Paris Hilton gets into Halloween

October 29th, 2007 // 86 Comments

Paris Hilton was in the Halloween spirit this weekend as she attended several parties including one at the Playboy Mansion. While the thought of Paris as an actual practitioner of medicine ensures I’ll never visit a hospital again, anyone else thinks she looks, I dunno, kind of hot in the sailor outfit? That’s wrong, I know. I shouldn’t even be thinking that. I’d be safer having sex with a lawn mower. Not that I would or anything. Unless it was wearing a slutty sailor’s outfit. Then, c’mon, how do you not?

Edit: Turns out Paris is wearing an Alice in Wonderland costume and is not a nurse. I could’ve figured that out if I looked near her crotch and saw the words “Alice.” However I like my eyes the way they are. Non-melted.

Photos:,, Pacific Coast News

  1. Nude pics of Kim K are here……………………………

  2. BunnyButt

    I like how, in the sailor outfit, she’s got anchors on her tits, just in case someone misses the obvious (her tits).

  3. Hecubus

    I like the ‘hair combed over my wonkey eye’ look, she needs to do the same thing for the other eye too … or just really the whole face. She might not look too hot with all that hair combed down over her face but at least it’d blind her and there’d be a better chance of her stumbling into the path of a speeding truck. Now THAT’S something to jack of to.

  4. JP

    I’m so ashamed. To think that I doubted Paris Hilton when she was on Larry King Live and proclaimed that from this point on, she would live her life so that it had value and prove to the world that she was a worthwhile person. For a moment, I laughed and mocked her. Now that I see these photos, I stand corrected.

  5. nipolian

    Bless you Texas Tranny for the link.

  6. Always glad to share.

  7. Valerie hates talentless hacks

    Completely unoriginal, as per usual.

  8. oops!

    Her presence makes me want to scream & hide….like waking up after a drunken nite and realizing you just slept with the ugliest guy in school.

  9. kirsten dunst

    you guys, does anyone know how to get ahold of her? i’ve got to ask how she came up with such original ideas. i bet she was the only girl at the party that looked even remotely like that.

  10. Lysol

    Awhore matie Alice in Whoreland..
    She should go as the

  11. Just sayin

    Papparazzi called an emergency press confrence
    ‘To shed some light on …could You catch her Ghonerria/Chlamydia/Herpes simply having the shaft exposed to some of that discharge in pic#12

  12. Whip

    yep thats hot

  13. Soy

    SailorTrannyWhore. . . looks like one of the VillagePeople


    Rich cunt! This is the last time I waste my time about Paris Herpes Hilton.

  15. Hannah T

    My God the girl ACTUALLY HAS chicken legs.

  16. she rocks!! check out the exclusive pics!

  17. George

    Isn’t she kind of OLD to play dress-up on Halloween, and her legs…….they look like they have Aids spots of them.

  18. Italian Stallion

    I’m Paris the slut woman
    I’m Paris the slut woman
    I’ve got lots of STD’s
    Cause I suck every dick I sees
    I’m Paris the slut woman………..

  19. spanky

    Don’t worry, the HIV will kill her eventually

  20. Me One

    Stop the hating!!

  21. Nick

    Those are her real eyes rolled back in her head.

  22. Nat

    The herp rotted the pupils right out of her fuckin’ eyes.

  23. Hmmm…speaking of Paris Hilton, how bout a checklist of mandates for becoming famous for nothing at all…

    Read all about it on http://WWW.MARGARITAMOMENTS.COM

    Because all we really want is to be on TheSuperficial!

  24. Makemepuke

    Actually I’m pretty sure the Alice outfit is what Paris intended to wear when she landed in Rwanda and I think her plan was to take her limo to the nearest school and then break out the Alice in Wonderland costumes for all the children to wear including the teen with hacked off arms and legs ( he would get to play the Hukka smoking caterpillar. ) They would then inact the entire story (all filmed of course) which would then be produced for the big screen. She would then donate 10% of profits raised to the, “Save the Mountain Gorilla Foundation” and the Rwandan children would be left with the expereince of a lifetime having first of all met Paris Hilton and second of all having learned first hand through the magical world of Alice, the horrors of using psychedelic drugs and the misgivings of totalitarian genocidal regimes.
    Paris in Wonderland by Paris Hilton – philanthropist, humanitarian, altruist, & savoir of Rwandan children. Soon to follow, her newest fragrance “Machete”.

  25. Hahaha, she is so hot and creepy in this shot. Skank…

  26. CheshireCat

    Fuck her

  27. LaDrones

    She may look like a broad-shouldered tranny, but at least she can exit a car without showing her Bonaduce.

  28. Doc


  29. choocher

    Jayzus will ya take a look at the size o’ them shoe stretchers in the last pic. She could power that SUV Flintstone style. Right now, even with the non-stop coke runs around the Hollywood Hills in her Escalade, her carbon footprint and actual footprint are one to one.

  30. paris kawaii ne! paris is so cute!@

  31. Makemepuke

    good point Ladrones..we need to see more Bonaduce, he definitely is the most fucked up mutant in hollywood at the moment.

  32. Stacey(TM)

    How is that hot? She looks like a fucking pole. A pole with ridiculous clothes on. What’s happening to the world?!

  33. zsa

    Yeah, she looks like Alice in Wonderland from Donny Darko’s imagination.

    She looks cute in the sailor outfit though…


  34. James

    My girlfriend got this costume over Halloween – even she looked hot in it, which is saying something. I got it from a costume online shop I think it was called Escapade. Awesome costume

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