Paris Hilton gets into Halloween

October 29th, 2007 // 86 Comments

Paris Hilton was in the Halloween spirit this weekend as she attended several parties including one at the Playboy Mansion. While the thought of Paris as an actual practitioner of medicine ensures I’ll never visit a hospital again, anyone else thinks she looks, I dunno, kind of hot in the sailor outfit? That’s wrong, I know. I shouldn’t even be thinking that. I’d be safer having sex with a lawn mower. Not that I would or anything. Unless it was wearing a slutty sailor’s outfit. Then, c’mon, how do you not?

Edit: Turns out Paris is wearing an Alice in Wonderland costume and is not a nurse. I could’ve figured that out if I looked near her crotch and saw the words “Alice.” However I like my eyes the way they are. Non-melted.

Photos:,, Pacific Coast News

  1. what???

    why is her pupil missing in the first photo?????? thats HOT

  2. fweem

    @2 because she doesn’t have a soul

  3. andy7171

    I like her in the Alice costume better than the Sailor one. I hit that!

  4. erica

    i’m pretty sure she’s supposed to be alice from alice in wonderland, not a practitioner of medicine

  5. Gerald_Tarrant

    Damn this wonky eyed slut. I think my junk is diseased just from the insinuations.

  6. Auntie Kryst

    Holy shit, look at pic #2. Does she have contacts that match her costume? That is creppy as fuck. I was going to rip on her saying that rich tart couldn’t buy a better costume than what they have a Party City, but then she upped it a notch with the contacts. I wonder if they cover her red eyes for the tears she has shed for Rwanda?

  7. What happened to her eye in that photo – she almost has it completely rolled inside her head.

    But she does look adorable – she does not show off her legs that often – that baby blue and white mico mini looks great

  8. o3p

    I never cease to be amazed at how hideous she actually is.

  9. lee

    sigh, she looks quite okay actually.

  10. Legal Eagle

    Damn she looks pretty hott for having herpes. She does look really good but she’s like the forbidden fruit in the garden of eden, you always want the things you cannot have. Because you’ll catch herpes.

  11. I love the Alice in Wonderland costume. I should get one.

  12. RVP

    I just jerked off to her, i think im sick

  13. Mike

    #5, you are correct. Otherwise it’s the worst hot nurse costume I’ve ever seen.

  14. Mal Reynolds

    Two things:
    1. She looks great in the first costume. Despite my knowledge of her diseases…I’m attracted to her.
    2. What the hell is dripping down her leg in pic # 12 ?!?!? The costume looks like she spilled something on the skirt and it is continuing to drop down her left leg. Let the speculation begin!

  15. Didn’t she say she was cleaning up her image last week? I love this woman.

  16. D. Richards

    I’m confused. I should use her mouth if I get a chance to now? Fuck-it. I’d bang Paris. Then I’d have her buy me Porsche GT3.

  17. I love the swish, swish of a petticoat, they are so feminine. I hope she’s wearing some pretty ruffled panties under the Alice costume.

  18. IHateParis

    This thing is the biggest whore in the world – literally and figuratively. What will make her go away besides her stepping in front of an out-of-control bus or Orlando Bloom’s car?

  19. Riotboy

    These two costumes are offset each other. REPEAT SECOND DOWN!!

  20. gotmilk?

    if you have to put the name of what you’re dressing up as on the costume, you’ve missed the mark completely.

    i think this chick finds any excuse to wear next to nothing. miss universe, do you even know who this is? saying she does not show off her legs that often means you do not.

  21. melissa

    I am shocked at how many people think this twat looks good, yet constantly say Britney looks like shit. Britney is a goddess compared to this gorilla. Paris’ legs are disgusting. her face is gross and both of those costumes suck. For as much money as she has, she could afford something a little better than the same costumes everyone else is getting.

  22. Cate

    #8— she does not show off her legs that often?? Are we talking about the same Paris Hilton?

  23. meemo

    um..halloween is a time pretend to be something that you are not. Its pretty lame that Paris went as her usual self, zombie-eyed street walker self.

