Paris Hilton gets pwned by Sarah Silverman

June 4th, 2007 // 380 Comments


  1. Sheva

    Didn’t find Silverman’s material too good but initially all she does is announce Paris is going to jail. It’s the audience that makes it what it is. And why is Paris at the MTV awards? Did someone confuse it with the porno awards?

  2. Hecubus

    I’d give my right arm to fuck Sarah Silverman. I’d lose my right arm if I ever fingered Paris Hilton. I know who’s side I’m on.

  3. She is so going to get laid every day in there. Fuck this was funny.

  4. #22 is the best post ever.

  5. Stickman

    What’s happened on here? Where did all the cry-baby wallflowers suddenly appear from? Paris deserves everything she gets and then some more. Shut your whiney yaps. See if you say the same when she runs over you when she’s off her tits.

    And, rape? It’s the only way she’ll learn.

  6. jenster

    #29? you took the words right out of my mouth.

  7. Jimmy Kimmel

    Silverman is a 2nd rate, limp, slutty comedianne who’s jokes are rarely funny. In fact, the only thing that made this joke even part funny was Parasite being in the audience. Otherwise; YAWN!

  8. ctti

    Sweet! And all those who say that Sarah Silverman was being mean, we are being mean…WHATEVER. For all the whining Paris has been doing about going to jail & the reduced sentence & specially made comforts, this is really a small price to pay.

    Loved the look on her ho face!

  9. Jan

    Jack might be looking smug now, but he got his that night too from Silverman. Drunk bastard.

    And just because you don’t wear underwear, doesn’t make you a slut.

  10. Biff Tiberius Farnsworth

    Reminded me of the Spongebob where he tells squirrel jokes with Sandy the squirrel in the audience. No legal probs for Sarah ripping off Spongebob though. Viacom’s one big happy family.

  11. NicotineEyePatch

    It’s comical how many posters here turn on a dime “I’m not a fan of Paris BUT…”. Sarah Silverman didn’t call her ‘broke, ugly and poor’ or a ‘fat Jewish bitch’ or a ‘whore’ so she STILL held back from dishing out exactly what Paris has asked for in terms of a good old-fashioned verbal beat-down.

    And #28, Kennedy, yeah, that’s right, we’re all jealous of Paris Hilton because we’re “only worth 50K (if that)”, hahaha. Join the ranks of the other confused ninnies here who’ve followed celebrity links in their unquenchable thirst for gossip, and ended up on a celebrity hate site claiming to not know why everyone hates all these totally awesome famous people who are so rich and so pretty.

  12. Day one – I got to my cell. it sucked. my gaurd is hot. He watched me pee. that was hot. My cell mate is bertha. She wants to toss my salad. I said sure, at lunch. I sat in my cell and read my Dr Seuss books. they sure are hard.

  13. stalin

    I can’t stand Sarah Silverman but at least SHE NOT A CONVICTED FUCKING DRUNK DRIVER!! You people defending and feeling sorry for Parisite are LOOOOSERS. This is the same woman who rose to fame with a dick in her mouth, who sang about hating jews, blacks and poor people and who has been more priviledged than ANY of us will ever be in this life and YOU feel sorry for her – BWAHAHAHA! I think SHE feels sorry for all of YOU because you’re at the bottom of the fucking food chain and she gets to ride above it. PLUS, humiliation is apart of the PUNISHMENT of breaking the law dumb-asses! What she suffered at the hands of SS is NOTHING compared to REAL prison (which she won’t be going to by the way). If she can’t take a harsh joke at her expense (that she DESERVERS for breaking the law) then she’s a weak, whiney, spoiled brat who would NEVER survive the indignities that YOU and average people face on a daily basis in life.

    Oh, aNd comedians have been making fun of people in the audience FOREVER – that’s what they do (for those of you too fucking stupid to realize that). EVERYONE is fair game at the hands of a comedian.

  14. Justice

    People are happy about JUSTICE being served.
    Pari$ thought $he could get away with whatever $he plea$ed becau$e $he’$ got $$$$$$$$$$.
    People admire justice……apparently even Paris admires it(if you believe her PR bullshit).
    I personally find this justice a wonderful thing because it’ll show the dumb girls who idolize her that there are consequences to fucked up actions. Pari$ thought $he wa$ above the law… Pari$ thought the law was only for the little people. The law $lapped her fugly ass good.
    This is a great day and Sarah Silverman nailed it.

