Paris Hilton gets pwned by Sarah Silverman

June 4th, 2007 // 380 Comments


  1. Die Paris Die

    All you Paris worshippers came to the wrong site. This site is dedicated to exposing celebrity nonsense not glorifying it. Go somewhere else if you are looking for somewhere where there is compassion for Paris Hilton – A bitch who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about your celebriy loving ass.

  2. mabbo

    #297, I love your last sentence. Sorry #299, 297 has given the most meaningful post. American culture has really dumbed itself down to the pure point of stupidity. You idolize stupid, vapid “celebrities” who are famous for absolutely nothing, and you idolize a President who isn’t smart enough to work as the manager for a Dairy Queen. I mean Paris Hilton is worshipped by some of you people? Why not idolize some real actors in Hollywood. Clearly PH is a big fat joke in the industry, but she does not seem to understand that. It is true the audience was laughing AT her and not WITH her. I know Paris supporters (no doubt a mass e-mail was sent out to the fansites) are working hard on the superfish, but y’all come across as dumber than Hilton herself. What happened to a time when people liked Hollywood celebrities because they were actually talented singers and actors? Now we got tweens worshipping Kim Stewart, Paris, Nicole, et al., who do nothing! Sad sad.

  3. JohnJohn

    #302. I do not like Paris. I do not idolise her at all. Though I just agree with #298, as it’s a horrible thing for someone to wish another person to be raped. That’s quite sickening.

  4. trashcat

    #302 – You can’t rape the willing, and have you ever known Paris to turn down anything remotely sexual?

  5. trashcat

    Shit. Meant #303.
    Anyways, you’re on a site where everybody wishes bad things on everybody else. We’re like an episode of Southpark. So saying crap like “That’s quite sickening” pretty much just makes me hope you get raped.

  6. KatieKates

    Freakin classic. Paris looked so pissed. You could tell she wasn’t sure whether to cry to get up and walk out. Way to go Sarah! That little wench deserves all the humiliation she gets!

  7. mabbo

    Clearly most of you upset by what Sarah said do not understand stand-up comedy humor. I suggest you all watch the Pamela Anderson Roast on Comedy Central. The things said on there about Pammy right in front of her…yikes! But see, unlike PH, Pamela doesn’t take herself or her image too seriously and is a good sport. Pammy is IN on the joke and is laughing with us. Poor Paris has no personality and actually believes she has talent for singing and acting. As for her sexuality, I could careless who she screwed and how often (although judging from her porno, it seems like she detests sex anyway), for me it is the fact that she takes herself and her “craft” so seriously when the industry and the public basically think she’s a trailer trash joke. This also goes for Kim Kardashian, Kim Stewart, Nicole Richie. Without being born into fame and fortune, these women would be waitresses in a truck stop diner. Well, except for Ms. Richie, who would be in Compton in a back alley with a needle in her arm. I should also point out that what Sarah said wasn’t even that bad, it’s the audience reaction that makes it seem worse than it is. I bet Paris’s reaction was more towards the entire crowd around applauding than just what Silverman said. I’m sure PH is in her cell meditating, chanting “It was just a bad dream, it was just a bad dream. They REALLY DO love you Paris. They all truly respect you for your ‘talent’” LOL. Sooner or later this fad or trend of no-talent nobodies (K-Fed, PH, et al.) becoming famous will quickly die down and then these people will actually have to step up to the plate and show us if they really have talent or not. Kim Stewart has already disappeared and fallen by the wayside. Who’s next? The 15 minute clock is ticking bitches.

  8. Doug D

    Paris Hilton….a no talent ass clown??? I resemble that remark.


    Michael Bolton

  9. Skip Smith


    I hope YOU get raped.

  10. g4

    Silverman looked like she was carrying some excess arm flab, there…

  11. 15piecesofflare

    #310 I agree. And with her small head, she resembled a tick.

  12. Ces

    Whoa, you guys are at eachother’s throats.
    Hasn’t it occurred to anyone that Paris may have told Sarah to do this?
    George Lopez made a similar crack about Paris making a home movie in the men’s room a year or two ago during some award show. A few weeks after Paris was on the George Lopez show.
    How about the music they played when Sarah came out onto the stage? Lily Allen? “When I see you cry, it makes me smile. Yeah it makes me smile.”
    Paris planned this.
    Look how dolled up she is?. Shoulders bare, her hair pulled over to expose her long, soft neck…mmm…

  13. Ces

    …Matter of fact, I want to see some girl on girl between Paris and Sarah, since they’re working together anyway. These two have got killer bods.
    I never noticed how fine Sarah is. Lookit that little hard body! Mmm!

  14. Wanda

    paris hilton certainly is easy prey to make fun of.
    but silverman’s joke was very vulgar in my opinion.

