Paris Hilton still living life


Paris Hilton heads off to jail in less than five days, but that hasn’t stopped her from hooking up with new guys and finding work. She was spotted at The Grove shopping center in LA with a new boy toy who refused to give his name when asked for it by the paparazzi. Additionally, she was seen coming home carrying a new script and looking absolutely delighted. This is just disturbingly optimistic. The first time I was sent to jail I wasn’t making new boyfriends and reading scripts. No, I was getting stopped at the border while trying to cross into Mexico.

paris_hilton_holding_script_01-thumb.jpg paris_hilton_holding_script_02-thumb.jpg paris_hilton_holding_script_03-thumb.jpg paris_hilton_holding_script_04-thumb.jpg paris_hilton_holding_script_05-thumb.jpg paris_hilton_holding_script_06-thumb.jpg paris_hilton_holding_script_07-thumb.jpg paris_hilton_holding_script_08-thumb.jpg

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