Paris Hilton has an amazing bra

March 9th, 2007 // 95 Comments




  1. happy_bunny

    She can’t stop looking at them.

  2. RichPort


  3. RichPort

    *FIRST!*, fuck

  4. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I hope their filled with gelatinous strychnine. That’s right, gelatinous.

  5. theropes

    that looks a bit strange on HER

  6. RichPort we know you are teh gay.
    They have this new bra in “hollywood” that enlarges your breasts “naturally” using motorized suction. I have a homemade model which implements a Dirt Devil, two road cones, duct tape, three feet of rubber tubing, some PVC pipe, anal beads, an avocado, construction paper, chicken wire, taco seasoning, a buffalo nickel, a Frank Sinatra LP, ten baby rats, a rolling pin, whiskey, a VW Rabbit, and 10 pounds of raw ground pork.

  7. imran karim

    they look like 2 tumors. the benign kind.

  8. Hemlock Queen

    Dude, the boobs don’t move! I site duct tape AND giant silicone bra. Why doesn’t she implant them already. That way she’ll have two more ways to love herself.

  9. schack

    Ratatouille Strychnine, sometimes she’s a friend of mine, with a gigantic boobjob that will blow your mind.

  10. imran karim

    ps paris can’t walk

  11. BarbadoSlim

    They look that way because she’s retaining disease.

    She’s a diseased whore.

  12. schack

    hemlock- don’t you think that, even with padding, her nipples would have to be showing for her boobs to be pushed that close together?

  13. DrDanny

    I think she’s pretty hot looking, actually. Not that I’d touch her even with a borrowed dick, of course.

  14. schack

    lmao. how do you borrow a dick?

    it’s kind of like death- you can’t just get someone to fill in for you :)

  15. ph7

    Paris’ herpes outbreak was so bad, it crawled right up her crotch and hit her breasts, causing massive inflammation.

    Soon it will recede, leaving scabs behind. Can’t wait for those shots!

  16. BarbadoSlim

    @13…You can borrow one of Pink’s!

  17. schack

    does anyone have a dick i can borrow?

    i give it back to you in poifect condition!

  18. supafreak

    She must rub magic cream on them.

    WTF was that waddling mancow moo’ing about in the vid?

  19. schack, that’s the whole point. You can’t borrow a dick. That’s why it’s funny. WAY TO RUIN IT, GOSH

    Anyway, I agree that Paris really seems to have a hard time… well, walking. Must be the herpes.

  20. schack

    can i borrow your dick, pikachealsea?

  21. Is she hanging upside down?

  22. Holy Crunk! Did Paris buy some of Star Jones lypo fat? I need to know cause I would like to fatten up my cock!


  23. licklick

    What a stupid boring cunt.

  24. HollyJ

    I bet there’s a huge whitehead on both of those. Someone just find it, pop them, and clean that gunk out already.

  25. schack

    Pikachelsea is an anorexic slut, who skips meals and shoots pornos to save up for her nose job and boob job.

    who can forget a face like that?

  26. Hemlock Queen

    Hmm, upon further observation… I observe her tits stick out too far to be just some duct tape and a bra. I like the mass herpes infection theory. It makes more sense than tissue paper.

  27. noac

    I don’t give a damn about Paris, atleast theres hope for a relationship with me and Kevin though.

  28. teetee

    What a phoney. I am looking forward to the day that she gets old and wrinkled and kills herself because of it.

  29. rrd

    #28 I was just thinking that today, she is going down!! can’t wait to see her either wrinklrd or stretched beyond recognition. I remember whn I was that age…thinking it would all hold. but I started excercising and stopped partying. whew!

  30. love seeing celebs make fools of themselves

    She tops my “bitches I wanna hate-fuck” list.

  31. sikofdis

    Damn! If I didn’t know better, I’d actually agree with what I’m about to say…

    Bitch don’t look half bad here.

    (wipes keyboard with Lysol after typing previous sentence…)

    She’s still a stupid worthless cunt though…

  32. Sad thing is, she also looks like she gained about 40 lbs. Fat ass.

  33. blahblahblah

    it’s called an enhancing bra.

  34. sid

    The only one who deserves criticism is the one who posted this pic. So she wore a push-up

  35. c1187w

    Penn & Teller couldn’t make those sweater puppies appear out of nowhere. She probably painted shadows on her chest.

  36. NicotineEyePatch

    I watched that video intentionally so that I could release this stream of obscenities I’ve been supressing the urge to scream all day.
    So why is everything so quiet?
    Pick it up, ‘Fish.

  37. Evangeline

    Something really weird is going on. My breasts are bigger than hers and I can’t even get them to look THAT big. I though it was a boob job until I saw pictures from one of the websites I’m about to list. Damn, I wish I knew her trick.

    Look at her in these pictures…,,50001-1212442,00.html

  38. Her boobs are like her ego.

    Highly over inflated.

  39. teetee

    Is it just me, or does she sound like a transvestite on hellium?

  40. Yourfairytale

    @ 32 – If Paris gained 40 pounds that would be a vast IMPROVEMENT, not a bad thing. She is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too skinny! It’s disgusting.

    Anyway, it’s amazing how pushed up tits automatically make someone “hot” at least according to the guys here. Paris will never be hot no matter what, face it.

  41. vixamy


    did she possibly get a boob job?

    i mean really?

    it is possible, right?

    the AP didn’t have any news (on purpose so they say) on her for like a couple of weeks (easily enough time for her to have the surgery and recover enough to show up a couple of weeks later looking ‘all-better’… right?

    if paris and i share more than our good taste and class, then it’s only our beautiful A-cups.

    only surgery could give her those ‘perfect’ curves… not with duct tape, not with clever ‘shadowing’- nothing. and, yes, they do make great bras (but, even they don’t perform that kind of magic)… unless she’s strapped that monkey pet of her to her chest to hold those things up…

    i have to find out what bra she’s wearing…
    or what insect bit her…

    i mean, come ON…

  42. PrettyBaby

    So ends the first week of New Guy. To be positive, there’s nowhere to go but up.

  43. piestuff

    Haha, stupid DickPort.

  44. And by “amazing bra” he means “amazing plastic surgeon”.

    Why is it when Paris talks it makes me wanna choke a kitten? I mean, she talks like she’s fucking three years old.

  45. Hemlock Queen

    Aw tits! I totally have to agree that her voice makes me want to punch her like a backstreet boy! She doesn’t even talk that way normally. It’s all for the paparazzi. Stupid skank.

  46. Stink

    Paris Hilton walking + Tara Reid “acting” in Alone in the Dark on Showtime = crap late night entertainment for this insomniac. I really should buy a Xbox360…

  47. Mr. Fritz

    I’m high of caffeine and can’t sleep so I decided to come on this site. Who is the guy talking after Sienna Miller? He looks familiar.

  48. crestlin

    i personally was gifted with perfect c’s, but my little sister has perky a’s and i have to say that with the right bra, you can still get them to look enormous. albeit, it is very uncomfotable and you have to use double sided duct tape to make sure the bra and inserts stay in place perfectly…i’m sure this isn’t a problem for paris though bc she is too coked up at all times to feel anything.

  49. cayana

    Yuck.. you can see the seams on her implants.. FRANKENSTEIN CHEST!! She should have stayed with the little flat boobies, at least they didn’t look freaky.

  50. whatthe

    I never understood – she has no issue with getting her nose carved into some freaky bird beak, but she is reluctant to get breast implants?

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