Paris Hilton gets denied; cries

September 5th, 2006 // 87 Comments

  1. shameshame

    why the hell does she always dress in wrapping paper and bows? you are not a gift.

  2. flamarkel

    Look at Brandon’s nicotine-stained fingers. That completes the picture. These two are hideous beings.

  3. aimatcha

    Karma’s a bitch, twat.

  4. blueballs

    WE really don’t know if she is crying or that if she got semen in her eyes.

  5. MollyPoo

    Gawd, she is such an ugly waste of space. And I love the pic of Bloaty McBloaterson being man-handled by the police. Priceless.

  6. jrzmommy

    What’s with those hideous fucking boots all night, too? She wore them in her Bjork Swan-dress reincarnation at the VMA show, and now she’s wearing them again that night with what appears to be a jaquard damask tablecloth.

  7. grtfljfb

    I am at work sick….waiting for my day to end, and then I read the GREATEST bit of irony ever! It’s a miracle, I felt better with every horrific pic of that shrew I saw!

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  8. BigJim

    I heard that Paris was stabbed in the twat by a stingray, and the stingray died.

  9. Pearly

    The rest of this story is that she was with Diddy and Brandon Davis and they made such a huge fuss the cops showed up and roughed up Brandon! Yay!!! I still don’t get why they wouldn’t let in Diddy…oh yeah, he sucks.
    ->can’t tell you how happy this story made me :)

  10. Phaery

    1. This Brandon Davis guy disgusts me. I want to spit, no…hit his oily pudgy face really really hard. And dont even get me started on those shaped/waxed eyebrows of his! what a retard.
    2. Those brown boots do not go with her dress, and whats up with her hair??

    and oh yeah….whahahahaha!!! this news just made my day.

  11. liljbabe85

    I think the most surprising thing about this is that Paris would actually deign to be seen with that disco-reject sasquatch. But then, I’m guessing she’s filthy rich and, as Paris proves, you can be as hideous as you want as long as you’ve daddy’s money.

  12. shameshame

    #61, she doesn’t have daddy’s money. her daddy doesn’t even have any money and what he has, he isn’t sharing. hilton corporation has all the money. she makes her own money off of being an ugly publicity whore. 7 million in 2006.

  13. adamstevens123

    God she is SO FUCKING UGLY!

  14. So, does this mean mean she really DOES have a heart & feelings?

  15. adamstevens123

    Nice Blue Eye Shadow.

  16. Mike

    Who is the bitch with her and why is she wearing shoes from Walmart?

  17. wendy718

    You would be surprised!

  18. Albert

    Paris paris paris…

    En espa

  19. radically4peace

    Maybe she’s crying because she didn’t realize she left the house wearing a shiny potato sack.

  20. CarlaCalifornia

    ….the face of the ultimate celebretard in a time of rejection, humiliation and utter defeat – in a word, priceless

  21. sugarplum

    The Paris look-alike girl would make a better Paris, because she’d actually be good at something. And since the real Paris has no substance, nobody would really care.

    Paris, take it from the good ol’ Milli Vanilli tale: Which one would you like to end up as? The overdosed one, or the one who made himself substancial?

  22. ange


  23. Call me crazy, but doesn’t she look better after just crying than she does normally? Some emotion, wow. Although, I can’t really talk because I don’t show any emotion myself, Hollywood jaded me and now Trott Felipe is going to take all you cocksuckers out. haha.

  24. SalineSweaterPuppies

    Talk about dramatic, she looks like she was just ass raped and on the verge of collapse.

  25. libtard

    Which new best friend allowed this outfit to make the cut? God, can you imagine how bad the “test” outfit had to be? Anyone who would wear boots like those deserves to cry. Ugly should hurt.

  26. jenx

    okay. the shoes are ugly – but certainly expensive. and she is standing on the side of them?

    part of the tantrum, i’m sure. but is she four?

    oh yeah. mentally she is.

  27. Ms. Sass

    Hopefully, there’s more rejection for her to come. It always makes my day when someone like Paris Hilton suffers even just a little. Shit, I lost my entire home and belongings in hurricane Katrina and I handeled it much better than this. News flash Paris, you’re nothing like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana and not everyone likes you, your music sucks and your nose reminds me of the wicked witch from Wizard of OZ. Get a life!

  28. violinguy

    waaaaaaa, my pride was hurt, I got denied entry into a trendy club. I think I’ve cried once my entire life, when my dad passed away. Women are baffling.

  29. tsarinaamanda

    Wow Ange, you are sad. I’m sorry that you cannot find a better role model with all the strong, beautiful, talented, classy women who have actually DONE SOMETHING IMPORTANT with their lives (you know, like helping others, etc) out there. Too bad God doesn’t exist, or I would pray for you because with that skanky whorebag as a role model, you will most likely end up sucking cock for quarters behind the Denny’s, hoping to get enough cash scraped together to pay for your Valtrex RX so you can finally get the burning and itchy, pus filled sores to go away. Just please don’t make us educated women who actually CARE about important things foot the bill for your welfare, ok? Thanks :)

    On topic, I really wish Parasite Herpes would just DIAF. I have never, EVER seen another more useless, worthless, disgusting waste of humanity. I hope this is the beginning of the end of her “career”. I think pretty much all of us (with intelligence and self respect, that is) want her to just fade away into obscurity, and only see her in 20 or so years on “Where Are They Now”, having lost all her money and living in a trailer park, fat, with a horribly scarred face from the “accident” at the acid factory. Oh please, I cannot think of ANYONE who deserves it more than this useless whore!

  30. blue_star

    LMAO! Karma’s a bitch… that’s what she gets for treating Tara like that.

    Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it! She needs to stop deluding herself into thinking she’s such a great celebrity and better than everybody else when she’s not!

  31. hesboolala

    well, you guys probably arn’t even looking at this anymore- but wendy, not surprised- HEARTBROKEN!!!- round here,triple, TRIPLE.
    And for what? 53 percent max. HEARTBROKEN.

  32. bettiblue

    #79 if thats your point of view how come you are reading superficial? hmm? surely you’re not also interested in such fickle things as the celeb world when you could be out campaigning against poverty or fur or something important?
    I for one, like paris hilton, and her album. however, it is HILARIOUS that she is finally not getting her own way! hahaha!!!
    her shoes are christian louboutin so are most likely over $400…

  33. fat ugly girl with frizzy curly hair

    that’s sad. really.

    didn’t she give this club notoriety by dancing on tables there?

  34. fat ugly girl with frizzy curly hair

    and why is that big black girl humping paris’ leg and licking her lips?

  35. The-Guslet

    No wonder they didn’t let her in, the place probably had a dress code. WTF is she wearing???

  36. Rodney

    lmfao sad ass wannabe gossip sites!

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