Paris Hilton gets pwned by Sarah Silverman

June 4th, 2007 // 380 Comments


  1. Danner

    I don’t find her funny but that was a good crack!

  2. ph7

    A good conditioning for her prison time.

    Thanks Sarah for warming her up to abuse.

  3. FattyMcCake

    I love Sarah Silverman. Good on you, girl.

  4. Jimmycroni

    I thought that was her best joke of the night.

  5. jimbo ?

    This is the happiest day of my life. the only thing that will make it better is the news the Paris got shanked

  6. Is it pwned or owned? You decide.

  7. mimi_bleet

    She may have successfully torn into Paris, but Sarah Silverman is not funny.

    The first part of her hosting was especially awkward.

  8. me

    This is all rigth… All I ask for now, is she be raped in jail….

  9. I wish I was more into Sarah Silverman. Her voice just bugs the hell out of me. Would give her a hate fuck though.

  10. veggi

    That fucking look Paris does is the funniest part.

  11. your mom

    Okay…minority here. How much does it totally suck when someone revels in anothers misery?

  12. imran karim

    hahaha she probably is going to sue the camera guy now

    imran karim

  13. Uber-pwnage dude!

  14. Cal

    Thats the meanest thing ever. I dont care how much you hate Paris Hilton, for MTV to do that to her face was so rude.

  15. Jimbo ?

    @11 Most of the time you would be right, but not this time! This stupid bitch is getting what she deserves. I could not be happier

  16. Kat

    Why’d they zoom in on Jack Nicholson so much after the joke? What does HIS penis have to do with–oh…

  17. I don´t like Paris Hilton but that was wrong to do. She was tottally humiliated, that was just mean. It was wrong… so wrong.

  18. Dsam

    I couldn’t watch. Paris deserves to go to jail, she’s a total moron for ever thinking she is above the law but I couldn’t help but feel bad that everyone in the audience was laughing hysterically at her. Damn why do I feel so bad?!

  19. Carpediem

    Sarah Silverman looked hot last night. Kudos to her for having the balls to call that bitch out to her face, but I can’t help but feel bad for Paris. It must not be easy to finally realize what a joke she is to the world and that she’ll never get respect. I hope she can learn from this experience and become a better person… or not.

  20. Dashankmeista

    Silverman rocks. This was almost as good as Colbert at the correspondents dinner. The fact she rips on Paris in her presence makes it funnier.

    Jack Nicholson looked like he loved that joke too

  21. Binky

    Well she’s sure changed her act since those singing parts with Andrew Lloyd Weber.
    Although some of the hopping around in those musicals can be funny as well.
    ? who… ? Brightman ? oh,ok – fact checker is on holiday

  22. OLGA


  23. your mom

    15, I dunno. Why are we always happy when the mighty fall? Me? I tend to cheer when child molesters go to jail.

  24. Taylor

    That was so wrong to put her out there like that, but I still loved it.

    Good for Silverman.

  25. ringleader

    it’s been done before. i just loved the way her “peers” were in complete hysterics, and she looked like she was going to cry…

  26. Farid

    Sarah Silverman is just a cheap, dirty insignificant little bitch.

  27. She´s got balls, but probably she´s gonna get sued for doing that. Totally.

  28. Kennedy

    I don’t get it. Why does everyone hate Paris so much? She’s taken responsability for her wrong-doing so why is everyone being so cruel about it.
    I think ya’ll are probably just jealous cause she’s worth $300M and you’re worth $50k (if that).

  29. Julius

    Psh. Whatever. Bitch got what she deserved. Paris brought this on herself, and by no means is she a victim.

  30. Nope

    Sarah who?

  31. girl

    I am by no means a supporter of Paris Hilton and her crazy antics but what Sarah Silverman did was not only below the belt but the fact that she relished in someone else’s pain, no matter who she is, is disgusting. It wasn’t funny. It wasn’t witty or intelligent. Making a fool of someone in front of millions, while they’re sitting there, incapable of fighting back with a camera in her face, is cruel. She’s like this big ugly childish bully. And as for the person who said Paris should get raped??? You’re a sick, sick person and you shouldn’t wish that upon your worst enemy, let alone someone you probably don’t even know.

  32. Keely

    It didn’t really sound like the audience was loving it. It sounded like a lot of awkward laughter, and some booing.

    Poor Paris. Sure, she’s done a lot of crazy stuff and I’m not sorry she’s going to jail, but public humiliation is worse punishment than what most people get for doing what she did.

  33. NicotineEyePatch

    This totally reminded me of that roast of Adolf Hitler, he looked like he was going to cry when everyone laughed at him too, but I still laughed hysterically, because I’m not a Nazi sympathizer.
    Paris might learn from this, I doubt it, but maybe she’ll actually BELIEVE she’s detested when she’s in an audience full of people who are verbal about it. Sorry, she got what she deserved for showing up.

