Paris Hilton gets dumped by comic book geek

February 5th, 2009 // 54 Comments

In her pursuit to land Mr. Right then gold dig his face off, Paris Hilton recently attempted to land Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel. Except things went south when he realized she’s a social pariah and tried to bring her to a Golden Globes after-party. Page Six reports:

Maisel was fawning all over Hilton at Golden Globes weekend parties, but backed off when he realized she was persona non grata in Hollywood society. Maisel brought Paris to the CAA party at the Sunset Tower. As Page Six reported, she was escorted out by security on the orders of CAA bigs who were furious she’d gotten in. After she left crying, spies saw Maisel “groveling and apologizing” to CAA head Kevin Huvane for bringing her.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say David Maisel couldn’t have committed more career suicide if he showed up with a bomb strapped to his chest then pissed on Leonard DiCaprio’s shoes. I’d make a movie with that guy. But showing up with Paris Hilton? Christ. Better start preparing myself for Captain America starring Spencer Pratt. In fact, I can practically smell that Oscar. Or Paris. It’s a toss-up.


  1. sin

    If it wasn’t for her sex tapes, you would swear she was a tranny. Her hands and feet definately look like a mans. Her knees are so jacked up they could be anything BUT female.

  2. Puppeteer

    I think that Paris Hilton should pick Courtney Love as her new BFF. That would be excruciatingly delightful. What a pair. Plus, each of them believes herself to be the smartest woman on the planet. Oh, shake me from my dull existence- reality TV, come and get ‘em! (but wear your special suits…)

  3. Hehe, what a vapid priss Paris is. As a female, and a comic book artist/writer, I do think she’s hot- yeah yeah, I’m confident enought to admit it- but she’s a friggin’ moron!
    I’m so glad Maisel didn’t go crawling after Paris to comfort her. Props to the guy.

  4. I keep saying it looks like a giant ant coking. This is the face. If an ant can be a person who would.

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