Paris Hilton gets dumped by comic book geek

February 5th, 2009 // 54 Comments

In her pursuit to land Mr. Right then gold dig his face off, Paris Hilton recently attempted to land Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel. Except things went south when he realized she’s a social pariah and tried to bring her to a Golden Globes after-party. Page Six reports:

Maisel was fawning all over Hilton at Golden Globes weekend parties, but backed off when he realized she was persona non grata in Hollywood society. Maisel brought Paris to the CAA party at the Sunset Tower. As Page Six reported, she was escorted out by security on the orders of CAA bigs who were furious she’d gotten in. After she left crying, spies saw Maisel “groveling and apologizing” to CAA head Kevin Huvane for bringing her.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say David Maisel couldn’t have committed more career suicide if he showed up with a bomb strapped to his chest then pissed on Leonard DiCaprio’s shoes. I’d make a movie with that guy. But showing up with Paris Hilton? Christ. Better start preparing myself for Captain America starring Spencer Pratt. In fact, I can practically smell that Oscar. Or Paris. It’s a toss-up.


  1. Stalker

    I love these two, all you haters can say what you want but they are beautiful.

  2. Fabulous

    Fabulous dress!

  3. Pathetic Worm

    Someone get me those pictures of Paris crying… STAT!

  4. sapphire eyes

    It serves Paris right that people who don’t live in “her” universe have finally woken up and tossed her out on her ugly anorexic, stupid ass.

    Maybe those “Hollywood types” aren’t so stupid after all.

  5. sapphire eyes

    It’s about time those that don’t live in the “Paris Universe” woke up and tossed her out on her ugly, anorexic ass. She’s such a fake that she can’t figure out where she ends and the plastic begins.

  6. Schup35

    EWWWW Gross I don’t like boobs!!!! I am home sick with the sniffles…… Video games make me feel better….

  7. The Actually Guy

    Actually they were angry that she had used the bathroom. They had to send a team in wearing hazmat suits.

  8. camilondriz

    Like girls with cute butt!!!
    know what? hot girls I met on ++++ Agelessmate. c o m ++++ are the most beautiful thing in this world I ever seen.btw, it’s the place where hot cougars, sexy chicks, handsome young men meet and mingle, become friends and even more!! lol

  9. jrz

    That’s probably as embarassing as tucking your pantyhose into the back of your skirt.

  10. greeneyes

    I was the biggest Paris basher, but I actually feel sorry for her after this. Yah she may be shallow and retarded, but she didn’t deserve to be treated that way. I hope the guys that did that don’t expect to ever be allowed in a Hilton hotel again!

  11. sam

    What’s a social path?

  12. El oh El

    At least she wasn’t going after some old creepy lookin’ dude:

  13. Ed

    “I hope the guys that did that don’t expect to ever be allowed in a Hilton”

    Oh, I’d say the odds are really good that they do…

  14. Shep

    wow, a Paris Hilton post. Didn’t see that coming

  15. Megan

    F u c k this censorship bulls hit.

  16. Da Man

    I love the pictures of her crying. Dumbass gold digging bitch.

    Waaaah waahhhh what do you mean I don’t get to do whatever I want? I’m PARIS HILTON! aaaah waaaah.

    I still say she looks like a giant coked out ant. It’s all about her face. If an ant could become a person, that’s the face it would have.

  17. OMG!

    FINALLY the witch gets treated as she deserves! She is talent-less! Finally hollywood is awake & can see her for the unless bag of skin she is!
    Remember Paris dear, treat others as you want to be treated!

  18. Las Vegas

    Ok, today it’s Paris Hilton first. Who’s going to be second and third, Britney and Lindsay or Lindsay or Britney? Place your bets.

  19. havoc

    They need to be careful. Her aunt’s gonna go all Escape to Witch Mountain on their asses.

    I’ve seen it. I have….


  20. Vince Lombardi

    Of course she’s a social pariah. No one in Hollywood wants someone on active parole in their parties. The cops can come swooping in at any moment and – damn! – there goes all the blow and sex with underaged boys.