  15. plummy

    What’s up with the hate, y’all?

    Paris drives drunk, walks around in short skirts with her bits and pieces showing, talks sh*t about others on camera and in general acts like an idiot.

    So, its okay to do the dirt, but totally wrong for someone to call you on it.

    Interesting personal code of honor ya got there, chief.

  16. mabbo

    #314 Wanda…..

    You are a fucking idiot. Vulgar? Oh, are we referring to Paris? Then yes, definitely. A penis joke about Paris Hilton being “vulgar” and “over-the-top”? Some of you people must be taking as many drugs as Lindsay Lohan because your stupid brains are fried. The only vulgar thing is Paris herself. She may be rich and come from old money, but she acts like she got straight out of Trailer Park Central. I tire of celebrity defenders. PH can do whatever she wants, but no one is allowed to rip into them…well that’s what happens at these shows. Wanda, ever watch the MTV music awards? Ever watch the Oscars? The hosts often make rude jokes about the most current news in pop culture. God, how stupid and vapid can some of you celeb worshippers be…rhetorical question dear, don’t answer that.

  17. keybdcowby

    Paris Hilton is as much of a disgrace to the young people of America as her mom and dad are to working parents. Paris is put into the same category as Britney and LiLo, but Paris doesn’t even compare. She did nothing to earn her fame except for have sex on a home video camera. At least Britney and LiLo worked their way up before they self-destructed. She thinks that she is so beautiful when she’s not even the hottest thing in her family, much less Hollywood. She believes that she is showing the country the kind of person she is by doing her time. Paris, if you want to show me what kind of person you are….act somewhat normal like your sister instead of acting like a lazy, stuck-up, half-witted, racial B**** like your mom.

    Paris, you are an idiot and it doesn’t matter how much time you spend in jail, that will NOT change. Do something with your life besides getting drunk and trying to steal the spotlight from real celebrities. Do something to help others that doesn’t involve you barking an order at a servant or writing a check. Do some actual work. It’s okay to start small, like buying your skeletor-looking friend Nicole a meal.

  18. pnp2k…C3765DC38D406E

    This is sooo funny, regarding Paris.

  19. jbird

    To all you haters: Keep in mind Ms. Hilton is EXACTLY what American society made her. Soem say she thinks she’s better than everyone. Well she IS by U.S. standards. Face it, over here rich+pretty+blonde+famous= Royalty. No one says it, but actions speak louder than words — in U.S. anyone with this combination or most of the attributes is cow-towed to, swooned over and has their ass kissed on a daily basis. But let them utter it and they’re trash right? And to whomever made the crack about her flashing cooch, YOU as well as every other negative male and female that’s posted would give half an arm just to sniff that famous cooch. And you’d give the other half for just one lick. She knows this and was gracious enough to give us all what she knew we were dying for – just a glimpse. And THIS is how ungratful bee-otches like you pay her back.
    And to you whiners gong on about drunk drviing – not to be insensitive, but was it Paris that hit your firend or loved one? Didn’t think so, ZIP IT!!!
    Yes I think it was cruel wat that whore said in public about her. And NO I don’t think Paris should have to go to jail. And YES I think this country is full of hypocrites for building her up as someone special and above the pell only to tear her down when she becomes the person you ALL made her. And I realize she’s no child, but she is still an impressionable young girl. The humiliation of this event may have scarred her for life. But you haters and HYPOCRITES would love that wouldn’t you? KISS MY ARSE!!!

  20. “jbird”, in an exceedingly rare break from performing cunnilingus on all of the women on her tier, Paris called to ask, politely, if you would consider removing your rather large head from her “arse”. I believe that’s what she said, though it’s hard to be certain, with the swollen tongue and all, …

    Oh, and if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, Paris plans to visit the local pub immediately upon her release, and then go for a nice long drive around LA, and she would very much appreciate it if you would be so kind as to allow her inebriated, cum-guzzling, narcissistic cooch to run your dentist-hating, melanin-deficient British ass over, fucktard.

  21. Simon

    Now she’s had her shrink visit her in jail !!! You Yanks are hilarious ! The poor poppet doesn’t even have the internal reserves to weather a 23 day stay in relatively humane prison. Christ on a bike !!!This may be a turning point for our Paris.
    What I can’t understand is … she’s ugly, and I wouldn’t touch her even if I had gum boots on my hands. No talent, no breeding, delusions of attractiveness, shocking clothes sense, inbred eyes, wierd lips, ugly personality, no education, can’t spell, rich trailer park trash parents … the list goes on !

  22. Princess Grace

    JBird, I guess one hypocrite would recognise another, so you would know one when you see one.

