Paris Hilton has a shiny watch

paris_hilton_watch.jpgParlux and Tourneau introduced the new Paris Hilton Limited Edition watch at an invitation only showing today and, at the request of Paris Hilton, will auction off the first watch created for Paris to benefit the Memorial Sloan Kettering for Breast Cancer Research.

Ilia Lekach, Chairman and CEO of Parlux, said, “I am very happy to be part of this charitable event, which allows us to introduce one of the finest time pieces ever created. This special white diamond-encrusted watch has been prepared with meticulous care and should serve as a source of considerable enjoyment for the wearer.”

It’s nice that Paris is thinking of all the breast cancer victims, but the watch they’re auctioning off is sort of a mess. Diamonds are nice and all, but sometimes when I look at a watch I actually want to be able to tell what time it is, and not have to close my eyes because the force of a thousand suns is blinding me.

Parlux and Tourneau Showcase the New Paris Hilton Watch [PRNewswire – Thanks Argyle!]

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