Paris Hilton gets served

paris_hilton_thumb2*.jpgBrian Quintana, a friend of Hilton boy-toy Stavros Niarchos, has served Paris with a “cease and desist” letter, claiming that her incessant trash-talking of him around Hollywood is “ruining his reputation and interfering with his business relationships.”

It goes on to say “We would expect Ms. Hilton to understand the danger of making false statements against others.” Quintana’s claims the feud with Hilton intensified during an American Music Awards after-party where, he says, “Ms. Nightlife herself ordered security at Club Privilege to remove all of Niarchos’ pals from the club.”

This guy’s worried about his reputation? If your claim to fame is being the friend of some guy who banged Paris Hilton, the only thing you should worry about is sitting beside him in the hot tub. I don’t see what the problem is anyway. This is Paris Hilton. Unless she’s talking about 1) the miracle of Christmas herpes, 2) her 500 favorite places to have sex (#1 – “in the butt”), nobody’s gonna believe her.

Stop trashing me, Paris told
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