Paris Hilton gets pwned by Sarah Silverman

June 4th, 2007 // 380 Comments


  1. Snake

    Whatever she has done, but this is a rude thing to do to her. Many people might not like her, others envy her fortune, but go back to the principles and values.

    By the Justice System, she deserves some respect for not trying to buy her way out, at least she could have bought a paid jail. At this point she’s scared as hell and being humiliated at the event in such a way was rude and inhumane. Put yourself on her shoes before writing stupidities and hate loaded comments.

    Finally, she’s getting 21 days of time to think alone without all the media bugging her, and she can turn this into a positive experience to shut us everybody off.

    Hey, I am sure she will make millions of just selling the rights to tell her experience. Believe it or not, but that’s how it works.
    On this 21 day experience she’ll make more money than many of us in our lifetime, so let her be.

  2. whitewidow

    I grew up in a place filled with bitches like Paris, and let me tell you they almost never learn! They think everyone wants to see their tits and cooch, if someone calls them out on their slutty ways, they are prudes and jealous. These bitches need to be told how much they are hated, because they get worse, and worse, bitches like Paris need to be humiliated.

  3. Franklin

    Sarah Silverman was hosting, she’s a comedian, she made a joke, people laughed. How can anyone try and fault Sarah for doing her job and entertaining not only the majority of those in the audience, but millions at home.

    If Paris didn’t want people calling her a spoiled slut, it would help her cause not being a spoiled slut.

  4. El Rafa

    I am one of the minority who loves Sarah Silverman’s dry comedy, and thought it was really, really tame. We’ve probably said worse to our friends knowing it was in jest.

  5. The Superfish guy is on coke

    You people defending Paris. ( I never thought I would run into that at this site ) are overreacting. “You don’t make fun of another person’s misery, thats just cruel”. She’s going to jail for 26 DAYS!!!! Not for years, not for months, DAYS!!!! So get over this “funning another person’s misery”. Its not like they are cracking cancer jokes when she has terminal cancer. If anybody deserves to be publically humiliated its her. Its actually the least we can do seeing that she’s already getting special treatment without stepping foot in the jail. Time off for good behavior? “Normal” people have to be in jail before we receive that and she has it already. Fuckin’ bullshit!

  6. vbgcgirl

    Wow, you people are smug a-holes. I love this site but some of you who comment are so ugly inside.

    You must be miserable people. Misery loves company – insecure morons who revel in other people’s misery b/c they have to much angry and resentment at those more fortunate. Yeah, celeb stuff is funny because most of them live in a fantasy world, but why are some of you so nasty about it?

    Who the hell cares what Paris’ has done – most of you have probably done the same! Why are you so quick to judge – and WHY do you sit behind your screen and make obnoxious comments about being HAPPY about it?

    And don’t tell me not one of you ever drove after drinking, or got into a car with someone you knew had a few drinks. Yeah OKAYYYY.

  7. Norm

    That is awesome, Sarah Silverman is my hero!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU SARAH!

  8. Common Sense

    If I was worth several million, I think I’d hire a driver. Especially after my license was suspended.

  9. sarah silverman needs to shut her nasty jewish trap…u never know whats gonna come out of her mouth, she’s needs to be stoned…

  10. Luv2watch2

    If Paris had half a brain she should have laughed along with everyone; whether she found it funny or not. But we’re talking Paris and she doesn’t have 1/2 a brain

  11. eastbound and down

    What’s sad is that it shows that Paris will not stay out of the public eye no matter what. She’s a complete dumbass for even showing up at the MTV awards. So she deserves it.

  12. Katie

    Jack Nicholson’s reaction was the best part of it for me…I mean, he didn’t hide his amusement at all, and he’s so crazy-looking to begin with…I loved it.

  13. HoboChic

    what the hell happened to the posters on this site? when did the superficial become populated with humorless people who sympathize with spoiled rich kids who are famous precisely because they get the kind of attention that Silverman dished out? it’s like a bunch of 15-year-old girls have taken over the superficial.
    and if paris were any kind of mensch, she would have laughed riotously at herself and felt bad in private…

  14. Morticia

    #106…SHADDUP ALREADY! Jesus.

  15. shanipie

    OMGOMG I love sarah Silverman Again. Holy crap!

    hahahahahahahahaha, Yes! yes yes yes and she was right fucking there too! Soooo good, better than sex. no question, Hands down, better than fucking sex.

  16. Lowlands

    I don’t see this as pwnd.It’s to easy to take turns in this way publicly on Paris.Sarah Silvermann and the rest of those hypocrites should take a good look at their self.Are they mother’s dearest and haven’t done anything wrong ever in their lives?In my eyes the big loosers are this Silvermanbitch and the rest of this MTV-audience.

  17. Jimmy Kimmel

    Sadly, none of Sarah’s jokes made her any less hairy.