  15. Mo

    Yeah… see, I don’t know. I guess it’s one thing to be anonymous on the internet and laugh at her when she puts herself out there, but to go on stage, at a televised event and go out of your way to make inappropriate comments like that.

    Paris DID look like she was about to cry, the audience, while some were laughing, DID sound uncomfortable…

    It was low.

  16. You know, your sister site IWATCHSTUFF.COM had a writeup about the ol’ movie awards….But to sum up, Paris Hilton sucks and Sarah Silverman is awesome.

  17. Guy

    I think Sarah has just been stealing all of our comments about Paris.

    What I really don’t get is why Paris did not just shout ‘Fuck you’ then walk out, I would have.

  18. damned right

    #63 and 64

  19. bedbugsandballyhoo

    Hey…does anyone out there have a link to the video of her drunken, racist rank? If you do, please post it. It seems many out there do not know the true nature of this harpy and need to see it first hand. Oh… She also hates poor people and those who attend public school and makes fun of them too.

  20. a hiaku:

    sarah silverman
    is fucking hot and funny
    eat a dick paris

  21. Paris Hilton obviously showed no concern for the people she could have murdered driving around drunk several times in her car so why should Sarah Silverman give a shit that she might hurt poor little Paris’s feelings?

    Maybe if Paris had had her feelings hurt once or twice before in her life she would make such stupid decisions. I don’t blame Paris for her earlier actions because a Rat would make a better mother than Kathy Hilton, but she’s an adult now and she fucked up. And guess what, Sara Silverman called her on it!

  22. freak_show

    32. I hate Paris. She is getting what she deserves. I was feeling bad for her until I read your post and you put it into perspective. So true. You can look at the scene and think “how horrible” but when you step back and see the whole picture, it comes into focus. Touche w/ the Hitler comment but accurate!

  23. Darryl

    #34 – Since when is drinking and driving considered “trying new things” or being “open-minded”??!!?

    Why doesn’t Paris just disappear already.

  24. Rogue

    I could care less about Silverman one way or the other. I don’t find her funny.

    But, uh, Kennedy…

    Officers arrested Hilton in Hollywood on Sept. 7. which she pleaded no contest to the reckless-driving charge and was sentenced to 36 months’ probation, alcohol education and fines.

    She was pulled over again by California Highway Patrol on Jan. 15. Officers informed Hilton she was driving on a suspended license and she signed a document acknowledging she was not to drive.

    She then was pulled over AGAIN by sheriff’s deputies on Feb. 27, at which time she was charged with violating her probation.

    Did she enroll for her required “alcohol education” course? Nope.

    That’s called getting thrown in jail for NOT accepting responsiblity for your actions.

    She also arrived 15 minutes late to court for her sentencing.

    Responsible? You betcha.

  25. J

    Paris deserved it. She went to the event and should have had a pretty good clue that she might be the target of some of the usual pop culture-oriented routines that the hosts tend to do at these types of shows. But rather than stay home and cry, Paris -once again- couldn’t resist being in the spot light, so she went to the show anyway. No pity here. She knew it was coming.

  26. freakoid

    WTF!!! People are defending Paris?? Oh please!! If her widdle feelings are hurt she can cry her tears in some prison guard’s lap…and blow him while she’s there. She’s a low class skank with high class money – and that’s all she is.

  27. Chauncey Gardner


    I agree. While we all sit around and say nasty stuff about these assholes in the entertainment industry, I don’t think there’s a single one of us here who would actually pull something like this, given the opportunity.

    And Silverman couldn’t do it in any other venue, either, where cocksucker Paris couldn’t retaliate. It may seem ballsy to some that Silverman pulled this, but she’s just another coward.

    And that’s not a defense of Paris, who invites this kind of shit – it’s an indictment of Sarah Silverman. She’s just another self-involved piece of shit celebrity loser.

  28. bungoone

    not that i watch these mtv award shows anymore, but this is what happens! deal with it. anyone is game. it’s comedy, no one is safe.

    and why did Paris go? was she nominated for something?

  29. Noone

    1) #51 is right, the audience made her comment about going to jail big.

    2) Paris put herself in this hot seat. When you’re a dillusional, talentless celebrity that trotts around flashing her vag, drinks and drives recklessly, “inspires” young kids into dressing like prostitutes, all the while carrying the persona of a stupid rich brat (she’s too old for that too)– PUBLICALLY, I do not see a reason as to why she SHOULDN’T expect to get grilled.

