Paris Hilton gets pwned by Sarah Silverman

June 4th, 2007 // 380 Comments


  1. not mean, just real

    Isn’t it funny seeing all the bored housewives and 12 year old Paris Hilton fans coming on saying they “don’t usually stick up for Paris but actually feel sorry for her this time” Yeah right.

    The look on her face was priceless. I especially liked the attempt to smile near the end.

  2. dara

    I find it rather sad to that people waste their time getting their kicks seeing some girl that they don’t know verbally abused.

  3. bedbugsandballyhoo

    I hope you guys are getting paid double (although you deserve triple) for running the front desk at Hampton Inn and trolling these sights to defend the boss’ wayward daughter.


    not really that funny. i mean i dont like paris but um….

    “gonna paint the bars like penises”?

    um couldn’t do any better than that????

  5. princess toadstool

    It was really mean, but Paris deserved it. It’s about time she learns what everyone really thinks about her and stops parading around like an angel princess, holding her stupid Bibles and crying about going to jail. We all felt it, Sarah Silverman had the balls to actually say it.

  6. Cocoa

    Paris is rat faced, superficial, self indulged skank and she deserves what was coming to her. But the jokes that were made on the MTV movie awards were just WRONG and shouldn’t have been made in her presence. The fact that the no talent little rich bitch is going to jail is bad enough- how is that not enough to make people smile inside? The jokes… unnecessary

  7. ...

    You people sticking up for her are so fucking retarded.

    eg: “The fact that the no talent little rich bitch is going to jail is bad enough- how is that not enough to make people smile inside? The jokes… unnecessary”


    because she is getting special treatment and will be getting book deals etc and making money from the whole event. It’s not punishment, in a way she’s actually gaining something. She’s going to be yet again making money from doing nothing, or from doing stupid things, and she is being talked about even more than usual.

    We just want her to f*** off and do something decent for once in her life.

  8. SpartanBitch

    fuck you sarah silverman. paris, good luck with your time in jail, cant wait to see you (in the tabloids) when you’re out.

  9. HoLy

    204 et 210

    She’s going to pay for her crime while remaining in prison lasting 23 days. Is it too much required to respect her! It is so ridiculous and disrespectful to make fun of her like that during those hard moments! She’s in jail, now leave her alone! It is so much humiliating for her…in front of everyone… she was going to cry…that was to much!

    * Sorry for all the mistakes that I can do in english… i’m not an english-speaking! :P I use to speak french!

  10. “The jokes … unnecessary”, but satisfying nonetheless.

    Schadenfreude is a natural response to a clever and humiliating attack on such a loathesome bitch. So, all you etiquitte Nazis, relax, and let yourselves enjoy it. Or, failing that, keep complaining, and allow others to enjoy your misery as well, …

  11. HattyBoomBaLatty

    Oh. My. GOD. This has gotten just as bad as when that idiot ANS croaked. So many people thought that she had redeemed herself just by dropping dead… it was bizarre. She was a piece of shit when she was alive and then when she wasn’t, she was still a piece of shit only she was a DEAD piece of shit. Paris Hilton is a piece of shit, too. I like it when bad things happen to BAD PEOPLE- it restores my faith in the Universe and The Grand Scheme Of Things. Paris going to jail lets me know that there IS a God, and He DOES love us. That shit with Paris is PROOF of God’s love for mankind… well, that and beer. Beer is good.

    Anyhoo, in conclusion I would like to say fuck a bunch of Paris Hilton. She is a douchebag and anyone who says differently is also a douchebag. I’m sorry, but that’s a scientific-fucking FACT. You can’t argue with science, people! Because… I mean… it’s science, you know? Duh. Also, Sarah Silverman kind of annoys me but I don’t knw why. She’s funny,I guess, and smart enough, but there’s SOMETHING about her that sets my teeth on edge. I would totally buy her a beer for that thing she pulled, though, even without being a fan. Paris Hilton is bad. Period. She is a BAD PERSON. Why ANYONE would take up for her or look up to her is beyond me- it does not compute. DAMN.

  12. hannah.

    well, i don’t like paris or anything, but i don’t really think anyone deserves that disrespect. it was slightly rude, but it’s comedy. it’s just my opinion on this issue here.

  13. terry

    The people that defend paris act like her shit don’t stink, if she would have killed someone while driving she would still try to act like the victim…it’s funny cause if any of you would bump into her she wouldn’t even acknowledge your existance, she seriously feels like she’s above everyone, yes even you.