  34. george

    you know what, your all a bunch of pigs if you all agree with sarah silverman.. as if you can all talk.. sitting on the net watching these celebrity news and running up to who posts a first comment.. now as if you havent had sex or filmed yourself having sex, as if you dont smoke, drink do drugs or ever drank and drive.. just cause paris is an open girl who is open minded n tries new things and is on the media.. you have no reason to be angry at her.. if she shits you.. dont watch tv.. if you dont like her being on this site dont visit it.. but you pigs should get a life n be in paris’s shoes..
    hope you all cop the same shit shes copping at the moment one day!

  35. Chauncey Gardner

    I can’t fucking stand Sarah Silverman, so I can’t really get that excited about this thing. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE seeing Paris humiliated and driven to tears. But this was a totally calculated move by Silverman to get attention. And, instead of being funny on her own merits, she goes for an easy shot at someone in the audience, someone universally reviled, as a substitution. It’s like making the villain in your movie a Nazi – who’s gonna defend one of those? This was the last refuge of the lazy, unimaginative ‘professional’ comic.

  36. RoLo

    yeh it was mean but lets face it
    paris has:
    A) stared in a porn film
    B) gone commando MANY times (and been caught)
    so she kinda has some of the penis jokes coming to her and also helllo she got in her car when her licence was suspended so hey its the risk you run, plus unlike everybody else in that room she has NO talent apart from pouting obviously!
    so do i feel sorry for the poor little rich girl NO!

  37. Sexxy

    OMG, that was hilarious. Paris is like I’m gonna murder that bitch haha

  38. schack

    Paris doesn’t feel sorry for that poor little rich girl either. She already got her sentence halved, and after doing the sex tape, it’s not like this is going to make her lavish dinners any more awkward. Oh, and her dinner guests are all at least nine-figure folks, and what do THEY care about petty moralizers anyway. They own the world, they make the rules.

  39. Whammer Jammer

    #11, Your Mom: This skank deserves it like no other. She’s done the same thing, so piss on her.

  40. Whammer Jammer

    #18: You shouldn’t feel bad, you should feel happy. The skank deserves it, again and again and again. She brought it all on herself.

  41. schizzle

    I love the Superficial but the people who comment are awful. In particular, Brock– You are a sick fuck. How about you try to come up with some new material rather than how you want to “hate fuck”. Every comment I have read by you talks about how you think the woman in question is gross but that you would “do them” anyways. Get over your penis dude… no one cares. All the people feeling sorry for Paris because she got made fun of- stop, just stop. She is going to jail for DRIVING DRUNK… repeatedly. She can afford a cab/limo/pumpkin carriage. She chose to drive despite her suspended license because she doesn’t care about other people or their safety and because she thought she was above the law. Yeah, Paris is a tool, and that is lame, but she takes absolutely no responsibility for it.. maybe now, after being humiliated she will take a new look at her character.

  42. judy2

    You people need to be smacked.

    Enjoying someone else’s misery and wishing them ill… even Paris Hilton… is a SIN.

    The DEVIL loves you assholes!

  43. HonestAbe

    Anyone who feels bad for Paris is a complete buffoon. Wow, she had ONE joke made about her at an awards show. She must feel devastated, I know I was the last time that happened to me! You know, when you make your name for yourself by being a stuck up bitch, and getting caught sucking dick on camera, you should expect a few jokes to be made at your expense. I’m sure she’ll eat a couple of fruit cocktails while sitting in her 12 X 8 and get over it.

  44. bedbugsandballyhoo

    It’s good to see Parasite finally getting the respect she deserves. How many people, and ethnic groups, has SHE humiliated publicly? How many people, and ethnic groups, has SHE bad-mouthed publicly and has never apologised for one single retarded, reprehensible remark that has come out of her mouth. So I see by some of the comments here that many do feel she is beyond reproach for her poor behaviuor.
    So sad…

  45. Dirty Sanchez


  46. Whammer Jammer

    #34, George: I’ve already “copped shit”. I was married.

  47. YouRang

    You Paris sympathizers need to go fuck yourselves. Paris is a no talent ass clown, and apparently she’s the last to know it. She thumbed her nose at the law again and again, and finally she got caught. Fuck Paris. She deserves what she gets.

  48. Nice!
    The only way the joke could have got funnier was if some crazy Paris fan would have rushed the stage with a baseball bat and started pulping Sarah Silverman’s annoying face in.

  49. Marion

    I’ll be the first person to call Paris a dumb ho, but that’s a little over the top. She’s going to prison; let her pay her dues and let’s just move on already.

  50. veggi

    WTF is going on here?

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