Paris Hilton gets paid for nothing


In case you’ve wondered how Paris Hilton makes her money, apparently she gets paid tons of cheddar (I’m gangster, yo) by idiots who want her to show up to their events. She was paid $200,000 just for appearing at a charity event in Cannes on Saturday, and was also reportedly paid $1 million to show up for a similar event in Vienna a few weeks ago.

“All I had to do was wave, like this,” she said, imitating Queen Elizabeth II’s stately palm swivel.

If that’s not the most disgusting thing you’ve ever read then you are a vile and disgusting human being who reads about things way more disgusting than a normal person should be reading about. I saw a man drink his own vomit after throwing up into his beer and just chuckled. But after reading about Paris getting paid $1 million to wave? This must be how Jews feel when they read about the Holocaust.


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