Paris Hilton gets trash thrown at her

February 15th, 2007 // 119 Comments

Paris Hilton is currently in Austria to attend the prestigious Vienna Opera Ball, but when she appeared at the Vienna mall today to sign autographs she had to be pulled away by security guards because the crowd started throwing trash at her. Included in the items thrown were cigarette packs, tissues, and lipstick. Hilton later dismissed the incident as “no big deal” and said she loved her fans. She also ran into trouble in Germany yesterday because her passport had expired, and she needed the U.S. ambassador to Austria to vouch for her.

Taking questions from some 100 reporters earlier, Hilton said she “loved” classical music and that she grew up listening to it. “As a little girl, it really helped me fall asleep at night,” she said, adding later that she “really loved” old Michael Jackson songs, Madonna and hip-hop. Hilton said there were “a lot of people who need help” in the world and that she planned to go to Africa sometime this year. “As a celebrity, you can really make people aware of what’s going on in the world,” she said.

She’s attending the Opera Ball and said she enjoys classical music because it’s so boring it helps her fall asleep. Nice. And only Paris Hilton could have trash thrown at her and misinterpret that as loving fans. She’s in such denial you could push her down and pee on her while yelling: “Take that, you useless whore!” and she’d laugh it off and tell everybody her fans love pulling pranks on her.

Thanks to Sonia for the tip, and for having much nicer eyes than this.



  1. Becca

    woo fucking hoo.

  2. ponk

    cigarettes, tissues, and lipstick, but no valtrex. what ungrateful fans!

  3. BarbadoSlim

    I wanna throw garbage at her too!

    And by garbage a I mean shoulder fired missile.

  4. bedbugsandballyhoo

    I don’t understand why she doesn’t get the same reception in the US.

  5. bedbugsandballyhoo

    I don’t understand why she doesn’t get the same reception in the US.

  6. misanthrope

    People should throw trash at her wherever she goes. It should be second nature to anyone who isn’t her.

    Great. Paris is on the Africa bandwagon. Tell us more about these ‘people who need help’, Paris. It’s news to me and I get all of my news from you.

  7. MissDior17

    That’s Paris for you.

  8. ponk

    she plans to go to Africa this year.” That gives her 10 months to find it on a map.

  9. BarbadoSlim

    Africa’s being devastated by an AIDS epidemic.

    And on that note, Paris should take an extended tour of the dark continent and have as much sex as possible with the locals.

  10. RichPort

    #9 – She already has. That wonky eye is the result of a Tutsi cumshot. Must be all the grass they eat out there.

  11. ponk

    Slim, i think that’s a given.

  12. tinbird_01

    Maybe they were just trying to make her feel at home since she’s so trashy?

    I would have liked to read that someone screamed “Go back to Whore Island!” or something along that line…she’s nas-tay.

  13. Niecy

    Why would she be offended by trash when she IS trash?

  14. It’s bad enough she actually has to be Paris Hilton, but seriously, pretending she actually loves classical music? Get real. I’m sure Chopin loved to writhe around on a beach and sing complete crap, while pouting at the camera, of course.

  15. birdseye

    LOL #10…..maybe she should let a Hutu give her a cumshot in the other eye that way it will match the jacked up one…AND she can show everyone how she is impartial to all cultures and ethnicities. Then she will really show the world that she wants to help.

  16. Lowlands

    What a pity she didn’t take her sister Nicky along with her.She could have explained to her all about the interior-architecture.

  17. Carsten5577

    She has brown eyes but she wears contacted lenses and dyes her hair blond. I guess she’s aiming for that bogus “Nordic” look. Additonally, as everyone knows, she had a (rather poor) nose job. In sum, everything about her is fake.

  18. RichPort

    Something tells me she thinks Africa is a club in an urban area… with an open bar and free lines in the bathroom.

  19. Mz_kay

    i would have loved to thrown trash at her too.

  20. GooniesNeverSayDie

    Local officials in Vienna were horrified when Paris arrived in Austria and said to the press: “G’Day Mate! Put another shrimp on the barbie!”

  21. grape

    She is so tragic it makes me want to cry. Or incinerate her.

  22. The last Austrian to trash Paris was Hitler. History is so cyclical.

  23. WiseMan


  24. pekpekshorts

    Paris is trash but once a Nazi state will always be a Nazi state.

