Paris Hilton gets pwned by Sarah Silverman

June 4th, 2007 // 380 Comments


  1. JDog

    #348 You’re a moron for this: “the chances of driving a long time and feeling drowsy and killing someone are the same” as drunk driving…oh, and this: “innocent until proven guilty” She is guilty. Damn. Have any of you Paris lovers seen how mean she has been to people on The Simple Life? That’s what made me start hating her. She sucks and so do all of you.

  2. Simon

    #350 – I suspect you are trailer park trash like Paris. And has it occurred to you that there are plenty of red-blooded blokes in the world who would prefer to fuck George Bush than Paris Hilton ? Christ, even assuming I could sustain an erection with Paris, I would surely vomit before I did the deed. Those mongoloid eyes, those wierd lips …

  3. brian

    I’m literally amazed at how many bloodsucking, worthless wastes of oxygen have the ability to type out a comprehensible sentence with their underdeveloped minds. I’m certain you feel no shame for the venom you spit at people you don’t know, and that’s what’s so pitiful. I’m surprised you can even speak with fangs in your mouth. You are animals with no humanity, integrity, or worth. You channel meaningless hatred at people who don’t deserve it. (Probably here you can respond with “oh well she sucks a lot of dicks.” Is that a crime punishable by “shanking” or gangrape? Just don’t go there.)

    Perhaps she does deserve her jail time, but does she deserve public humiliation, and a huge crowd of people laughing at her misfortune? It’s one thing for people not to care, but to enjoy it is disgusting. Every person in that room who laughed will get to dine with Satan soon enough, as will you. And the cowardly Sarah Silverman can be his personal whore.

    Now go ahead, fire back with your pathetic, mindless insults and show everyone how worthless you are. Let’s see how good your vocabulary is.

    However, you can know ahead of time that I’m not planning on visiting this site again, as I prefer to converse with humans. So respond all you like but it will be for everyone else.

  4. JDog

    I notice that most Hilton lovers continuously refer to Silverman as “ugly”. Paris deserves to have people as shallow as you for fans.

  5. JDog

    Nice. Some guy spends more time typing than anyone else talking about spitting venom at people we don’t know and then tells a bunch of people he doesn’t know they’re going to have dinner with Satan. Jerk.

  6. Die Paris Die

    Shut up with your nonsense brian @ 353. You are probably one of Paris hilton’s teenage fans with a little bit more mental capacity than the average Hilton fan. That doesn’t make you a fucking genius ok. Oh and yes, I know you are reading this now with your nonsense. Why don’t you just read through all of the Hilton supporters comments and get a picture what kind of people support Hilton – uneducated, illiterate, trailer park, shallow thrash. Examples: #22, #34,#91,#97 and the list goes on and on. So you see brian, this is the group you belong to…

  7. fag4eva

    Brian, your a dumbass… isn’t everyone cheering for her to go to prison for:

    Doing drugs
    Having sex
    Being a slut
    Breaking the law
    Breaking the law again

    You say people are going to dine with Satan? refering that you are a religious person and that the things I listed are directly against everything the catholic church is? Nice going on your terribly contridictorial post their fuckarse.

  8. Gloria

    I don’t like Sarah Silverman. I could barely sit through Jesus Is Magic. That was incredibly mean.

  9. sfflygrrl

    THE single funniest thing ever. EVER. Sarah for president!

  10. sfflygrrl

    OOPS…No..I spoke too soon. Brian’s comment #353 is the funniest thing ever. HAAAAAAAAAAAA

  11. Simon

    “Dine with satan” – ha ha, you kill me Brian. You sound like the Unabomber. Bet you’ve got a beard and bad BO.
    But anyway, GOOD NEWS PEOPLE !!! After the depression-inducing news that Parasite went home after three days in the pokey, the sentencing judge is not happy and has ordered her to court tomorrow morning !!!
    And as for that strange rash, well I don’t think you need too much imagination to guess where THAT came from. Parasite, you really should stop shagging those greasy, poxy losers you hang around with. haha

  12. Die Paris Die

    Simon, any relation to gProms?

  13. Simon

    #362 – not that I’m aware of.
    Of course it could be nappy rash that the poor sweetie has got. Ever since that episode in the Hawaiian taxi she just never trusted herself.

  14. april

    i hate paris.

  15. bob bastard

    paris hilton is the reason why they killed all those people in the french revolution. she deserves to be beheaded just like marie antoinette.

  16. Nadine

    OMG!!! How meen what a Bitch !

  17. Megan

    Paris Hilton is a n00b. Not even uber micro would make her cool. I’m going to go eat a fried pickle wrapped in bacon.. LOL

  18. Tell me how you can’t feel sorry for this sad face?…

  19. Tess

    It was cruel, but yet so funny.
    I feel bad though mainly cause I like Paris

  20. Dave


    Look it up.

  21. maimai

    sarah silverman’s comments were really funny.. u can never deny paris’ reputation but i was kinda wondering if sarah did it just to gloat paris or to get some media attention on herself.. well, she really did get it.. but in the end, i was kinda felt ‘sorry’for paris.. anyway, paris is still human being even if others think otherwise.. :-)

  22. SRGT

    most of the celebrities are doing what paris hilton’s are doing

    the difference is, paris is BIG NEWS

    she’s the official slut in Hollywood
    she represents the others

  23. will

    I saw the pics of sarah silverman in Maxim magazine and she looked a lot hotter on there and on her tv show. On mtv she looked fat with big hips it just shows they can do alot with magazines and camera angles on tv.Any way Paris should do her time and shut up!!

  24. briiiii

    dont get me wrong i really hate paris hilton, but who the fuck is sarah silverman? thats pretty bad that the only way she can make people laugh is to make fun of pathetic paris hilton. her voice is the most annoying thing ive ever heard.

  25. Brittany

    I’m not a fan of Paris Hilton but this just really was just not funny. She could have spent a few more minutes on this “joke”

  26. imaslaveforyou

    what sarah did actually wasn’t funny.. im not a paris hilton fan.. but i don’t think no one desrves to be humiliated like that… i dont see the point why she has to mention about paris hilton’s sentence.. did she do this to really make her feel humiliated? what will she gain in doing that?? and is sarah also aware that she’s hosting an award show and not doing a stand up comedy show? maybe she could have saved up that joke to one of her shows and not on mtv movie awards.. it was really a cheap shot.. because there are lots of kids who are watching mtv too isnt she aware of that and she kept on cursing and dissing other people.. oh well…

    maybe now its paris time to pay the price of what she did..
    so sarah will be paying soon.. i wonder what could that be…

  27. blondamnation

    #22, yeah, like spelling and grammer.

  28. a

    sarah is delicious

  29. KK

    although i’ve never been a paris hilton fan, what sarah silverman did was just wrong. I used to think sarah was hot but after watching her do that to paris I see sarah and imagine her in a nice pig suit. I can’t help but show sympathy for paris, I mean what paris did isn’t great and she should be punished but people have murdered with less of a commotion!

    and whoever it was who said “i hope paris gets raped in prison” that’s horrible and sick to wish on someone and you should look into getting some mental help.

    I also want to say I hold paris in higher regard than anyone who actually cheers sarah on for that. paris took it better than most people in her position would.

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