Paris Hilton drives on suspended license, gets towed

February 28th, 2007 // 104 Comments

  1. jrzmommy


  2. Binky

    Maybe she’ll get her re-hab paid for.
    In jail.

  3. blackfrancis

    With that outfit shouldn’t there be the legally required nipple slip?

    Someone’s not doing their job.

  4. cardio


  5. murmurzz

    She looks hot. So hot I’d like to wipe my ass with her. Meh.

  6. Devi

    God bless old wonkey eye. She looks like an 80 year old carrot.

  7. LL

    More alarming is her skin color. Maybe it’s the lighting, but she looks like Magda. And she’s not even out of her twenties yet.

  8. AmandaEqualsWhat

    She and Jenna Jameson are apparently from the same Beef Jerky planet. These photos are not good news for my night terrors. Hot.

  9. cardio

    She hadn’t been in the news for a couple days so she had to do something. My normal everyday Chevy has automatic headlights. You’d figure a freakin’ Bentley would come with a guy that says, “Excuse me, but I believe your lights are not on.” Or, as Fish said, open your freakin’ eyes!!

    And I love how her reps give an excuse for driving with no lights, but no excuse whatsoever for driving with a suspended license. That’s not a big deal at all.

  10. TJH

    If it weren’t for her daddy’s money she’d be a fluffer for Ron Jeremy.

  11. trinket

    Funny how “Elliot Mintz” has become a household name.

  12. cardio

    @ 10 – she’s better than that! Maybe Peter North.

  13. happy_bunny

    1. If any of us Great Unwashed was busted driving on a suspended license, we’d go to jail.

    2. Paris, Jessica Simpson, and Posh Spice should have a sunless-tan-off. It’ll be an Orange-strava-Ganza!

  14. JungleRed

    Hey Paris, Having your boobies out doesn’t count as turning your headlights on.

  15. Mugato

    Why the hell isn’t she in jail? I mean I know why but that sucks.

  16. Lowlands

    Is she STILL driving in the same car?In the meanwhile i bought myself already a next Camry.It’s a really good one this time because the car-salesman told me it was only driven before by an old age woman.

  17. JungleRed

    @15: She sucks. And swallows. That’s why she’s not in jail.


    LOL @ 13

  19. SS

    A small point: Paris apparently got hooked up not by the LAPD, but by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. LAPD still wears those Navy blue uniforms that I remember from the days of “Adam-12,” when poor Paris would definitely have been let go due to her family money. Nice to see things have changed.

  20. karldotcom

    That isn’t LAPD…that is LA County Sheriff’s towing her sorry ass. If it was LAPD you would expect a lot more brass, and even the Mayor showing up for a press conference.

  21. lambman

    eeeew she looks like Jenna Jaymason

  22. arden

    Jesus, look at her skin. She seems to be taking a page from Jenna’s book.

  23. Zoey

    @ #1 – I seem to have started a trend. I hope Bill is enjoying the attention.

    Kind of surprised that a $200K Bentley doesn’t have the same auto-on headlights like my $25K Taurus.

    On a related note – she ought to dump the Bentley and pick up one a Lexus LS. voice-controlled GPS navigation, traffic-aware cruise control, auto *everything* (even parking)… as long as you can pronunce the word “home” you’ll get there no matter how drunk you are.

    Think of the savings in towing and impound fees! :^)

  24. Conky

    What a stupid stupid whore. If she would simply take a limo everywhere she wouldn’t have to keep going back to court. But then I guess she wouldn’t get to meet all those cute cops and lawyers.

    If I had her money I would never drive again… I would sit in the back of a limo and the only legal problems I would have would be for littering when I tossed empty beer cans out on to the road, lol.

  25. ch474

    So she can spend $200,000 on a car (or whatever the lease payments are, probably more than my house payment at least), but still can’t spend the $25,000 on a flunkie to drive her around while her license is suspended? Hey cheap beotch, think of all the extra time you’d gain to do blowjobs in the back seat!

    Is it just me or does Paris look like a cheap Chinese PVC blow up sex doll in the middle picture?

  26. 86

    I think we are missing the real issue here. Virgin Megastore? Who buys CD’s anymore?

  27. hey_luv

    OMG I have a corolla that automatically turns on my headlights when its dark! I thought Bentley’s were top notch…I guess not. Paris has been looking really beat down lately…yikes her skin on that 2nd pic looks really rough!

  28. MrSemprini

    Sorry I can’t tell you what happened exactly but Paris had just dropped me off at the Jack-In-The-Box around the corner before my shift started. Always enjoy meetings with the boys in blue. Whoops, gotta go… ah nuts, just the microwave.