  21. Italiangirl

    “persona non grata” is italian !! COOL ;)

  22. Andrea

    The most interesting part of this story is that when I was falling asleep reading it, a coworker with the hiccups let out one really loud hiccup followed by a fart. A moment of dead silence then peals of laughter everywhere. Anyway…what’s this story again?

  23. Jupiter Girl

    I LOVE Nickys pants!! :)

  24. Paris Hilton’s feet help to support my theory that she is decendant from a race of web-footed humanoids that are both impervious to herpes and tact.

  25. p0nk

    @15 Megan – What? please tell me that you’re not crying “Censorship” about a coke-whore being 86′d from a party.

  26. Cartman

    I want to see a picture of Paris crying after getting thrown out.

    I don’t want to see any other pics of Paris even if she is flashing her herpe sored covered stinkhole. Especially don’t want to see that.

  27. Ein

    Oh man, you must have no self-respect when you walk around with such garbage.

  28. " dig his face off" - - ??

    she doesn’t need to gold dig anyone’s face off, she’s a Hilton, remember??

  29. Kelley

    Paris Hilton cries ? Wild … thousands of dollars spent on having your nose honed down to the size of a knife-blade and hooked like an eagle’s beak … fugly.

  30. el ces

    So…what’s CAA’s beef with Paris?

  31. Shaz

    @21 “persona non grata” is actually Latin, you dumbass.

  32. jp


  33. timmy the dying boy

    Chicken legs!!

  34. PostmortemG

    “I love these two, all you haters can say what you want but they are beautiful.”

    This rich-yet-worthless bitch doesn’t have anything i want, personally. Her pussy is oozing with STDs. Her breasts don’t look very fun to play with. And worst of all [ Considering I'm, above all else, a lover of the female posterior ], Paris Hilton has the ass of a malnourished boy. Everyone already knows how repulsive this whore’s ‘personality’ is, so nothing else needs to be typed about that. She has nothing going for her. As for Nicky? Eh… i don’t know. I suppose she’s marginally more attractive. Maybe I’d hook up with her just for the money.

    All that aside, good show, Kevin Huvane. Good show! =D

  35. testing

    that is hilarious!

    not to be a Paris supportere but in her defense i will say two things

    1) If he had an invite with a plus 1 he should be able to invite whomever he wants (unless she had previously been kicked outta a CAA party for something she did)

    2) it is a pretty dress

  36. Wow, I didn’t realize that real actors and agents loathed Paris as much as the general public. She tries to act and get parts in movies and tv. I guess they view her as another spencer pratt wannabe!

  37. that better be faux fur.

  38. fugly

    If that face wont wreck a fraight train…I dont know what will..

    ugh..she is ugly as shit!

  39. Gag me with a spoon

    She’s discusting. I certainly wouldn’t want her scrawny body crawling all over me.

  40. Animal Farm

    Her sister’s neck is soooooooooooooo long like a giraffe.

  41. I like to watch it bubble at the bottom of the urinal.



  42. kate

    Do u know she tries to register on ***sugarmingle. c om***, but has been refused for some reasons. I do not think it’s hard to join that site. Britney has her profile there.

  43. BOYCOTT THIS WEASEL, folks!!

  44. Jas

    She’s sooooooooo nasty. She needs to go away forever. I hope that i’m not the only one who is sick of her. That dress is even nasty.

  45. dragon43078

    Just how big of a diseased ridden whore must you be for comic book geeks to turn you away? These are the guys that taped Xena and beat off to it daily.

  46. BURN! That’s what you get for trying to be serious, Paris.

  47. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD rescinded

    She was crying?? HA HA HA HA HA!!!

  48. authorego

    Gone are the glory days of goats and midgets parading at her birthday party. Maybe it’s because she kept all the fake “guests” behind a velvet rope. Perhaps she should have left one or two corridors for a ‘social path’….(@11, thanks for the new word)

  49. marie e.

    I feel as if she is getting uglier and uglier with age, but not in the conventional aging “old looking way,” more in a used up looking way maybe. I dunno, its hard to describe. I used to think she was pretty when she was 22 and 23. Its actually kind of sad that she was booted so blatantly, back in 2003-2005 she probably would have been welcomed with open arms.

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