  18. Lowlands

    Haven’t you fixed the Typekey connection yet??I almost start to miss Typekey…

  19. Easily Bored

    I’m going to be cringing over that one all day. I hate me some Paris, but that was very uncomfy…in a funny way. Maybe if these people start getting shamed more, they’ll straighten up a little.

  20. Haha


  21. wooptiewoo

    man, I don’t know what you guys are talkin about…Sarah Silverman is fuckin hilarious. I have her standup “Jesus is Magic” and it never gets old. I didn’t watch the MTV Awards so I can’t comment on her hosting skills, but this roast she did on paris is typical of the jokes she does that are always close to crossing the line. i’m not surprised. and really, the audience cheering before she even made a joke is what did Paris in. that shit was great

  22. teetee


  23. Lowlands

    We all know now for some time already Paris got sentenced for jail,is this new??.Once the dog got knocked down good,you don’t kick it afterwards and certainly not publicly.Sarah Silvermann shows who she really is.

  24. Rosemary

    That was so wrong , I can’t stand that woman. I am kind of indifferent toward paris, well one day I like her, then I see something she does and the next I don’t. But I do feel really bad for her here. Why don’t people just let her do her time and leave her alone. I can’t stand people like sarah silverman who have no morals and will do anything to be noticed. Karma will come bite ya in the ass, don’t forget it.

  25. uhhhhh

    why are people turning on sarah silverman, saying she has no morals??? i’ve heard 300x worse from other people, be it on television, radio, or right here on this site. the fact that she can say it in front of paris hilton makes her a better person than all of us, if you ask me. and much, MUCH funnier

  26. uhhhhh

    why are people turning on sarah silverman, saying she has no morals??? its fuckin comedy, man, THIS IS WHAT THEY DO. i’ve heard 300x worse from other people, be it on television, radio, or right here on this site. the fact that she can say it in front of paris hilton makes her a better person than all of us, if you ask me. and much, MUCH funnier

  27. Kamiki

    I felt uncomfortable watching but shyt she deserves it and then some. So long SUCKA!

  28. Rosemary's Baby

    Rosemary, when you want to talk about someone with no morals who will do anything to be noticed, you can’t look much farther than Paris. Between all the sex tapes, wanton drug use (which she lovingly filmed for us), it’s amazing she can find the time to drink and drive!

    For the record, why do people like Paris? Is it the herpes, the racism, or the superiority complex?

  29. joanna

    what a shock; very tasteless comedy.

  30. Lowlands

    A big shame for Sarah Silvermann and her people for being sadistic!I hope Jaweh will take turns on them in the same way.

  31. The Critic

    If so many people found it funny, maybe it isn’t the comedy that’s tasteless. Just a thought.

  32. Jessica

    You know, at least Paris has admitted to her wrong doing. I don’t think that she needs some stupid Z-list woman no one’s ever heard of to make fun of her. She has been a strong person and has even said that she could have gone to a ‘pay jail’ but instead she wanted to be treated like everybody else and go to a county jail. I think that you all should just grow and learn to give people their dignity, even if you are not their biggest fans. I don’t hear anyone being so mean to people such as Lindsay Lohan who is a total mess, or Naomi Campbell for HITTING most of her staff. And Pete Doherty for that matter, who has been caught with drugs so many times and was even pictured injecting herion into an unconcious girl’s arm. I do respect you, because if you hate her, that’s fine, it’s your opinion and no one can take that from you. But to just totally take the piss out of someone you DON’T EVEN KNOW, I think that’s pretty pathetic.

  33. I didn’t want to watch that shitty show. But three things happened that made me glad I watched…
    The look on that cooze’s face, when that unfunny Sarah ripped into her ? Fucking PRICELESS!!
    The bitch looking like she was trying not to dry…Fuck her !
    Johnny Depp, sexy son of a beyach !
    Will Farrell and that Borat guy…
    But back to that ass crack Paris…
    I wish she, and her mother would run off a cliff, and get eaten by mudbugs, and dogs.

  34. I didn’t want to watch that shitty show. But three things happened that made me glad I watched…
    The look on that cooze’s face, when that unfunny Sarah ripped into her ? Fucking PRICELESS!!
    The bitch looking like she was trying not to dry…Fuck her !
    Johnny Depp, sexy son of a beyach !
    Will Farrell and that Borat guy…
    But back to that ass crack Paris…
    I wish she, and her mother would run off a cliff, and get eaten by mudbugs, and dogs.

  35. Sheva

    Bedbugs, it was a joke. The defenders of Paris are a riot. She would spit on them if she thought anything of them.

    The best part is the utter egotistical nature Paris always displays. When she gets hammered on the joke about hurting her teeth, the camera goes to her and you can see how upset she is but then she notices the camera and she goes into her self love mode.