  14. Demelza

    Kennedy, only after WEEKS of posing with Bibles and white dresses to try to convince us that she’s an angel in disguise, and having her attorneys tell her that there’s zero chance of getting rid of her sentence.

    Tell me, why do all these people defend Penis Hilton for DRIVING DRUNK? She could have easily killed someone, and what’s more she wouldn’t have bothered to go back and call an ambulance — she would have just careened away. Her past record shows this. Remember when she totalled someone’s car and just drove off?

    So I don’t really care that she was humiliated, because she’s done worse things every day than Sarah just did. Including mocking her ex-friends to cameras… and making racist rants… selling a sex tape and blamin it on someone else… so who the hell cares that someone said in public that she’s a whore and she’s going to jail?

    She’s a nasty, cruel, bigoted, sociopathic person who doesn’t deserve pity. The tables got turned on her, and it’s her own fault. I don’t pity her just because she finally found out that she’s a pathetic joke.

    Oh, and don’t blame Sarah just because it was what everyone wanted to see. If everyone applauded, then it means they thought it was funny and appropriate. Good thing Penis was there to see it, and couldn’t just brush it off as a jealous rumor.

  15. teetee

    You rock!

  16. no no no

    Since when were jokes like this “too much” ?
    You weak asses really need help if you can’t handle that.

    You are even cheeky enough to mention the word RESPECT. I guess you haven’t saw all the videos of Paris being very respectful towards others. N***** anyone? Firecrotch anyone?
    Saw ANY of the Simple Life and how she treats people?! Or do you just like the sound of your own.. typing..

  17. 4 WORDZ:

  18. Bob

    That was awesome!

  19. person

    Whether you approved of this attack on Paris or not – the Jew-related comments are fucking ignorant and racist. Come. On.

  20. Lily

    Stupid society… in which individuals like Paris Hilton are actually considered “celebrities”. Being completely talentless and utterly stupid sure pays off these days (further examples, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and the list goes on).
    Do any of you mentally challenged Paris supporters actually understand how serious it is to drink and drive? Yes, you can actually hurt or kill someone “like, for real”!
    Why should a trash like Paris be respected if she doesn’t reciprocate by means of respecting anyone else?
    So a little bit of humour hasn’t killed anyone yet. And the anti-jew comments previously mentioned? Indeed, severely mentally challenged individuals.

  21. Cara

    I find sarah silverman as unfunny as an episode of tool time. She, to me, is tim allen in a dress. But I hate Paris as well. I hope she has fun for those 23 hours a day… alone. in jail.

  22. hungmaster

    Ahhh yes, ripping into paris is not good enough though sarah should of tore paris a new asshole with her fist!!

  23. ParasiteHater

    Who in the fuck are all these pathetic fucktards who are defending the poor innocent Parasite? Give me a fucking break…she’s a bigot, racist, elitist who has no talent and is finally getting a small part of what she deserves.

    Good for Sarah Silverman for calling her out. And you fucking retards, watch the video again, Sarah comments that Parasite is going to jail, and the rest of the audience goes nuts cheering. Yep,Parasite, you’re a pathetic joke and a waste of space. You’re a stupid, no-talent skanky, disease-ridden whore. She deserves whatever bad things happen to her. Karma is a bitch.

    And all you pathetic Parasite fans can go fuck yourself and go to hell.

  24. Italian Stallion

    Who cares what happened to Paris Hilton? What happened to this site?

  25. thephantomlady©(TM)

    Paris is a complete idiot. She doesn’t contribute a damn thing to our society except for being stupid. So I truly cannot stand her. I still don’t agree that her sentence was cut in half, she should have had to do double time. Celebrity Special Treatment…what a crock of shite…
    Sarah Silverman should have made a crack about that. Or about how someone is going to make Paris their bitch when she is in jail.

  26. thephantomlady©(TM)

    Now all we need is for LoHAG, Bitchie, and that other stupid moronic bitch socialite Bijizz Phillips to all go to prison and get their asses kicked. Maybe it might knock some sense into their airheads…

  27. jaidee

    it’s not here a nymore! i check all over the internet. where can i find it

  28. tammy

    ahaha i love paris so fuck you all
    shes a strong girl and will come out of prison even stronger.your all just a bunch of haters.

