Paris Hilton’s $100K appearance fees shot down at Cannes

May 20th, 2009 // 34 Comments

While partying in Cannes this weekend, Paris Hilton tried to charge clubs $100,000 for her to make an appearance. Considering her vagina was hanging out, I’m surprised she didn’t charge double. That’s supply and demand, son. Anyway, it turns out she’s not the same draw she used to be, according to Page Six:

“No one bit. They aren’t about to pay her. It’s not 2002,” scoffed one event producer. “We think she got some money from the club VIP, but everyone else is running for the hills.” Hilton then decided to go for free and showed up at the Vitamin Water event at Nikki Beach.

If someone gave me the choice of being paid $100,000 to let Paris Hilton come to my party or have my testicles eaten by a wolverine, do you know which one I’d choose? Paris. Mostly because they both end the same way except one pays. What? We’re in a recession, people. Think smart.

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  1. lisa


  2. Joe

    test 5

  3. blood

    Huge feet on a scrawny bitch

  4. blood

    Huge feet on a scrawny bitch

  5. chango666

    100k ???? bitch got some big balls thinking someone would pay that to see her skanky ass . . . She would have to pay me at least 35 cents to fuck her . . .

  6. While partying in Cannes this weekend, Paris Hilton tried to charge clubs $100,000 for her to make an appearance. Considering her vagina was hanging out, I’m surprised she didn’t charge half.

  7. p0nk

    She’s draped herself in a surrender flag, that should endear her to the French.

  8. Bren

    I absolutely love that “it’s not 2002″ was scoffed. It says so much in three little words: that she’s not worth shit, that in news terms she’s old as fuck, and that Paris Hilton was just schooled in what’s hot by someone who probably had BO from running around all day

  9. Fuck U

    What’s with the fuckin headbands?

  10. Fred

    I’ll pay you $100,00 to eat something goddammit

  11. Trailer trash with money instead of class.

  12. Valtrex Tramp Kicked to the Curb

    Take those big old boat feet and get to steppin’ — party’s OVAH.

  13. you can get a hot ass porn star for less price and she will still show her vag and throw in some boobs as well….Big Foot No Ass Paris needs to check herself. The years of the skank is over.

  14. rey

    HA HA HA…shot down whore! The rep said it best, “It’s not 2002!”. Gotta love it!

  15. friendlyfires

    I’m trying to flush out all the cockroaches and vermin from some property I inherited in downtown Dallas and the exterminators too scared to enter the building so send Pari-Gina, I’ll pay her fee, it’s worth every penny.

  16. _me


    Of the bite marks and bruises all over her.

    Are we sure she isn’t actually one of the shock troopers of the Zombie Invasion?

  17. timmy the frisky virus

    Ha! Cannes should charge her 100 grand just to let her stay in town.

  18. azalea


  19. Are those ugly shoes supposed to make her dinosaur claws look smaller?

  20. ishi-san

    ohoh Paris, is this the end of your ‘career’? You’re getting old girl! (even before you have done anything of importance)

  21. billabong021

    Nobody’s going on your retarded website cookie and wtf is up with those eyes? It looks like she’s wearing cheap contacts or something!

  22. Adonis

    Damn, I am so sick of this bitch and her stupid headbands. They make her even more annoying than she already is. I’ll be glad when she officially disappears into obscurity, and apparently, the descent has begun.

  23. Jeezy

    Who would pay this bitch for anything?

  24. Buddha23


  25. She must swim ridiculously fast…

  26. CakeSnifferer

    Oh yeah, I sorta remember this person…I can’t remember why, though…

  27. Dread not

    Can someone please call animal control! Do they have things like that in France? I don’t know if a platinum headed, leg spreading skank is technically an animal, but how else do you get rid of Paris? Do you turn off all the lights and cameras, and hope she’s like a moth and goes away? Is there some kind of repellent you could spray her with? Do you put a mirror on the ground attached to a string, drag it while she follows it into the street, then run her over? Man, this chick was old news, even before she was news!

  28. el ces

    That event producer sounds like a moron. You don’t tell Paris Hilton ‘No.’

    And what is that crack about this not being 2002?

    Yes it is, at least for ppl like event producers.

  29. el ces

    …and Paris looks good here.

    I like that pose in the 5th or 6th pic.

  30. poor sap

    WTF? Like she doesn’t have enough money. She and Woody Allen should hook up… both drastically overestimate the “value” of their image.

  31. Dan

    29: “You don’t tell Paris Hilton ‘No.’”

    Yeah, you do. Maybe there was a time some people didn’t, but that’s the point: that time’s gone. You can tell because people are telling her “no.”

  32. I Love Europeans

    Remember a few years ago when the Austrians threw trash at her? That was GREAT.

  33. muffinfluffer

    greedy black-hearted talentless barbie-clone cuntwhore. someone should slap the shit out of her.

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