    Karma is one helluva biyatch.

  36. Pariz deservez everything
    she getz..she putz herzelf
    out there , then we will
    rag on the bitch….

    I noticed Jack N. in
    the audiance..even he
    wouldn’t do her and
    hez az old az the hillz…
    love him , though…

  37. It was rude, it might´ve been funny if she wasn´t sitting there in the audience. Then it´s just rude and unnecesary.

    The good thing about this is that maybe this way Paris will finally go away, stay home and relax. She doesn´t need to be famous to be rich, she´s a freaking millionair already.

    All the fame she´s got is shameful, she´s practically a joke. And its all her fault.

    Go away Paris. Go away.

  38. The Sad Truth

    Those of you who attack Sarah Silvermans status are no better then Paris, but at least she can afford to be constantly fucked up so she doesn’t have to see the sad life she lives. The rest of you simply dream of a life like hers, full of drugs, orgies, and herpes.

  39. Sleazy

    Hahaha! I can’t believe how many people are offended by this.
    Paris is a spoiled, immoral girl who treats everyone like shit–including her ‘friends’ if it will get her in the spotlight. Sarah Silverman is totally great, and honestly as crude as her jokes can be, I’d rather my daughter look up to her than Paris Hilton hands down. At least she is famous as a comedian–not for being fucked on tape-great role model!

  40. wow

    the camara should have been on paris the whole time sarah was roasting her

  41. tatianalensky

    #129 oh fuck – no its not. For chrissake, the girl has some money. Small price to pay. Besides, she’ll be making more with this whole sorry tale.

  42. YouRang

    The more I think of it, this had to be a real Carrie covered in blood moment for Paris. How great is it that she would be in a room with a couple thousand people who laugh their asses off when they hear Paris Hilton is going to jail? Thank God she doesn’t possess telekinesis.

  43. Maggie

    sarah silverman is so funny, but i did feel slightly bad for paris. i mean, if everyone in the entire room was laughing at my expense, i’d feel pretty bad about it too. but she had to expect it before she went there. how could she not? she’s paris hilton. and she’s going to jail. why would jokes be made? hmmm. (<– sarcasm? yeah.)
    yay sarah.

  44. bedbugsandballyhoo

    Apology to Sheva…but if you have read some of these whiny, self-righteous, Parasite supporters posts, you see that some of them are saying these things in all seriousness. I find this unbelievable…But, I am beginning to think she has her PR team in overdrive to try to sway public opinion and gain sympathy. If you deleted all the PR posts, I wonder how many supporters would be left. My guess is only a hand full.

  45. mary jane

    wowww. i dont like paris, and i dont hate her but that was SOOO fucked up….she didnt deserve the whole room to cheer. i dont care what no one says, no one deserves that.

  46. blue_star

    ROFL! I can’t believe she did that to her face. I don’t think Kathy Griffin even does that.

    And #34… no we don’t all have sex tapes because there’s such a thing as having enough common sense to NOT do things on camera that you don’t want everybody to see. And we’re not all cokeheads either.

  47. betty

    that was totally!was I laughing in total amusement..poor skank going to jail for being a moron..Sarah Silverman u rock girl!!Eva Mendez and Jack Nicholson Laughing? man that was GOLD!!!bout time someone say it right to her face!! remember kimberly stewart? motorbike ran afoul right in front of the paparazzi..hilarious and sooo funny..come to think of it IT MADE my DAY!!

  48. Dev

    Neither Paris nor Sarah matter at all in the world. It’s one blank face making fun of another.

    Cheers for misery. Like anyone else who breaks the law, you get punished for getting caught. Suck it up.

  49. nicole

    Someone said that we’re just jealous of Paris. I can’t speak for you, but I can speak for myself, and I would choose to be me over her anyday. Money is not everything.

    I’d rather have self respect, which is something she clearly doesn’t have. She made a sex tape that she profited from, and any of you that thinks that was “leaked” or an “accident” must be unaware of the fact that she bragged about how much money she made from it.

    I don’t know about you, but if someone leaked a video of me giving head, I’d be furious and someone would be in jail. My self respect has no price tag.

    Not to mention that she’s gotten a DUI and her license was suspended, yet she continued to drive anyway. Uh hello? Hire a driver! I don’t get it! Will it take her killing someone before she actually feels sorry for her actions?

    And let’s not forget her racist rants she’s made on video numerous times.

    It’s just sad that there are parents out there that actually think she’s a good role model for their kids. If they do truly think that, then those kids have no chance. What happened to the days of self respect and just being a girl? Now you have to be a whore before you can get noticed?

    If she thinks it’s ok to market herself as a careless dimwitted slut, then she shouldn’t get mad when someone calls her out on it.

  50. Paulo

    So disgusting. So American.

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