradish sauce…

  15. the hamburglar

    I see a dollar meal cheeseburger hanging out of the bottom of those panties

  16. Krassy McKrass

    Her skin reminds me of the old chick in There’s Something About Mary.

  17. sun baking turds (the poor gotta eat something)

    As whores sell their vaginas, crackheads smoke their crack, warmongers murder the innocent. That something wretched occurs does not mean that it should. Do you agree with waterboarding? Microchipping the masses? Bilderberges planning the future of mankind without the consent of 99.99999% of mankind? Fathers molesting their own children.
    Yes these things are happening. Camermen are stalking celebrities and focusing on their private parts and selling the pictures to the media that has hired them out. You know, like Blackwater the murdering mercenaries that were hired out by Haliburton. For the good of mankind.

    As for the pathetic homo that calls itself —-Very Relevent Comment— :

    “Go fuck yourself, you little virus”.
    Is this what good Christians do? Our ex-president said that the father of Jesus actually talked to him. And told him to go to Iraq and kill over a million people there so that we could secure access to oil. God likes Americans more than Iraqis I guess. We already know he hates Palestinians.

  18. chango666

    #43 . . .plain and simple . . FUCK YOU . . .

    Now as far as Paris goes, I’d do that “dollar meal cheeseburger” that #65 point out . . .

  19. 666

    nice name fag

  20. paris sucks... and swallows

    She’s a disgusting whore. She knew the cameras would be taking pictures, and she doesn’t even have the class to cover up. OR, she did this on purpose, to get more attention. I’m surprised she doesn’t just give her dimwit boyfriend a blowjob on a street corner; it’s probably coming next.

    I think this is a combination of her being dumb as a box of rocks & her being a total attention whore. Bad combination, because it means she’ll never stop…

  21. Herpes Simplex Virus 2

    Meh. Seen it.

  22. Deacon Jones


  23. grobpilot

    I can smell the deeply embedded infection from here. Smells like….decomposition.

  24. Dr Evil

    Maybe I missed a couple anatomy classes but since when did the crease between the crotch and inner thigh become the vagina? Unless the writer has xray vision and can see her beef curtains thru her panties… and thats why he’s saying “Hey! Come and check out Paris’ vagina!”

  25. Um, No Thanks.

    “It” is nothing she hasn’t shown the world many, many, many, MANY times before. If only “it” was appealing …

  26. What Haven't We've Already Seen

    BUNG HOLE!!! BUNG HOLE!!! BUNG HOLE!!! BUNG HOLE!!! BUNG HOLE!!! BUNG HOLE!!! BUNG HOLE!!! Guess what I’d like to see of $2.00 Grand Slut Paris? These most recent photos did NOT give me a woody, whatsoever. About a week ago or so, you showed us her crack-fuzzy and blurred. Her boobies, which she doesn’t have, are a shame. Her face… let’s just say I’d love to see it drenched in my love juice. The sun glasses/goggles she has I wouldn’t even wear at the circus. But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE show me her glory hole, opening and closing, my cumm seeping out, every inch (or yard) of her ass crack, the nice and rounded shape of her butt. You get my point?

  27. dirk

    Sniff. Smells like hot garbage.

  28. The 1 & Only Mrs. Burke

    #27 – My thoughts exactly..

    Amazing, why some people who want to be married with kids just aren’t? Paris, you might need to rethink how you act outside your home since you are in the public eye, 24/7.

  29. aj

    I like here…hey paris..let’s be together

  30. Jim Jones

    What am I supposed to be seeing? The tendon in her thigh? Oooh, skanky. Call me when you got a real revealing up-skirt shot.

  31. dude

    Obviously, her vagina has gone 15 rounds with a boxing kangaroo.

  32. chlöe

    Oh no! not again!!!

  33. stonzs

    Now we know the source of the swine flu..

  34. aquarian

    The photographers go for the crotch shots on purpose, I think it’s perverse. You gotta ask yourself why anyone would deserve having some creep take pictures of your crotch while you’re crossing your legs and then post it on the internet for everyone to see. It’s disgusting, and a huge violation of privacy. The photographers that do this should be charged and sent to jail.

  35. At least her’s isn’t as roast-beefy as Britney Spears’ box.

  36. Humans against perverts

    We need another social purging I’m afraid to take back our culture from the monied uglys running the show. They mock our religion on their tv. Why don’t we kick them out. Lots more of us than them. OH yeah. we are all brain dead cowards now. The whole media plan worked out well they dreamt up last century. Oh yeah that was not true although it happened. yeah right.

  37. $5 cotton Victorias Secret underwear with a formal dress? Get this girl an underwear stylist…

  38. Funeral Guy

    Call me crazy, but I’d pull those panties to the side and work that puss with my tongue and fingers. Yum Yum….

  39. Funeral Guy

    Call me crazy, but I’d pull those panties to the side and work that puss with my tongue and fingers…yum yummmm!

  40. wtf

    I dont get it.. what is it?

  41. larrythecableguy

    your the idiots that keep posting this crap, you probably do guy’s crotch shots as well

  42. 100%

    I agree that these shots are coming in low and the photographers are looking for the crotch shot – but it IS possible to get out of a car without opening your legs and looking like you’re going under a god damn limbo bar. All she has to do is keep her knobby knees together and we wouldn’t be having such an ‘assault on the eyes’.

  43. 1 MILF Hunter

    Shocking that the infected secretions aren’t eating their way through the fabric like an acid.

  44. vito

    Some of you people are really fucked up. You think Paris is being victimized by those perverted paps?

    Christ, she’s wearing a dress that’s about as long as a wife-beater and has her legs spread like a catcher flashing signs to the relief pitcher.

    And when she sees these shots she’ll be thinking, “Why the HELL did I wear those goddamn panties?”

  45. fernie81

    at least she’s wearing underwear…what’s up with these constant crotch shots? how indecent! they didn’t do this in the 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s…but the millenium–this is the time for crotch-shots! whatever.

  46. Hokki

    It looks like a discouraging picture off a pack of cigarettes.
    …probably smells like bigfoot’s dick.

  47. Dan Montana

    NAh ! would’nt touch it !

  48. Dread not

    Paris: “That’s hot!”

    Dn: Yes, Paris, it is hot. It’s hot, it burns and it itches. It’s called the clap. That dischrage comin’ from your snizz is not honey from your honey pot. It’s a symptom of Gonnerhea. If left untreated it can lead to female infertility, and I think you know where I’m goin’ with this. Do the world a favor and let it fester for a while, ’cause the last thing the world needs is you spittin’ out little demented, spoiled, crotch flashin’, self absorbed versions of yourself. Your mere presence corrupted Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. Your legs are long enough to vine around themselves, two times over, give it a try. Why you think anyone with a shred of taste would want to look at your shenis, is hard to fathom.

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