    3) her stupidity shouldn’t be supported, unless you’re into being stupid yourself.

  30. DahliaRose

    Sarah who? She just said these things to get media attention because no one knows or cares who she is.

    As for Paris, what goes around comes around, she is made out-of-the-same cloth as this nobody comedian. They deserve each other.

  31. lambman

    I’m not a big Sarah Silverman fan, she kinda just tells the same 2 jokes over and over and her delivery gets more and more tiresome each time, but that was pretty freaking hilarious to watch.

  32. bungoone

    and it’s good that she finally knows what the public thinks of her. maybe she’ll get off her high horse.

    does anyone honestly feel bad for paris’ hurt feelings? you have got to be kidding me!

  33. lambman

    Am I the only one who thinks/hopes that Sarah may have hammered the first blow to put the death nail in Paris’s time as a “celebrity”.

    That crowd really really seemed to agree with Sarah, and was very anti-Paris….I hope that the tide is finally turning

  34. cafe estima

    please: there’s no point to arguing the ethics of handling paris hilton, especially if you’re on the superficial.

  35. OK, i seriously don’t understand why? do everybody hate on this girl! YES, She is rich, but really what is the real reason why everybody hate her? Is it because, you wasn’t born with a silverspoon in your mouth, she can’t help that! if I was in was her shoes, I’ll be like”fuck you, and shove 10 million dicks up all of you’re asses” don’t think that she’s the most innocent bitch in the world, but is she the only one that you can rag on?

  36. i hate to say it, but i think she crossed a line.

  37. The fact that the crowd kept the applause going and going was the best part.

    #83 Lambman, Hollywood is full of sheep, terrified to do anything they don’t think the rest will accept. Now they’ve all been cheering together over Sara’s comment. I think you make a great point and hopefully it will come true.

  38. however, i still love it.

  39. NicotineEyePatch

    You have to get to the part near the end where she says someone is a poor public school bitch who’s probably from Compton. There’s another in which she’s singing We Are Family and changing the lyrics to insult everyone she can see, it’s probably on youtube as well.

  40. Hollywood Agent

    In Hollywood everything is relative. (meaning nepotism – who your relatives are)

    That is why this no talent, ugly comedian got this job. There are many good looking funner people in Hollywood.

    It is also sicking that Poor Paris is still trying to promote herself as a little weak girl. She is 26 for heaven-sake. In another 4 years she will be considered middle-aged by Hollywood standards. Don’t worry her career is over. She is only still around so the 24-hour a day news stations have something to report on.

  41. Sheva

    If you are a public school bitch from Compton then yeah, you will most definitely be down and out.

    All of you are just hater and jealous that Paris looked so fabulous last night before she went to jail. She’s so brave and great and everyone loves her.

  42. Equis

    Ok i’m not against the fact that Paris should get jail time, in fact that’s a good thing to know she’s getting tha same treatment (well, at least part of the same treatment) a common person will get.
    But i think a public humilliation of that size is just wrong.
    Even Sarah Silverman showed some angst while doing bit.
    Making fun of other peoples misery is just evil.
    I’m not a fan or hater of Paris but to my knowledge even she has not kicked anybody while they’re down.

  43. Juliana

    Since when is character assassination funny? Sarah Silverman is NOT funny — she’s just abusive and insecure.

  44. Her whole body is a cavity.

  45. bedbugsandballyhoo

    Thanks for confirming my previous comment that you delusional Parasite worshippers believe she should be able to get away with anything and say anything she wants, but no one is supposed to call her out on it.
    Your Compton comment proves that you are just as much of a “hater” as you consider those who do not worship Parisite to be. I do not hate anyone; but someone such as Parasite, who shows no regard for any else’s feelings usually does not get shown respect in return for their callousness. Do you feel sorry for Linsey Lohan because Parasite humiliated her in front of scores of paparazzi by throwing her out of a party and calling her “firecrotch?”

  46. lattygirl

    Omg, 91….I owe you….because that was the biggest laugh I’ve had all year.
    Thank you.

    FYI, If ever, EVER I look anything like Paris…pull the fucking plug.

  47. ThatIsGay

    Paris is prettier than Sarah anyway. fuckin kike

  48. That was awesome. Ballsy, too.

  49. elle

    ‘pwned’? as in an abbreviation of ‘pawned’? sarah silverman pawned paris? mm. she might get a peanut or something.

  50. huzzah

    Nothing like a good public shaming, when it’s well deserved.

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