Paris Hilton has new boyfriend, reality show

Paris Hilton is apparently dating Joel Madden’s twin brother Benji. The two were spotted yesterday shopping in Hollywood. I guess Paris was jealous of Nicole Richie and wanted a retarded Blues Brother of her own. But she’s not stopping there. Paris has a new reality show where contestants compete to be her new best friend. Us Magazine reports:

“Paris is tired of the haters and she’s looking for someone new. She’s looking for someone new and cool who she can trust.”
The new show is “going to be full of good chick drama and you will see a side of Paris not seen on Simple Life,” the source tells Us.

How do I get on this show? I’ll be Paris’ best friend. But I’ll be all sassy and tell her how it is – with fists. Friends punch each other all the time. In fact, the more unconscious you render someone the more you care. Which is why I know my date last night really dug me. She ruptured my spleen and left me for dead in the parking lot. I can’t wait to call her later. After I’m discharged. Ooh, sponge bath time! Dammit, it’s Jose the male nurse. Must think unsexy thoughts…

Photos: Splash News