Paris Hilton gets more exposed

January 25th, 2007 // 134 Comments

Yeah, that’s Paris Hilton. And yeah, she’s smoking a tampon. Don’t ask me why, because I’ve given up trying to understand her. She could be making out with a pinata she made out of her own hair and you’d just shrug it off as Paris being Paris. If you want to see more tampon-smoking fun and her other “exposed” tapes you can download all of them here. Page Six also has a list of some of the other material included in the storage facility and they include:

* Prescription bottles for Hydrocodone, a painkiller similar to OxyContin used to manage anxiety disorders, post-party sleep aid Ambien and the herpes medication Valtrex.

* A medical bill from a Los Angeles clinic, billing an “Amber Taylor” – with the same birth date as Paris – for a miscarriage in March 2003.

* A journal analyzing her booze-fueled dreams.

* Her reality TV co-star Nicole Richie’s University of Arizona ID card.

* Sister Nicky’s Nevada marriage certificate.

* Several bank statements, including one with an ending monthly balance of just $9.26.

* Home videos she shot of visits with her sick grandmother.

* To-do lists that include an assortment of errands, including a reminder to buy Christmas gifts.

And these? Well these are NSFW photos of Paris getting her boobs pulled out of her bikini by Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis. I mean sure, why not. I’m just wondering where they hid the donkey.


  1. Jacquelantern

    First Again?

    Paris is such a skank!!

  2. Danner

    Her Daddy must be proud!

  3. Cabaret

    What is that gross bump on her chest?

  4. Ms. Scarlet

    What boobs? I don’t see any.

    She looks like an ugly 12 year old boy.

  5. griffmills

    call me crazy…I dig those boobs

  6. BarbadoSlim

    If this doesn’t bring the bitch down NOTHING will, well ‘cept , for….AIDS,


  7. BritneyIsAMoose

    paris is a skanky moose. End of.

  8. Pointandlaugh

    If people stop paying attention to her, she’ll go back to being a crack whore living under a bridge doing hand-jobs for 25

  9. RichPort

    I wonder if the ones of her spreading her cooter broke the camera.. and burned his fingers like lye?


    Ever hear of Doris Duke, anybody? That’s who this celebrity whore reminds me of every time I see her. She’ll end up the same way in the end.

  11. Me

    #5 You ARE crazy

  12. BritneyIsAMoose

    her tits are the size of a

  13. BarbadoSlim

    If anybody wants to see parts of this thing, they are posted at that site where that guy from Fight Club asks what he would do.

  14. JungleRed

    Paris Hilton is partly to blame for the conservative and religious right-wing backlash we’re all having to endure right now. Those freaks look at shit like this and it just motivates them to further erode personal liberties.

    Oh, and Joe Francis looks like Jon Lovitz. Really, he’s one ugly motherfucker.

  15. mrlithium

    joe francis freakin knows how to party though you gotta admit

  16. BarbadoSlim

    If by party you mean rape, then I guess you are right. Read up on the guy and you’ll get an idea of exactly what kind of party animal he really is.

  17. #16

    I guess because you read it online, it must be true.

    I’d shag Paris like there was no tomorrow.

  18. The word: total and completely utter skank, comes to mind. derpa derp derp

  19. D'oh Eyes

    That tampon must be out of damnyell’s box of Super Heavy’s.

  20. BarbadoSlim

    Oh nice little circular argument, I guess then nothing is true, you could say the same about any medium. Sorry, I don’t have a Guttenberg printing press, or would you like a nice parchment. What is THIS? the fucking 14th century. Fucking newspapers are Online. Is the LA Times good enough for you Coppernicus?

    Look I’m not gonna get into a pissin’ contest over this piece of shit.

  21. Cookie V.

    A single Paris Hilton Herpes cell has MORE fun chasing Hydrocodone with Ambien while making puppets out of her nappy extensions than most of YOU (non-herpes ridden, non-pharma-friendly, non-miscarrying) have in a decent bender weekend. Don’t even try to deny it.

  22. SoupaSarah

    Who the hell is that dufus?….and who is the dufus pulling the other dufus’s bikini top off?

    She obviously wanted this stuff to come out or she would have picked up her stuff in storage.

