Paris Hilton gives up fur

May 15th, 2006 // 105 Comments

philton-give-up-fur.jpgParis Hilton is allegedly telling her friends that she’s given up her fur coats after being targeted by PETA. An insider says her decision came after watching a gruesome expos


  1. griffmills

    I like her fur

  2. SuperSpence

    This is the big news:

  3. I think the Superficial got the subject of the story mixed up. I believe this story refers to Paris deciding to give up the “Landing Strip” and go for the Full Brazillian Wax this summer.

  4. pinky_nip

    So.. is she going to give up eating meat too? Somehow I don’t see that happening, especially when you got sausage shoved in every hole on a daily basis.

  5. I’d sooooo do her…

  6. This is the only cause of PETA that actually means anything. If there is anybody else here involved in PETA..I have some words for you. ;)

    You people want to put an end to killing animals. But apparently you havn’t thought things out properly.

    I can understand stopping the killing for fur coats and shit like that because nobody truly benifits from stuff like that in the same sense that people do benifit from eating animals (nutrition). But you have to understand. PETA’s main cause is to stop the killing of ALL animals. That would be down right irresponsible. Which is exactly how the orginization works. In an irresponsible childish fashion which I have no respect for. There are better ways to handle things then throwing flower on people, Spray painting their shit, and publishing childern’s cartoons that say “Your Dad Is a Murderer”

    Orginizations like that get laughed at and the things they fight for never get taken care of. Espically when that is the kind of shit they do.

    There would be 4 huge backlashes if we stopped killing animals.

    1.) The population of some animals would go insane. We would be hitting them with our cars more then we already do(i.e deers). Possibly causing more human death by car accident. And an unbalanced ecosystem. The killing for food is absolutely necessary for popualtion control. Thats just how things have evolved over millions of years. Should animals stop eating animals? I guess PETA’s next cause is to put a stop to that.

    2.) Do you have any idea how many jobs would be lost? Tens of thousands. All the people who raise and catch the animals. You have all the people at the places that kill the animals. All the people who package and ship them. All the people who sell them and their respective corporations..

    3.) Because of lost jobs some employees could go into backrupcy because some assholes (PETA) somewhere forced them to loose their jobs and now them and their children are fucked.

    4.) HUGE backlash to our economy which could bring crazy inflation.

    (I don’t know about you but an orginixzation who holds more value over animals life then fellow human life is not a good one in my book)

    PETA needs to get their shit together, they need to quit brainwashing their followers by showing videos and twisting their meanings. I’ve seen vids and pictuers that are just pictures taken from police officers that show horrible animal abuse from regular people. These vids and photos are then picked up by PETA to further spread their propaganda. I’m all for stopping the inhuman killing ( i.e the beatings and torture) but animals need to die. Thats just a simple fact of life.

    If you honestly think your going to stop the worldwide killing of animals for food then your horribly mistaken and your wasting your time. Do you know why nobody takes PETA seriously? Because of the way in which you people handle things. I suggest you get your shit together and properly set up a course of action to stop the inhuman killing for food or just stop your cause all together.

    If not I suggest the followers of PETA back up an orginization that stricly deals with the inhuman care and killing for food and not trying to put a stop to animal killing all together. You can’t force this entire world to become vegetarians and vegans because thats what you want. It’s ridiculous, irresponsible, and absurd.

  7. I watched the clip…

    OW MY GOD! Why did they not kill it!?!?!?

    That goes for all the animals.

  8. Celeb_Hater

    @4 Holy shit. I couldn’t even watch that whole video. That shit is reallllllllllllllly fucked up. I am scarred for life.

  9. Getitstraight

    I looked at the Peta video,it’s sickening, I had to stop it 3 seconds in. Why do people have to be so fucking mean? Don’t know if I’d feel the same though if it were Paris being whacked.

  10. PapaHotNuts

    She still can’t figure out why eating Pita bread involves the senseless killing of animals. “I’ve never fed an animal that bread! Leave me alone!”

