Paris Hilton has bags of pot in her purse

October 9th, 2006 // 134 Comments

Paris Hilton exposed a small bag of cannabis while reaching into her silver purse to touch up her nail polish at a Dolce & Gabbana catwalk show last week. Her publicist Elliot Mintz issued a statement saying:

“Things are not always as they appear. It would be unfair to draw any conclusions based solely on these photos.”

I don’t know what unfair conclusions her publicist thinks might be drawn, but when you’ve got a bag of marijuana in your purse it’s pretty safe to say you’ve got a bag of marijuana in your purse. It’s not like people are seeing the photo and assuming she goes riding around on elephants hunting down homeless people with a bow and arrow.


  1. she smokes weed and so does everyone else.


  2. PUSSAH!

    This explains a lot.

  3. she smokes weed and so does everyone else.


  4. biatcho

    Looks like skunkweed, or her bush.

    She has the fugliest manhands on the planet.

  5. Italian Stallion

    Just when I thought I hated this cunt, she breaks out the dank……..

    I still hate her, and that shit looks to brown anyway. Someone probably sold her a pine cone and told her it was weed. Kind of like MeganHarris and her “butter”………….

  6. llllllllll

    I don’t smoke weed…I still remember what I ate for breakfast

  7. jrzmommy

    who keeps their bag of weed right on top in plain view? dumbass.

    stallion, just wanted to let you know that Vaccaro’s has ass-kickin’ canolis!!

  8. alwaysclassy

    Looks photo-shopped to me..

  9. Like she needs anything to make her act more dumb!

  10. combustion8

    looks like shitty mexican dirt weed…. the pot looks bad too.

  11. robowan

    This is weed? This looks nothing like weed. If Paris Hilton was going to be smoking weed, it’d be big, green, fuzzy buds. If this is weed, I’m Bugs Bunny.

  12. Chaste

    can’t she afford more expensive tox?

  13. @8

    Absolutely, Photoshop. And not well done, either.

  14. combustion8

    she uses the bag to hide her coke.

  15. RichPort

    Dear Paris,

    Please return my wife’s purse along with my stash of Jamaican chocolate. If you could sterilize it before hand (the bag you idiot, not the weed) that would be helpful. Many thanks in advance, you herpes carrying wannabe.



  16. slantingthroughdarkness

    She needs to hide her drugs inside her asthma inhaler like Lindsay.

  17. if this is weed, it is quite possibly the brownest, nastiest weed i have ever seen. i’ve got to think that of the few things she can do right, getting decent drugs is one of them.

  18. ttt

    bad cropping – i just want to see her tits

  19. llllllllll

    I doubt it’s photoshop pic for the reason that the Post newspaper wrote an article on it today and published this same picture. I’m assuiming they thoroughly check it’s authenticity.

  20. llllllllll

    And if I’m wrong all I risk is looking like a total dweeeeeeb for posting #19

  21. I Fucked Your Honor Student

    I hope she starts having sex again. Then she can have a kid or two. I know they won’t be smart enough to be honor students, but she can always pay for them to be.

  22. LSD


  23. amajean040904

    boy for someone who is rich that shore looks like crapy weed.

  24. HELLpenis

    Who cares. Smoking pot is actually a plus for her character, not a negative.

    The ho gives POT a bad name. NEXT

  25. hav-a-tampa

    i’d still fuck her.
    but those clothes in the other post of her are just nasty.

  26. heisthejuan

    Looks like beef jerky. Perhaps it’s her snack after she smokes.

  27. yuckyfresh

    looks like a bag of granola. so cal weed is way better than that.

  28. It’s not weed.

    It’s a bag of cunt lint.

  29. shell0225

    That is some seriously bad looking weed. And if you’re super rich, wouldn’t you have some really inconspicuous paraphanalia to keep your drugs in rather than a dime bag randomly floating in your purse? I’m always looking for more reasons to confirm Paris Hilton is a disease-ridden media whore, but I’m pretty sure she’s not carrying pot in her purse.

  30. combustion8

    @27 youre right it is, I’m looking at some as we speak/type.

  31. Thanks #28, I just lost my lunch. Seriously.

    I love publicists. If they were any more filled with shit they’d be the President of Iran.

  32. CCClub

    I think she is trying to be sneaky here, and that would explain the publicists comments. She does like to roll her own, it’s just that like most joints smoked in Europe, it’s mixed with tobacco. How incredibly devious, yet keeping it in 8th bag you got the chronic in, maybe not so much.

  33. jrzmommy

    If it were photoshopped, then why would her flunky issue a statement. He’d just say, it’s an obvious photoshop job. Or something a little more than, well….ya know…..sometimes things aren’t always what they seem.

  34. ElatedPornStar

    Hmm….Looks like Buncha Crunch. Gross.

  35. SayWhat?

    Why was she touching up her manicure during a fashion show? When did that become normal?

  36. forlorn angel

    # 19, if that’s not photoshopped than that b*$ch is dumber than previously thought… cause that is some ditch weed… and I bet they made her pay out the ass for it… haha… her dealer is a smart one…

  37. pinky_nip

    Last time I smoked a bowl with weed that looked that shitty I was in 7th grade and that’s all I could afford since my gross income consumed of a paper route of 35 newspapers.

  38. faux sleuth

    For someone with lots of money, that is some of the crappiest weed I have ever seen, not to mention it has a ton of seeds! And, I can’t believe a girl who loves accessories couldn’t find a pink diamond encrusted container to keep her ganja in… Parisite is a true skank who loves the skunk, the dirty skunk!!!!

  39. Flip21

    If it were photoshopped, her publicist wouldn’t have issued a statement with an ambiguous half-denial, she would’ve said it was fake.

    Use your heads.

  40. Poprocks

    Its tabacco. It doesn’t even look like weed.

  41. If I were going to photoshop something in Paris’ purse it would be a huge bottle of Valtrex.

  42. biatcho

    I once photoshopped triple E tits onto my own real-life body just so i could get a guy’s attention at a bar. Fortunately for me the only ones that noticed were uber-geeks who like to fuck other men.

  43. ValeWolf

    @ #39 – EXACTLY!

    By those hands I would’ve thought she was Alexis Arquette…

  44. jrzmommy

    I would have photoshopped a To Do list that read, 1)Set Fire to Shanna Moakler; 2) Prank Call Nicole; 3) Hack Lindsay’s Cell Phone; 4)Sabatoge Nikki’s Hotel Plans

  45. defaultbunny

    that has got to be the saddest looking bag of weed I’ve ever seen. Based on that alone, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Paris only THINKS shes been caught with a bag of cannabis in her purse…in reality, her maid has sold her one killer bag of oregano. Then again, I come from one of the most successful pot growing regions in the world, so I’m pretty jaded when it comes to what is and is not passable for marijuana ;)

  46. Tracy

    Paris: “Oh my God, this weed tastes like cocoa crispies. That’s so hot.”

  47. faux sleuth

    #40… that is definitely NOT a bag of tobacco???? Who keeps tobacco in a glasine baggie???? Paris is the lazy type that would buy a pack of cigs, not roll her own.

  48. Grope For Luna

    Of course it’s tobacco… for blending with her hash.

  49. Watts

    I don’t need to be Canadian (from BC that is) to tell you a) that is not dope. b) if it is dope, it’s crap. c) Paris Hilton could stand to benefit from smoking a bag much bigger than that. d) All for show

  50. Doctor-Pwnage

    That is not weed it doesn’t even look like weed it’s freaking brown you idiots it looks more like potpourri or something

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