Paris Hilton Groped At Halloween Party

Star tabloid says that Paris stormed out of Hugh Hefner’s annual Halloween Party at the Playboy Mansion just 90 minutes after she had arrived because as she was making her way through a haunted house, some employee dressed as a ghoul allegedly jumped out and grabbed her inappropriately. A witness says Paris shouted for help and demanded to “file a complaint against the mansion.” A Playboy Mansion security guard told Paris that having someone jump out and grab her was supposed to be part of the experience, but Paris still wasn’t happy about it and jumped into her limo and took off. Meanwhile, a Playboy spokesman has a different take on the story. He says there was no groping and that Paris just got ticked off and left because a male friend of hers got thrown out of the party for fighting.

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to be part of this “Halloween experience” where you get to grope Paris Hilton inappropriately. Except maybe replace Paris Hilton with Alessandra Ambrosio and replace ‘grope inappropriately’ with ‘have ferocious sex with.’ Good times.