  11. tits_on_snack

    WORD –
    PETA are a bunch of nutjob extremists. They started out with their hearts in the right place, but now it’s just all about making money off animal lovers.
    That chinese fur trade video is under investigation because even people who work in the fur trade are disgusted by the conditions in that video – and guess what? Surprise surprise, nobody knows where it came from and nobody (not even PETA or the people who brought the video to everyone’s attention) are telling authorities where this fur-farming place is.
    It’s a money-making tool, and people are suspecting it’s probably been created by animal welfare orgs in order to create a stir and get people to open their wallets, the same as those sealing videos of baby seals being clubbed and skinned alive – the so-called “seal hunter” was paid by the film crew to do that, and later testified that he was paid by the animal rights film crew to do that. Greenpeace took the footage and used it for years to get fundraising money from horrified people. Not only did the sealers testify that they were paid by the animal rights orgs to do that on film, but film labs in Copenhagen studied the film and determined it to be a staged event.
    Anyway. Bottom line is, that chinese dog and cat fur video is definately disgusting, but it’s under investigation because it is NOT how the fur trade works at all, and suspiciously, none of the animal rights orgs have let anybody know where this place supposedly is. Leading people to believe it’s nothing more than a disgusting money making ploy, as was done in the past. PETA are fucking insane.

  12. BarbadoSlim

    In a statement released by her publicist Ms. Hilton she said:

    I will no longer wear fur and stuff, ’cause elephants and horses are HOT, and we should no longer be killing them for silk, that’s what alligators are for. Don’t forget to buy my game, Paris Hilton’s Cockraiders:THE HERPES CONSPIRACY, it’s hot.

  13. Star Maker Machinery

    Paris actually looks hot in this pic … Prolly cause you can’t see her hook nose.

  14. CheekyChops


    PETA kills animals. By the thousands.

    From July 1998 through the end of 2005, PETA killed over 14,400 dogs, cats, and other “companion animals” — at its Norfolk, Virginia headquarters. That’s more than five defenseless animals every day. Not counting the dogs and cats PETA spayed and neutered, the group put to death over 90 percent of the animals it took in during 2005 alone. And its angel-of-death pattern shows no sign of changing.

  15. Karibean

    Yeah, and she wore a shirt that said vote or die, and she did not do either. How well or long is this fur thing going to last? Probably until one of her pets die and then she starts wearing that around her neck or using it as a handbag.

  16. spatz

    ive always fuckin hated peta. they are a bunch of radical insane liars.
    what does one expect from an organization that has a brainless idiot like pammy “tits” anderson as their spokesperson. having paris hilton will really complete how fucking moronic they are. let them have her.

    i hate peta *almost* as much as i hate scientology.

    oh that reminds me. tom cruise slobs the knob. animal and otherwise.

  17. PapaHotNuts

    Ya’ll act like beating raccoons isn’t fun. I’m actually in a raccoon-beating league (the RBL). We lost our first match on Saturday, but we won Sunday. We got this one guy who can really fuck a raccoon up. Thank god for him, or we would have lost both games.

  18. Aimtrue

    20th Yeah!!!
    Paris’ fake fur is hat little rug she clues on when she wants to have a retro bush

  19. Jacq

    So what? She goes everywhere with her fur muff hanging out. Next!

  20. IFuckingHateYou

    FUCK PETA, they’re a bunch of fucking morons.
    Vegetarians stink, literally – they smell really bad.
    Instead of beating animals, let’s all promise to beat PETA-people instead. I know if I was suddenly famous, I’d wear a big-ass fur coat to all the red carpet events and everywhere else I went, witht he hope that some tweeked little PETA fuck would throw red paint on me. Then I would beat the living shit out of them & let the vultures & rats eat them. That way they could be helping out those poor, defenseless vultures & rats.

  21. RedInk


  22. afterthefox

    Fur don’t make a whore a lady.

  23. Italian Stallion

    Someone must have told that guy to tear that koon a new asshole, I think he misunderstood, cause thats not how we do it where I’m from, and it usually doesn’t have anything to do with actual raccoons…..

    One of them koons came to my house one night to pick up my sister for a date and I said “Look here Koon, you ain’t taken her nowhere!! If anyone’s gonna be having sex with my sister, it’s gonna be ME!!!!!!”

  24. tsarinaamanda

    I know we have to kill some animals to eat and for other appropriate reasons. All I want, and I think any normal, compassionate human agrees, is for these people to do it as PAINLESSLY as possible. There is no reason to be skinning animals alive, zapping them with electric irons, bashing them in the head, etc. If we need to kill animals, that is ok, but there is no reason to do it cruelly and without consideration that these are living, breathing, feeling creatures. My dog is my child, so I can understand the PETA side of things, but we can’t change most people, if you know that you are doing your best to be compassionate and caring, that is good enough for me. Anyways, Paris Hilton is a fucking retard. When, oh WHEN will the super-herpes kill her?

