Paris Hilton gives Letterman another whirl

January 22nd, 2008 // 44 Comments

Paris Hilton will appear on The Late Show with David Letterman despite being ridiculed by Dave back in September, according to TMZ:

TMZ has learned that Dave’s getting another shot with Princess P, and that she’ll be a guest on the show on Friday, Feb. 1. It’ll be the sixth time she’s been on Dave’s show — and her first since that memorable appearance on Sept. 28.

I know there’s a writers strike and people don’t want to cross the picket line, but, damn, is Dave hurting that bad for guests? I’m sure he spent several hours trying to decide between Paris and a ham sandwich only to find out Leno already booked the sandwich. Stupid, Leno. Always trying to be all fancy and high-brow…


  1. imran karim


  2. NCProsecutor

    Dave has a separate agreement with the writers, so she’s not crossing any picket line.

  3. cap'n pickles

    The only reason Dave is having her on is she told him she finally perfected shooting ping pong balls out of her cooch. Only it’s been a long time and she’s been passed around so much, she can actually bowl now.

  4. hot

    oh. she is hot. I Like her. seems saw her before on a celebrity and millioniare dating site like or something. I will check if it is true.

  5. 4th! Go get her Dave!

  6. Snarf






  7. mimi


    Fish SUCKS!

  8. No more Britney Shitney Please

    at this point, one might be better off fucking the ham sandwich too…almost as hot and many, many fewer diseases…

  9. DS

    Why is wonky eye relevent??

  10. Auto-Erotic-Asphixiation

    I don’t do late-night talk shows so It matters not to me
    I WOULD, however, do Paris Hilton

  11. yogagirl

    She’s relevant if you like dumb skanks. And honestly he does have fun with her and she’s too dumb to even figure it out. On the brighter side, Paris is getting a wrinkly neck! hahahaha! Can’t WAIT to see this bitch get old!

  12. yogagirl

    She’s relevant if you like dumb skanks. And honestly he does have fun with her and she’s too dumb to even figure it out. On the brighter side, Paris is getting a wrinkly neck! hahahaha! Can’t WAIT to see this bitch get old!

  13. nipolian

    I think she is going to show off her dick knee on stupid human tricks.

  14. PunkA

    She looks like she is on meth. Her arms are like those of an 8-year old boy. She is nasty. The drugs life is catching up with her now. She will go downhill fast now.

  15. Gerald_Tarrant

    I think Dave saw her knees and realized he missed out on a hummer because he made fun of her. Watch him make nice with her for the BJ.

  16. tanya

    She is not aging well at all.

  17. D. Richards (Saint.)

    ‘Princess P’, who the fuck coined that dumbass phrase? Jesus..

    Maybe this time around Letterman’ll publicly behead Paris and piss in to her still blinking face. Then Paul Shaffer will quickly run out from the riser, drag paris’s headless corpse back behind his keyboard and gnaw, just like a rat!

  18. The Office Whore

    I would bet on Paris winning a race.

    Her feet, knee, and nose would arrive 5 minutes before she did..

  19. gertie

    she really is a f#$KING IDIOT

  20. Sadly, this beootch will likely live to be 120.

  21. p0nk

    nice one, capn pickles

  22. gigi

    not liking how angular she’s looking….. Paris shouldn’t lose weight/ a little softness works well on her

  23. Wills

    She looks British. Or maybe English. Possibly Scottish. What’s the difference, by the way?

  24. Yogagirl

    Oh I hope she is around til 120. It’ll be a HOOT to watch her grow old! Lessee in about 15 years she’ll start blathering on about how it’s just soooooo sexy to be an older woman and how much she luuuuuvvvvs being 40 or 50 or whatever all they while having so much work that she’ll look like a shrunken head. Damn I’m glad I’m rich and NOT famous. I get to enjoy life and grow old looking the best that I can for where I am OUT of the public eye. Yep it’ll be entertaining and this attention whore will deserve every bit of ridicule she’s in for. LOVE the neck wrinkles Paris! Better schedule a lift!

  25. BunnyButt

    24, western Canadian

  26. She has a cow-lick..

  27. #25, Good thing you’re rich, as I see intelligence is not your strong suit..

  28. jim

    Yeah, Dave has already reached a settlement with the WGA, so he must just actually want her on his show.

  29. ginny lou loves god and the babee jeesus

    don’t get those poor beasts involved in this. Poor dears would come down with mad cow from lickin’ that nasty devil cooch!

  30. Ginny Lou Loves God And The Babee Jeesus

    Oh you Devil worshipper 27! Don’t you get the Lord’s poor dumb animals involved in this! Poor dears would end up with MAD COW from lickin’ evil Paris’s drippy sinfull naughty bits!

  31. Mr.Poon

    I hope Dave makes her cry. Pls pls pls let him ask her about all the chairity work she was going to do.

  32. Sauron

    I don’t expect anybody under 75 years of age to watch this show anyway.But at least this is a good proof that Paris is growing older,what speaks in her advance.Right away after the show she’ll be probably instantly turning into the MILF status.

  33. Grace

    I hope Dave makes her cry again. Then I look forward to reading the MOSTLY SUPPORTIVE comments for Paris here in the Superficial. Seriously, go back and look at that previous thread. It’s the official marker of rigor mortis for this site.

  34. Lowlands

    I hope the writers are writing better jokes now.I’m getting tired of tickling my own arm-pits.

  35. carly

    eww she looks anorexic

  36. HappyYummy

    he must not be hurting for guests… booking Paris to come on the show costs $200,000

  37. yogagirl

    Heya “Frist” were you trying to spell “first”? Amazing you could draw such a conclusion from a few posts. Hmmmmm….maybe an INTELLIGENT person wouldn’t draw a conclusion based on so little information? ;) Have a nice day. Paris is a dumb skank. Celebrities never have real money. They spend their time whoring themselves out to get perks and attention. People with real money don’t want anything to do with them. Ever notice that?

  38. Nathiest

    Oh go pick on that loser Britney and leave Paris ALONE!!! haha really Though Paris Hilton won you losers lost she is a winner and you all are still losers. So haha once more.

  39. getparisoutofdallas

    I knew I smelled gonorrhea and no-talent while driving home from work. Then, I found out that Paris was in Dallas so that explained it. I’m never going to Ghostbar without an economy-sized can of Lysol and latex gloves. And possibly a flamethrower. You know herpes has wings now. You’ve been warned.

  40. makemepuke

    Paris could you please overdose on something.

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