    Considering you come from a country that spends an awful lot of time worshiping at the alter of Jade, Jordan, Chandelle, Jodie Marsh, and in the old days Gail Porter, Melinda Messenger, and Samantha Fox and any other silly bird that got her tits out. I guess, you as a Brit would be able to recognise the decline of American Society, better then anyone as we are just catching up with yours in worshipping talentless slags. I would estimate that America is only ten years behind yours.

    Please pray tell, which British royal family member you could be referring to that embodies the traits that your formula list? Prince Edward? He is blondish, but not pretty. It can’t be any random Toff, because everyone knows that the women have faces and teeth that tend to resemble a horse. The men are chinless, Tim nice but dim types after years of inbreeding. So, who could you possible mean as an example of your formula: rich+pretty+blonde+famous= Royal?

    I know it has to be the classiest Royal of all, Prince Charles!!!! He once said, that a 1000 years of breeding made him the man that he is. So, it was breeding that made him want to ‘BE’ a tampon so he could spend all day up Camilla’s cunt. You said it, “actions speak louder than words” and I guess the British royal family are EXACTLY what British Society made them to be. Classy!

    Since the English love to drop there trousers when ever they get pissed, I have probably seen your nasty arse and I will refrain from kissing it.

    P.S. Your arse should not really have all those nasty spots all over them.

  23. NicotineEyePatch

    And then she got “pwned” by Conan O’Brien, who said “So Paris Hilton is in jail…” and the audience ERUPTED in applause. Unprompted, gleeful applause. Kind of what happens in Hollywood when you very publicly fuck up.

  24. sarah "dumbass" silverman

    Dear sarah silverMAN, were u joking? omG, it ain’t funny at all bitch!!! so creepy, and top of all, ur face is so irritating, you’re such a drag queen, fucking loser!!!

  25. kamiki

    @322 you cannot be fucking serious the likes or Jordan and Jodie Marsh/Beckham are reviled here. Get your facts straight before you spout BS!!
    What you said is like saying all American love Parisite which this site (and Hollywoods response) prove you hate her as much as we hate our filthy whoreish trash. Although Jordan while revolting is actually not a whore just a stupid bitch with fake tits making a lot of money from them.

  26. J Man

    Its very easy to rip on people like that,it shows no class.I love you Paris.

  27. squid

    God DAMN, people…lighten up! This was the best thing to happen to Paris since the erection of the Eiffel Tower!!
    Sarah Silverman is my hero.

  28. frankie


  29. Princess Grace

    My facts are straight you silly bitch. I suggest you read my post again.

    I make no such reference, that implies “that all American love Parisite”

    My point is that it is rich for a Brit to condescend to America for having the misfortune of having hideous Hilton hail from their shores. Considering that the British have their own gaggle of attention seeking slags that are shoved down your throat in various mediums, i.e. magazines, books, newspapers, telly shows, and the news. An attention whore is an attention whore and both countries have them.

    Mooting the point that was made by someone else, that only in Britain will one find “over here rich+pretty+blonde+famous=Royalty.” When we both know, no such person exists in the country.

    I will concur in regards to Jordan, but what is the difference if one shows her tits to make money whilst the other shows her cunt? Both are bimbos and both are exhibitionist.

  30. moi

    i despise paris hilton and am glad shes going to jail, but i cant help feeling a bit sorry for her. thats pretty sad, to have the whole audience laughing at you AND the cameras zooming in as you try not to cry.

  31. mj

    it was funny. period.

  32. jbird

    #322 Let me be clearer: By stating “over here” I was not referring to Britain; as it happens I have been studying OVER HERE in the U.S. for the past few years. So the formula I provided was meant to imply that that is the USA’s idea of what American royalty should be. Deny it all you want, the whole world knows it’s true.
    Another fact that the world knows to be true is how hypocritical you are all being in calling Paris a racist for doing what you all do – smile in the faces of blacks, pretend you are their friends, then call them “n***er” the second they walk off. I’ve seen countless groups of girls do this. “Oooooo I like your braids, may I touch them? How long did it take? Blah-Blah-Blah.” And as soon as she’s out of earshot one of the girls in the group will certainly call her the N-WORD. I have been to many places in this country, north and south, and the only difference is that the southerners KNOW they are bigots. The northerners think they are not (even though they do this hypocritcal thing as well), but think the only true racists left in this country are the southerners. OH…and they do the same to Latinas. I’d never heard the word “wet-back” till I came here. Still don’t know what it means but I know it’s what you call a Hispanic girl…as soon as SHE’S out of earshot. But PARIS is a racist because she did it. HA! You yanks are so FULL of yourselves. Yes the word I used was HYPOCRITS! No wonder the rest of the world and your own minorities can’t stand you!

    Number 320 – BITE ME!!!

  33. Jade

    Omg she totally deserved it. She drove drunk and could of killed people and everyone feels sorry for her?