    What a dufus.

  23. uhm did she really have herpes cream in there or is fish making that shit up?

  24. if it is then i feel really bad for her :(

  25. scienceguy

    The publicity orgy of failed personalities expands!


  26. That tampon shot is GOLD… I’m actually just a little less sick of her after seeing that.

  27. I dig her boobies too! Firm, not saggy. Right on :)

    But I wonder how you can forget all THAT stuff??? And I wonder why everyone needs to tape him/herself nowadays …

  28. QueenV

    There’s a video preview of the website here:

    Who’s that guy sucking her nipples?

  29. kate

    I read elsewhere that’s her ex-fiance Jason Shaw. He must have gotten tired of all the herpes.

  30. BarbadoSlim

    Gotta give her props on the tits too. For all those who got all pissy when I slammed on Mena Suvaris’ manboobs.
    These are nice, firm, normal small tits.

    *i’ll go shower now to get the Paris off me*

  31. carlogo

    Nice nips!

  32. Seamus Begonia Smell

    She definitely hates herself beyond words. The Girls Gone Wild founder is a well-known misogynist! People say his anger towards women is actually due to displaced self-hatred for being a closet homosexual! Go figure.

  33. Binky

    I think I know quite enough about this woman now.
    Of course could have said the same thing five years ago. She needs to clean up her act a bit…
    McCain – Hilton ’08 !!!
    You heard it here first.

  34. Thatshot

    Paris exposed is so totally Paris’ you stupid people. She is making so much money to support her coke habit.

  35. #34

    Couldn’t agree more. Of course it is Paris Hilton’s site. What I think is so funny is the fact that the only clientele this site will attract are going to pirate the hell out of it. I mean, come on, it has been on Rapidshare for a week, now.

  36. RunningWithCarsAndBoysWithScissors

    that’s hot

  37. JungleRed

    I wish she’d shove that tampon all the way back, like through her vocal cords.

  38. LoneWolf

    As much as I don’t like Paris and as much as I am a boob man (hi, PrettyBaby), I still like Paris’ tater tots. Cute nips.

  39. Niecy

    What an idiot.

    The prescription for herpes medicine is not a surprise. She’s a dirty slut.

  40. DancingQueen

    Yay for the IBTC! Oh yeah and Paris sucks ass. Hate that bitch. That stupid fake voice she puts on when she talks is totally annoying.

  41. whitegold

    What the fuck is wrong with her!!! Honestly, I always liked her, and I’d try to defend her, but I’m fed up with it. Why must she continue to be such a fucking idiot over and over and over again. The girl just won’t learn her lesson. She’s a loser, plain and simple. So I’m so friggin tired of her getting publicity for making a fool of herself. Her parents should ground her and force her to stay in her damn room, alone, or else threaten to pull her inheritance. Her parents are clearly no better than she is. They keep letting her act like a fool. Damn, and I like staying in the Hilton hotel chains.

  42. Watch this to forget all about any Paris videos:

  43. BoognishRising

    Wow. First the video, now these pics… Is it just me or does Paris seem a bit whorish?

  44. LoneWolf

    As much as I dislike Paris, and as much as I’m a boob man (hi, PrettyBaby), I still like Paris’ tater tots. Cute nips.

  45. LoneWolf

    Fuck me. Sorry for the double post. Goddam user-unfriendly site.

  46. Miss Skyline

    At least her nips are halfway decent.

  47. JungleRed

    Her parents have no control because grandpa left her a fat trust fund. Besides, her father’s a trust fund baby himself who married an equally skanky blond bimbo. I don’t think she’s learning much discipline from them. These are poster children for maintaining a death and inheritance tax.

    Nicole and Britney were smart to jump off her like fleas on a dying dog. (And, yes, I appreciate the irony of using Britney and smart in the same sentence.)

  48. meee

    i can’t imagine how paris hilton lives with herself in this world with EVERYONE knowing she takes herpes meds, had a miscarriage, has a sex tape, says stupid shit, and is generally a bad person who does drugs. i seriously just can’t imagine dealing with the reactions of people.

  49. 86

    This is the best paris post ever. Poor Amber Taylor.

  50. pjfan281

    link doesnt work. zip file is empty

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