  24. shnoobz

    lol at all the negative comments! i’m sure you’d jump into bed with her if given the chance! fatties!

  25. Bigheadmike

    On the good ship lollipop!!!

  26. gotmilk?

    25, i don’t know anyone who would risk getting the high-5 from this whore.

  27. BJS

    What is she?
    She should have just worn a big yellow big bird outfit since she already resembles big bird! No, I’m serious…. she looks like a freaking bird in the face.

  28. Ryan

    Haha…her eyes look like M. Bison from street fighter.
    And I cant believe nobody made the joke yet about her sailor costume…she was out that night looking for seamen…..ok so maybe it was lame but I still had to say it haha.

  29. nipolian

    I was just begining to think she looks pretty good in these pics, but then I saw pic 12 and noticed that one of her herpe scabs burst and left herpe puss all over her costume and leg. Nasty.

  30. BHawk

    Sasquatch feet….

  31. otosan

    hahaha, her wonder bra is still doing very well job.., or is she really already got milk? =p

  32. nipolian

    If she wanted to dress up as a Disney character she should have gone as Snow White and the Seven Herpe Scabs.

  33. lux

    she has manly feet

    and it’s not a halloween costume if you’re just as slutty, only with a new theme. if she wanted to get really into it, she would have worn a business suit, or a below-the-knee skirt… maybe some nice glasses. she could have gone as “college student” or “girl with IQ larger than age”

  34. secybitch

    I like the Sailor costume. I would wear it, and it would look better on me.

  35. Nick

    Notice how she uses her bag to cover her crotch getting in and out of the car?
    Brit could learn a thing or two

  36. Mr Ed

    That’s a pretty shitty ‘Alice’ costume. Which is no doubt why Superfish thought she was a nurse.

    The contacts are pretty cool though. Just gotta ignore the rest of her.

  37. havoc

    Brought to you by the makers of Valtrex.

    Valtrex, keeping your pee pee safe from Paris…..


  38. Feckless

    Those white contacts would look better with a Preying Mantis costume, and more natural, and she could wear it while relaxing around the pool.

  39. meow

    I can tell she’s found god.

  40. Showing those terrible ugly and gigantic feet, including knobble toes is enough for HALLOWEEN-experiences, people won’t ever forget, GOOD LORD!!

  41. Well, it’s terrifying alright.

  42. Duffy; the diseased slut-whore slayer

    Have you all been bitten by undead Paris Hilton wanabee zombies minions?
    Paris looks Hot?????Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Snap out of it fuckers this is Paris penis killing fucking Hilton for fucks sake. Don’t you know that the world’s most evil people names always begin with HILT… it’s a scientific fact.

    Fact: This girl with will melt your penis off, right off… Having sex with her is like dumping a vat of acid on your genitals. that’s BAD.

    This skank should NOT excite you, that means her evil plan is working.You must be strong little manboys, this costumed skank should scare the shit out of you worse than the scariest movie you saw as a child. She is pure evil. She will stop at nothing to spread her super STD (which is a horribly mutated version of every STD in existence; all of which she has hence the sickening mutation). The only way is to stop Parasite is to shut off her life of force which, of course, is her giant gaping festering poonanie; the source of all her power.

    Her reign of hideous dirty bimbo slut skanking must end or one day all women will be Paris Hilton CLONES!!!

    Dum, Dum, Dum…

  43. RENEE Z....

    Not hot…40 something She-male on hormones.

  44. blizzy

    LMAO @ 38. That was good.

    I believe she did get her boobs done cause she never had that much cleavage before. Ivanka Trump should’ve taken a note from Paris.

    Valtrex LMAO

  45. Steven

    What a whore. Go to hell.

  46. Anthony

    Someone explain to me why everyone hates this girl for being a hot slut. I thought all American women are hot sluts?

    Atleast that’s what my college experiences have taught me.

  47. gotmilk?

    Anthony, she’s not hot., just a plain old slut. there you go.

  48. RVP

    Ive already beat off 3 times to her today, i think ill put my one night in Paris DVD on and wack off some more

    i cant wait to see her next pussy slip

  49. meow

    alice in wonderland grew out of her dress

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