  29. mabbo

    I hope all the 15 year old Paris supporters (who try to convince us that they don’t normally like her, *wink wink*) get thrown in jail with their precious idol and get gang banged by big Bertha and her gang of power-Dykes. Why is Paris idolized exactly? Can any of you PH fans explain what it is about her you like so much. And we all know you little trailer park sluts dress just like her. Come on, admit it. How many of you, Jessica, Dara et al., have bleached out hair, too much make up on, and carry around a tiny doggie in your purse? I see these types all over. It is painfully obvious to those with IQ’s over 10 that Paris is quite detested in Hollywood as much as she is in the real world. Have any of her movies (save her successful porno) made money? No. Did her CD sell? No. Does anyone actually watch her tv show? Not really. Yet you all idolize her. Very puzzling. Now to address this “Paris is taking responsiblity for what she did” bullshit. I assume you mean AFTER she publically whined about how she didn’t deserve jail time; how about her petition to the governor, who is busy trying to more important things like save the planet from global warming, to pardon her. It’s a puzzle as to what you little tweens see in Lohan and Hilton. Perhaps all of you have mothers like Dina Lohan and Kathy Hilton too…which explains a lot.

  30. went to school with Bertha

    Never mind Lohan et all.
    They should put Avril Lavigne in (maybe for her bad music, assaulting and raping a whole generation’s ears, not to mention fraud) and then they could do the whole gang thing “go knife one of your own” and Paris would need to knife Avril, except Avril would already be dead, from the shock of the whole thing. Paris is tougher than Avril, we would probably see 10x more grovelling and shitting pants if Avril had to go in. Funny stuff.

  31. Flavio

    Sarah Silverman is ridiculously hot. She’s in this month’s Maxim, she’s sticking her underwear-clad ass out while removing a gorilla costume, its pretty sexy. I think she’s funny when she does skits with plots, her standup is usually a bit lacking.

  32. Avery

    Paris Hilton is not a dude. Sarah Silverman is a dude. A revolting dude. Okay, screw it, Sarah Silverman is the number-one most hideous, unfunny, pathetic, embarassingly untalented, should-be-buried-alive dude I’ve ever come across. She repulses me even more than Courtney Love does, and that’s saying a lot. And I’m not saying any of this because I’m mad about her Paris routine. She only picked on Paris because she HAS NO FREAKING MATERIAL!!!! What a cheap shot from a cheap whore. Seriously.

  33. Simon

    A link to this site was included in an online newsletter article on Paris here Downunder, so you might get a few of us Aussies having a look today …
    Anyway, I have a few things to say. Firstly, what does “pwned” mean – is it another word you Septics made up. I actually can’t understand a fair bit of what’s written in the posts here and there is some evidence that I am of above average intelligence.
    But I don’t want to diss you all (see – I’m picking up the lingo !). In fact, I think I quite like a lot of you. I’ve never heard of Sarah whats-her-name and the one minute clip I saw didn’t look particularly funny but boy am I glad she did it.
    I LOATHE Paris Hilton in a way that I can’t quite describe. Everythign about her – those stupid lips, the incontinence episode in the back of a Honolulu cab, her greasy friends, her inability to spell, her lack of talent, her mother, her father, her dress sense, her lack of class, her willingness to appear in a porn video …
    So I’m quite glad she’s in the slammer and I hope something terrible happens to her in there

  34. Drunkman

    Seeing Paris Hilton humiliated on national television was priceless. I could (I will)watch it again and again. For a second I almost pitied her…then I remembered she would have had no problem laughing had those jokes been at someone elses expense.

    Silverman really wasn’t funny though. What she said was tantamount to calling Paris a slut…just in an extremely unfunny way. She could have simply said “…so paris is going to jail…” (wait for cheers to die down). “She’s a whore who likes penises!!!”

  35. RichPort

    The fact that I am comment #285 in this thread is proof positive that Petri Dish Paris should have received a punishment of death by firing squad. Of course the firing squad should be 150 masturbating undersexed donkey-dicked dudes with celery, melon, and Cialis addictions spewing viscous vitriol on her face until she looks like a melting wax figure, but at least she’d drown happy.

  36. Dulcis-Pessimus

    To all you Hilton sycophants: Will you please stop deferring to Hilton as being beautiful. She is not beautiful or even remotely pretty. With her nose, she looks exactly like Squidward Tentacles from Sponge Bob Square Pants.