  29. sikofdis

    To all the “Open your eyes” comments…have any of you looked at her eyes??! They are permanently glued 3/4 shut with bong resin and dried come. Mintz oughta use that as an excuse for this useless skank.

  30. ImaCracka

    Damn… 200K for that piece of shit… My 27K Jeep has lights that turn on when it gets dark……

    Stupid cunt………

  31. fergernauster

    Alas, there is a God.

    Again… always with the stupid f*cking phone/Blackberry/Blueberry/Strawberry f*cking cell phone contraption shit thing glued to her ear. I can just hear the conversation now… “Daddy… Nicky… Mommy… like, KinkaJou Poo Poo… somebodies please, like, get me out of this messes NOW! They are, like, being, like, mean to me!”

  32. TashaVin`

    So, she’s speeding in the parking lot, with lights off? In the PARKING LOT? Hmm – I thought if you got pulled over in a parking lot and got ticketed then whomever (county, state, city) would have to maintain services on the parking lot. (IE Running the stop sign in the Kroger parking lot will not get you a ticket, b/c it’s private property.) Maybe it was a city/county owned lot. Either way, WTF man, why isn’t she locked up? The celebrity “Elite” status of it all is shit.

  33. karifarrell

    Awwww…MrSemprini knows EVERYBODY!!!!
    Poor Paris, she looks so dumbfounded in that pic. “Why does everything bad always happen to me???”

  34. p911gt10c

    a woman this dumb doesn’t deserve to be driving such a fine automobile.

  35. VeronicaRedux

    She needs to hire a driver or have Cesar Milan teach her dog how to drive her car.

  36. kristynn

    i’m positive that not only does everyone here speed, but everyone here has driven away from a parking lot and forgotten to turn their lights on. big deal.

  37. nosoupforyou

    How stupid! Even my Volvo has auto-on headlights! And apparently so does her Bentley:
    “dusk sensing headlamps” (taken from
    Her single brain cell must have thought it would be a good idea to turn this feature off. Or maybe she let her angry kinkajou do a tune up.

  38. danielle

    Could this bitch be anymore orange?

    Sheesh. Were you born orange? No.

    So stay the fuck outta the tanning salon.

  39. MrSemprini

    Oh my, goodness…. What do you feed a troll? I have no idea what karifarrells eat. Something nummy, I’ll bet… like kinkajous. Yeah… mmmm yeahhh

  40. Ted...From LA

    For $200,000 you would think it would have one of those “turn the lights on automatically” deals. I have a $7,000 truck and it does it.

  41. gatorgirl

    and there goes that freaky round thing on her chest again! right under her necklace, the same round spot/bruise that was on her chest at the Vienna ball thing, what is that? Valley girls hitting her with their finger, screaming “Stay away from my man, beotch!”?

  42. DecorativePoncho

    I love it when bad things happen to her.

  43. fritobandito

    Orangutan. I don’t know why, it’s the only word that comes to mind.

  44. gatorgirl

    Yes. Orangutan… But number 7 hit it right on the nose. She is Magda!

  45. lickmybutt

    its not just cuz she is a celeb that they didnt take her to jail. one of my friends was pulled over while driving with a suspended license and he didnt get taken to jail. they didnt even tow his truck. they let him go but made someone else with a valid license drive. and he got a ticket. but thats it.

  46. DMM

    Despite how much I hate this girl, She does look good in that photo above.
    I don’t know if it’s so much that’s she’s stupid or doesn’t care.. I think she believes she can get away with anything because she’s famous, even though she’s really a nobody… or Maybe she doesn’t care because she has so much money she can pay to get tickets and have her car towed. The risk of getting caught isn’t a big threat when you have alot of money.

  47. gatorgirl

    Ok, we all know she’s stupid, and Elliot Mintz should know she’s stupid, so why the hell didn’t he say “Now Paris, let Nicky or Stav or Tator Tot and Small fry drive, cause you ain’t got a license for a while! Do you understand??? No drivee!” Why Why Why didn’t they stress that to her?

  48. The Jenny

    Is that cryface I’m seeing? Do automatons have the ability to produce tears? Jeezy Creezy!

  49. Bugman4045

    Doesn’t matter how much cash this bitch has, she will always be low rent. DUI, driving with suspended license, more STDs than the CDC. Now on top of all that it is very clear that she is NOT going to age well. When she looks this rough at 26, god only knows what she will look like at 46!

  50. summerbaby73

    LOL @ everyone’s comments, you all took the words right from me….

    except #36, that was just lame.

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