  25. danielle

    9 & 10 LMAO!?!!?

    Oh god, that was funny.

  26. misanthrope

    Africa is in for another strain of disease. Or several.

  27. JollyJumjuck

    To borrow from “The Princess Bride”:

    “All hail the Queen of Garbage! Boo! Boooo! BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”

  28. Shagggy

    #22..that is too fucking funny..and true

    Maybe Paris outta ask the ParisExposed guy to sell her her passport back

  29. RichPort

    #22 – Excellent historical geopolitical humor.

  30. jrzmommy

    clever motherfucker

  31. NipsyHustle


    THAT WAS THE BEST POST EVER!!!! no one can top this one.

    everyone get back to work. there is nothing to do here.

  32. Prince Igor

    They should have thrown tampons.

  33. NipsyHustle


    we could only hope this racist cunt would have sex with an African. They have instant AIDS. Infection in under 5 minutes on contact.

  34. BarbadoSlim

    Yup #22 nailed it, he went historical on our asses.


  35. jrzmommy

    look what we did rich!!

  36. JillyBean

    #22. I knew there was a reason I stuck around the office today….to read that! Now my work day is complete!

  37. JungleRed

    She’ll come back from Africa holding a swaddled bundle telling everyone she adopted a baby. Only when when she pulls back the blanket, it’ll be a marmoset. With herpes…

  38. dave

    Is it just me or does Paris Hilton resemble Big Bird? OMFG .. she looks like a damn bird!!! Why would anyone be attracted to Big Bird??? Bird fetish maybe!!!

  39. ImaCracka

    The most shocking part of this story is….

    SHE HAS FANS??????

    OK.. Which one of you homo’s bought her cd????

  40. misanthrope

    @22… Genius. How did I miss your comment? Well done.

  41. Oh maybe there is justice…..

  42. woodhorse

    #9, #10, #22 – this day is day the Lord made and you improved it – nice work!! RichPort, BarbadoSlim, and UNWASHEDMASSES play one-up-man-ship with God and win!! Yeah, team!!

  43. JungleRed

    Not to get too technical here, but Paris was never trashed. Those cowards never put up a resistance, just rolled out the welcome mat and let themselves get fucked. Oh, nevermind…the analogy is still apt.

  44. LL

    Yeah, #22 was pretty sweet.

    I just wish that when people throw trash at Paris, they’d throw stuff like anvils and toaster ovens and concrete blocks. Cigarettes, tissues and lipstick? Why not cotton balls and feathers, too? Damn…

    And I think Africa has been through enough. The last thing they need is Paris the heiress parading around pretending to be concerned about the poor downtrodden in an attempt to help her image.

  45. magickal

    I just LOVE picturing people throwing garbage at her. The only thing funnier would be if they were flinging poo. Like monkeys. Well, I guess there will be enough of that when she goes to Africa.

  46. crazybroad

    @ 22 – LMAO!! You have restored my faith …

  47. sid

    22: Yeah, that was pretty damn good, I gotta admit…

    3: I still liked yours better

    Too bad nobody threw an anvil at her like the Coyote.

    “‘As a celebrity, you can really make people aware of what’s going on in the world,’ she said.”

    Aren’t there ANY real journalists out there? I mean, they’re supposed to be “objective,” and not take sides, but they’ve already taken a side by decididng to quote her and give her ink.

    It’s like having a rampaging pedophile on Regis to share his falafel recipe.

    Hey, like, maybe he makes a good falaphel…never mind the raping children part. Let’s focus on the cooking, okay?

    When Paris starts babbling about “helping,” any quotes offered should not be presented without, “Paris Hilton has wasted more money on sex toys, cel phones, private jet fuel and cocaine in the last week than the average African will spend in his lifetime.”

  48. sid

    44: Yo, we were writing at the same time…we were on the same wavelength :)

  49. badattitood

    I really think this is going to start happening to her much more often and in the US too. She as a huge backload of bad karma that’s going to hit her like an asteroid. I know if I saw her out anywhere I would hurl verbal abuse & anything I could get my hands on at her.

  50. sol

    hopefully when she goes to africa somebody will record a video of her dancing around in a village, just like madonna did on one of her visits. unfortunately the villagers will be saying the same thing in their native tongue – “too stringy.”

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