    Tammy, You are right I hate Hilton. I hate her because she is a silly, manipulative, vacuous, vulgar bimbo. She is one the biggest waste of space that has ever been spawned. Furthermore, she is an embarrassment to her gender.

    As for you other Hilton sycophants, who say we don’t know her. You are right we don’t know her, but after years of having her unnecessary shoved down are throats repeatedly, we have formed a view against her. Clearly, the Hilton critics on this site have something you lack, an advanced intellect.

    The Hilton critics on this site have an intellectual capacity that enables them to pass a judgement against her through the many revealing statements ( See posts 89, 158, 264, who all pointed out what a few of them are. ) that she has repeatedly made and the frequently vulgar behaviour that has been much publicized and engineered by Hilton herself. You see, our intellect allows us to recognise the behavioural patterns (As stated by posts 71, 74, 79, 266, 261 and many more.) of a truly despicable and hideous person.

    George, you are right we can’t fill her shoes. Have you ever seen her fucking feet? They’re fucking huge! She has Clown feet. Even nature recognised that she was meant to be a joke and blessed her with huge clown feet to make it possible for her to full fill her destiny.

    Nate, you are talking to people who have never finished high school or have yet to graduate and have no idea what the letters M.A. stand for. They probably think it is a abbreviation for More Accessories.

    Olga, Yes, I am better then Hilton and I can’t even bother to list the obvious reasons why that would be.

  37. duster200

    So it’s still acceptable to make fun of a woman for enjoying sex?
    I thought we’d progressed beyond that kind of crap. Sara Silverman should be ashamed of herself.

  38. NicotineEyePatch

    If anyone actually made it through Paris’ ‘porn’ tape without trying to score their own genitals with a paring knife, they’d see that Paris clearly does not enjoy sex, nor is she any good at it.

  39. Camille Paglia

    No. 288- Replace the word ‘enjoying sex’ with exhibitionist sex or even profit sex. It is offensive to associate Hilton’s unprincipled life with the sexual revolution. Her use of sex has nothing to do with female pleasure, and more to do with manipulation and cash.

  40. ThatIsGay

    I agree with 283

    She had no material. Thats why she went on celebs. But then, (surprize) the celebs she was picking on were in the audience.

    Fucking stupid jealous cunt! < and for once im not talking about Paris.

  41. A. Dolph

    Sarah Silverman is an unfunny, ugly, hairy, giant-nostril skank who will fuck anybody to get ahead (and desperate enough to want to splooge on her ugly face). Fire up the ovens, we got one more to cook!

  42. ceracyst

    The really great thing about this is people saying that Silverman stands the chance of having a lawsuit thrust upon her.

    News Flash:
    Silverman DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT. I’m sure if she thought it would be below the belt she would have used her better judgement and probably still have done it anyway. If you have ever paid any attention to her then you would have figured out that is just the kind of person she is.

    Paris has all of this coming to her. She seriously brought all of this upon herself. All the bad publicity, all the total internationally televised pwnage. She’s tarnished her own image, and a cruel beast called “exploitation” has reared it’s ugly head at her to throw salt in the open wound.

    Sympathizing for this idiot doesn’t exactly make you look any better either.

    That’s my two sense. (Yes, sense.)

  43. Top Ten Ghey Things To Say

    …and coming in at #1:

    News Flash

  44. I just gained huge respect for Sarah Silverman.

  45. BigusDickus

    HA maybe the quickie Roast made Paris turn herself in early.

    But I still think she’s hidden in some super suite at a hilton hotel.

    She’s one of the few whores I wouldn’t fuck.

  46. Die Paris Die

    #91 Sheva or whatever your name is, I can’t belive that people without grey brain matter like you still exist but clearly they do that’s why we have people like you and Paris Hilton who I hope gets gang banged in jail. Maybe she can leak that tape onto the internet also for more publicity.
    And for all you Paris supporters…. Huh??!!! That is exactly why we have a president like Bush. There are so many stupid Americans.

  47. BayBeE GuRL

    I’m not the biggest fan of Paris Hilton. I mean, come on. But for some of you to say, ‘I hope she gets raped’ I think that is fucking disgusting. Rape is one of the most horrific things to happen to anyone in this world. I would not wish that on my worst enemy. What a horrible thing to say. It just shows what this world is coming to.

  48. JohnJohn

    #298. Possibly the most meaningful and most sensible comment on this page!

  49. monica

    no. 97 –
    the words of a jealous woman.

    i love it.

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