Paris Hilton gets pranked by Richard Branson


The billionaire founder of Virgin, Richard Branson, threw a Mad Hatter-themed birthday party for his son on Saturday and invited Paris Hilton to attend. According to the Daily Mail she agreed and wanted to dress as Alice in Wonderland so she’d be the center of attention, but when Branson found out he secretly ordered all 60 of his waitresses to dress as Alice, even pushing the prank further by deliberately mistaking her for one of the staff and asking her to get him a drink.

The bash was attended by the U.K.’s A-list, with such guests as Princes William and Harry, Kate Moss, and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. “It was one hell of a party,” a source told the Mirror. “Paris found herself looking more like Tweedledum as she was surrounded by dozens of other Alices.” But perhaps the prank’s on Branson. Hilton’s rep tells The Scoop that “to the best of my knowledge” the heiress wasn’t even at the party.

Somebody definitely got X Punk’d here, I just can’t figure out who. Either Paris Hilton for the obvious, or Richard Branson for pretending to not recognize the wrong person. Considering one is the hugely successful founder of Virgin Records and the other cries when she can’t get into fancy clubs, I’m just going to assume it’s Paris and continue laughing sophisticatedly as I sip this delicious martini. And by delicious martini I mean my used cereal milk.

NOTE: Richard Branson, if you’re reading this please adopt me. I’m well behaved and I may or may not carry the secret to eternal life with me.