Paris Hilton makes getting drunk look classy. But not really.

January 28th, 2009 // 68 Comments

Paris Hilton got plastered last night in London while she’s in town promoting the British edition of My New BFF. She also made probably the most sensual face I’ve seen in my life. I’m actually contemplating a lifetime of itchiness over here.

In the meantime, I may have added some captions to a couple of these photos just like I’ve been secretly doing to previous posts, but who’s to say? Hint hint nudge nudge.

Photos: WENN

  1. shirleytemple

    I hate the bitch, but her hair looks fabulous.

  2. Ummm...yeah...

    What a skank…She needs to fucking eat something besides cocks.

  3. Skank Patrol

    Ignore her and she’ll go away.

  4. Neutrogena

    She really should take better care of those knees; they’re all she’s got going for her.

  5. mamamiasweetpeaches

    The HEAD is freakin’ HUGE! I was gonan make a Booblehead Joke but somebody beat me to it.

    She should never wear yellow. As it is she always looks like Tweety Bird to me…and wearing yellow just makes that come shining through.

    And before you go saying “Awww…Tweety is cute, lets REALLLLLY look at tweety bird, right? HUGE HEAD, beak like nose, widdle body, HUGE feet.

  6. michelle

    her head looks HUGE!

  7. I-Love-The-Super-Writer

    Lol Im still rolling with laughter on the “Paris Hilton got plastered last night in LondonShe also made probably the most sensual face I’ve seen in my life.”
    hahahaah….that expression on her face is Priceless.!

  8. mink

    I really like the dress, she looks pretty aside from the knees

  9. AmberDextrose

    The sensual face is still on. She was on daytime tv here in Blighty today. I only caught a fraction, but she was pouting into the camera like it was a mirror – I felt I’d interrupted a very private moment of self-love.

    But I expect she pecks real mirrors and twitters into them.

  10. jt

    she’s hot and skanky at the same time. how is that?

  11. ann

    Almost 30 and out promoting a show that only teens watch. How old will paris be when she grows up? Funny how she doesn’t seem to have any friends. To bad money can’t buy brain-dead any brains or talent.

  12. redsonja1313

    another blonde in an unfortunate wardrobe choice !! But I think I would rather look at Jessicas linebacker shoulders then Paris’ knobby knees

  13. Well, let her be how she is. stop caring and then she might disappear

  14. assmaster

    Looks more like she’s on ketamine than drunk… She’s holding on for dear life to anything she can

  15. namakemono

    Look at them creeps around her!

  16. OMG!

    One Word: FUGLY!!

  17. She looks like a doll when she is drunk. She is really a good person but every time by doing worthless stuffs she is always in news . Please don’t spoil your image Paris.

  18. She is one hell of a fucking sexy girl when she is drunk.

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