Paris Hilton has sex in porta-potty

Paris_Potty.JPGParis Hilton apparently attended a Hollywood party with Mary-Kate’s ex-boyfriend, another Greek shipping heir, Stravor Niarchos. The two made out like it was 1999, before retiring to a portable john to finish up, which I suppose Niarchos would find kinky since his last girlfriend had never used her digestive system long enough to step foot in a bathroom.

Now, for a regular person, this might be a little gross and wrong, but it’s Paris Hilton. So I am neither shocked nor appalled. In fact, she could crawl out of a circus elephant’s ass, sweaty and naked, hand in hand with Tom Arnold, and it really wouldn’t bother me. I wouldn’t even tell the children at the circus to avert their eyes. By this point, Paris Hilton being disgusting is just one of those wonders of nature, like when a caterpillar turns into a rabid vagina that eats your face.

Paris Hilton’s loo sex [Female First]