    I think it was really funny. Very mild to what she is going to be around in prison.

  34. John

    People defending Paris because you think her ‘feelings’ got hurt:

    There are people out here (I am one of them) whose relative or loved one died due to a drunk driver.

    People make mistakes, I am no better than any one of you. But when someone gets drunk, high, and does coke regularly, and risks other peoples lives by getting behind a wheel, I don’t feel too bad when that person gets a public thrashing.

    It’s pretty remarkable what a pretty face and celebrity status can do to sway you people’s opinions.

  35. je

    ok..i don’t like paris…but that was mean!!!when a “joke” makes someone cry…even if that someone is paris IS MEAN!!!and u guys enjoy watching ppl in pain…freaky

  36. Sugar

    I would have commended her for doing it to her face, and not to an audience as if she weren’t there. Painting the bars to look like penises has got to be the most unimaginative prison joke in the world. Not funny.

  37. Bwargh

    All you folks defending paris hilton are fucking douche bags. end.

  38. i felt bad for her. i did not think that sarah was even funny. she actually made it on maxims sexy 100 or watever it is called.


    it think that sarah is a bitch p.s sarah is not funny at all!!!! o.k

  40. vix

    Sarah isn’t exactly a great host but she definitely put Paris in her right place. Although she could have done it in a slightly less in-your-face manner. Paris is still human after all.

  41. MikeInSanJose

    Wow! Sux to be coddled, pampered, and bailed out for your entire life and then suddenly meet the life at 20-something that you should have met at 6.

  42. xox

    I agree with 31.

    “I am by no means a supporter of Paris Hilton and her crazy antics but what Sarah Silverman did was not only below the belt but the fact that she relished in someone else’s pain, no matter who she is, is disgusting. It wasn’t funny. It wasn’t witty or intelligent. Making a fool of someone in front of millions, while they’re sitting there, incapable of fighting back with a camera in her face, is cruel. She’s like this big ugly childish bully. And as for the person who said Paris should get raped??? You’re a sick, sick person and you shouldn’t wish that upon your worst enemy, let alone someone you probably don’t even know.”

  43. bLaK

    This is totally off topic, but some of you guys REALLY need to learn how to spell; or at least spell check. Especially 22, you spell like a retarded monkey on heroine. Do yourself a favor and get some Hooked On Phonics. Jeez…

  44. Pixel

    Personally, I think Sarah overdid it a bit. She could’ve done it in a less offensive way. The point is to get the message across to Paris and not make her the laughingstock of the whole world.
    As for Paris, I think she really needs to know that been a celebrity means nothing unless she shows dignity and respect for her own life. People don’t just judge a person by his/her look, they also judge a person by his/her action!
    My 2 cents.

  45. lemongirl

    Wow, I feel so torn: on one hand it’s nice to see princess Paris put in her place with the penis pun (wow, that was poetic), but I also thought Sarah went a little far. Using an awards show to publicly humiliate someone is not that cool.
    Ugh, I am sooo damn torn!

  46. blueyes

    it was a low low blow. not to mention way too easy and predictable. silverman aught to be ashamed of herself, and should have been confident enough hosting- without making fun of someone for a laugh. She’s an ignorant ugly looney toon bitch.

  47. Ronda

    I totally love how the audience cheered in the beginning.

    Paris deserves no less. All of you who think this is low… STFU. It’s nothing compared to what Paris does.

  48. Ronda

    Oh, and to all you fucking idiots who think one can run innocent people down only when they are drunk… Get a fucking life. You can drive sober and kill innocent people. The chances of you driving drunk and killing innocent people, and the chances of you driving a long time and feeling drowsy and killing people is just the same. Chances are probably a lot more when you are sleepy.

    So STFU about drinking and driving already. Innocent until proven guilty, remember?

  49. Simon

    #343, if you’re a girl, I want you to have my baby. If you’re a bloke, well, ummm, well done pal. #348 – Ronda – you are an idiot, did you even go to school ? It’s difficult to test someone for sleepiness, just like it’s difficult to test that someone behind the wheel is a complete moron, not looking at anyone in particular … The “guilt” in a drink driving offence is not demonstrated by whether you actually kill someone, it’s demonstrated by putting yourself in a position where the odds of you killing someone are dramatically increased … like being drunk.
    I hope Big Bertha frightens our Paris away from the exercise yard so her muscles atrophy and she freezes into that stupid pouting position forever

  50. paris lover

    Sarah silverman sucks. She’s a fucking bitch. She’s just jealous that nobody wants to fuck her as much as they want Paris. Awww pathetic. Why resort to media to humiliate when in reality, the facts are like totally opposite. Fuck off sarah. Go suck your grandfather’s dick.

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