  25. BarbadoSlim

    This girl’s pledge has moved me. As of today, I’m selling my 1988 5.0 Mustang, to think that the Ford Motor Company has been killing innocent mustangs just to make a stupid car since the 60′s has shocked my conscience.


  26. Spacedog

    Fur sucks.
    On another note, did Paris get implants? They’re lookin pretty plump in that pic, like those steroid-infused Perdue chickens.

  27. Peta Members are tasty with a little Ketchup, and their hides make lovely winter scarves.

  28. prideofchucky

    Paris needs to be put down.

  29. 86

    I wish she’d die.

  30. Dr.Rokter

    I read this at a poetry slam and got a standing ovation.
    By “poetry slam” I mean “truck stop”. And By “standing ovation” I mean, “the shit kicked out of me”.

    “Animalegs and Skinny Skins”

    Kill, kill wandering animal
    you think?
    You’re dead.
    Boom, boom fur coat harbinger
    bolt in head
    PETA green-glow snuff film
    brainwash clean plastic suburban children
    and Paris
    no longer wearing animal’s suit
    is still ugly.

  31. She refuses to wear fur..and yet…she has NO PROBLEM scarfing down a Carl Jr. Burger for a commercial….kind of hypocritical.

    Besides, if you don’t wear fur, all those animals died for nothing. Give their little lives a purpose! A meaning!


  32. prideofchucky

    You know when I read stories like this I try to just think of happy thoughts:

    * Like Paris being kipnapped
    * Then abandoned on an icy Alaskian coast
    * During Trapping Season
    * Her arms & legs bound
    * Mouth gagged
    * Stuck inside a white fluffy baby seal costume with a broken zipper

    Ahhhhh much better:)

  33. BoredBlonde

    What about her herd of tiny fetus dogs that she dresses up like little furry mini-whores and drags to all these loud parties with flashbulbs going off in their faces? Peta should kill Paris.

  34. PapaHotNuts

    I was pretty sad when Peta Jennings died.

  35. BigJim

    Does this mean she is going to be getting a Brazilian wax job?

  36. I love retards who try and do things for a good cause. I mean, Paris shouldn’t be wrorying about fur or anything like that. She should just worry about much more important things like how she plans to get rid of her Herpes or HPV. That is what she should be doing

    Here are some other pictures of Paris and Nicky Hilton from over the weekend for those who haven’t seen them yet -

    Nicky Hilton still looks gross and so does Paris, although, Paris is trying real hard with the worst shoes in the world.

  37. Judging from Paris’ risque video and assorted red carpet photos, I believe she gave up the fur a long time ago. That snatch is as bald as Telly Savalas. How is this news, and how does it involve PETA?

  38. Land-Man

    “Shuttle Tyderium, what is your cargo and destination…”

    “Parts and technical group for the Land-Cock…”

  39. BigJim

    Land-Man, for the first time ever, you actually made me laugh.

  40. BigJim

    So what is Paris going to do about all the fur-bearing creatures living in the ecosystem known as her gaping axe-wound?

  41. So, does the fur have more bugs and parasites in it when it was on the animal and running around the woods? OR when this skank-ho wears it on the red carpet?

    I know the animal didn’t have the herps…or genital lice…

    But, I will say that is probably the most attractive picture I’ve ever seen of Paris.

  42. PapaHotNuts

    Has the Land-Cock ever been targeted by PETA for pounding beavers?

  43. Italian Stallion

    @5 & @45 hilarious…….

  44. sweetcheeks

    I truly doubt the Land-Cock has been around any “beavers.” Clenched fists and Jergens, yes. Beavers, no.

  45. lucycharms

    I wish Paris would just give up…. disappear

    I’m so sick of her talentless, STD (possibly) infected ass…

    It amazes me… how can someone worth so much money be such a worthless pink hairball…. eccckkk!!!!

  46. sweetcheeks

    “Master, a band of rebels has landed on the forest moon.”

    “Yes, I know.”

    “The Land-Cock is with them.”

    “Are you sure?”

    “I have felt him, my master.”

  47. PocketRocket

    Tom Cruise really loves the cock.


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