Paris Hilton gets pranked


Guerilla artist Banksy tampered with 500 copies of Paris Hilton’s debut album across 48 record shops in the UK by replacing the CD with his own remixes featuring such titles as Why am I Famous?, What Have I Done? and What Am I For? as well as swapping out her picture on the CD sleeve with one of her topless and with a dog’s head. I had a similar plan, except mine consisted of 1) acquiring a giant bag of dog feces 2) gathering up all of Paris Hilton’s CD’s and 3) going to her house and shooting her in the face with a bazooka. Actually I made up steps one and two just now because I thought you wouldn’t take me seriously if my plan only had one step. But three steps? Now that’s a respectable scheme.

And just cause, here’s Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis swapping diseases outside of Barney’s. It’s hard to tell if they’re kissing or just talking uncomfortably close, but either way somebody’s gonna be needing a trip to the free clinic.

UPDATE: You can check out some shots of the altered CD case here.