Paris Hilton has lost her shit

Seen here in Vancouver to film her Supernatural cameo, Paris Hilton has officially crossed the line into psycho girlfriend territory. Scope out what she did to Doug Reinhardt’s house before heading out of town, according to E! News:

Before jet-setting to Vancouver, Paris had her team pay a visit to D.R.’s house, bringing over life-size photos of herself to hang throughout the mansion. And we don’t exactly think she got Dougie’s permission! Talk about an extreme home makeover.
Certainly not entirely self-minded, P.H. managed to frame a few pictures of the two of them as well, hamming it up for the camera in all sorts of ridiculous kissy-kissy poses. P’s crew hung them all over chez Reinhardt for all houseguests to gawk at–or laugh at, depending what reaction you usually emit while staring at pics of Paris.
“Seriously, there were only a few photos that survived Par’s redecorating,” says our freaked-out source.

In related news, a giant penicillin capsule was airlifted onto Doug Reinhardt’s house today only to instantly dissolve upon impact. EPA officials are reportedly weighing a nuclear strike.

Photos: Splash News