Paris Hilton gets denied; cries

September 5th, 2006 // 87 Comments

  1. That’s an effect of the herpes.

  2. What a wonderful world. Wouldn’t it be great if all of the conceded, arrogant and superficial people were told to go get a heart and conscience and come back when they did? Although, we would have less buffoons to be entertained by… but I can live with that. This just made my day.

  3. doihaveabooger

    as it turns out, hollywood is highschool.
    Can you imagine having a conversation with these dipshitz. They never progressed past the age of 13. Clear case of arrested development.

  4. ___

    F*cking CLASSIC!
    Do we know the fate of Bloated Brandon that night?

  5. Based upon what I’ve seen of where Parisite and Tara Reid hang out..with all the bad music and the stupidity….I’d rather be in a dive bar in Alaska in the middle of winter looking for quarters at the bottom of my purse so I could play “C’mon Feel the Noise” in the jukebox. And then go Clubbing.

    For seals.

  6. Paris is a sad panda.

  7. wendy718

    Designer Dress: $3000.00
    Designer Shoes: $650.00
    Bag of Peruvian Nose Candy: $50.00
    Paris Hilton being denied at Bungalow 8: FUCKING PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Paris, Paris, Paris. How many times do we have to go over this? You are a skanky rich girl who sleeps with skanky rich boys, and periodically video tapes her sleepovers for my amusement. You drive / wreck expensive cars. You embarrass your family on a daily basis. You have a penchant for tiny animals. You are nothing more than that. You can’t sing. You don’t belong anywere near the MTV Awards, or at any of the after parties. Useless skank.

  9. If this doesn’t prove that God exists, I don’t know how else to tell you. Awesome.

  10. Nik

    Aside from the fact that…. SHE’S PARIS HILTON… anyone who wears their hair like that deserves to be shunned by society.

  11. dupababy

    this post caused me to fall to my knees and weep with wild abandon.. the splotchy makeup, the red eye (the wonkier one just a shade more red), the buckled ankle and defeated bootie, the tiny and fragile ego broken like so many shards of glass from that bottle of two buck chuck she’d just consumed..
    what tragedy.. what unnerving gall of those who would not allow the princess enter.. what horrific means used to cause this poor dear such great misery..
    oh mister superficial man, you really do rock..

  12. cerisier

    Karma finally caught up with that walking case of herpes. Amen.

  13. PunjabPete

    Her tears fuel my inner joy… Oh, how I wish I could taste them….

  14. Dory

    Awww baby.
    Did princess get denied entry?? It’s almost as bad as the one and only time daddy said “No you cannot get another pony for your 10th Birthday Paris” isn’t it?
    Maybe someone at the MTV cries everytime they hear your album too, but for the complete opposite reason you do.

    And Paris honey, remember “That Look” you gave ex besty Tara Reid when she got denied entry yet didn’t cry… just think how she’s rolling around at home laughing her arse off. Karma is terrible isn’t it.

  15. skeptical

    That girl looks like OJ Simpson’s daughter… Talk about priceless! Imagine if it was her!

  16. outoftown

    who the hell is that girl she’s with and why is she behaving like her lover?

  17. cayana

    #14 – Don’t taste that. You might catch something.

  18. i swear if i was as rich as she is my tear ducts wouldnt even work hot asian slut/assistant would literally have to put visine in my eyes at funerals.i’d be smiling so damn hard all the time people would mistake me for the joker.especially after i squirt acid in their face and laughing maniacally at their pain.

  19. KatieA978

    I think I just spontaneously orgasmed.

    Has anyone else noticed the hideous amount of eye make-up she’s wearing? Is she a Japanese Geisha all of a sudden?

    Don’t get me started on the boots.

  20. amaritimer

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *beathe* hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  21. amaritimer

    stupid cunt hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  22. amaritimer

    I was meaning to say: Breathe… not beathe. She is still a stupid cunt.

  23. Prinky

    I think she cried the fake orange tan right off her fugly face.

  24. Dory

    You know… despite me bagging her out earlier she really looks quite sad and pathetic there. I mean who crys over not being let into a club, even if you were totally embarrassed when the bouncers laughed at you after you declared… “But I’ve GOT to be on the MTV Music awards list, I’m a musician, an artist” So am I Boo Hoo Hilton- learn to play an instrument them you might get some respect.

  25. Wuhoo! There is nothing funnier than this..LOL! Pity her though..Don’t cry girl…

  26. DoctorX

    Somewhere, up in heaven, god has fallen off his sofa laughing histerically with tears of joy streaming down his cheeks…

  27. I don’t understand. She rich, and famous, and shallow, and she has an awful album full of bad dance music out. Why wouldn’t she get into an MTV party? She’s the role model.

  28. hesboolala

    Wait- number 8, a bag of peruvians finest is 50 bucks where you live?
    Is that as in 50 USD?
    call me, no really… me…….

  29. saltpeanuts

    I don’t know why, but banging Paris in the ass (with a condom, of course) with her crying hysterically about her pathetic life is highly erotic to me.

  30. diddleysquat

    I almost feel bad for her. “Pity” I think is the word. That kind of thing is all she is about. She’ll just have to settle for being ridiculously wealthy, the spoiled brat.

  31. AmberDextrose

    Yippedy doo-dah! Loving that white makeup with red eyes/nose look: she looks like a ferret.

    See here for more Paris shots (minus makeup but apparently spayed and vaccinated).

    How beautiful also to see fat boy Brandon being shuftied along by some dude in uniform. Bet he hasn’t been touched by a poor person since he last visited a nail bar.

  32. hendero

    when did Paris and Michelle Rodriguez start dating?

  33. marie-jo

    #29 & # 8.. That’s about the same over here lol (Belgium)

    This really is priceless, she could always drown her sorrow in the Hyde afterwards and dance the night away on classics like “Footloose”

  34. marie-jo

    Ow and Ace Ventura wants his hair back

  35. booya

    Man she looks like Ace Ventura gave her some serious smackdown.

  36. susiederkins

    ace ventura! THAT’s what that hair reminded me of, thanks.

    am i a complete loser for finding this the most entertaining thing i’ve read in weeks? or ever?

  37. doihaveabooger

    is it me or is this bimbo self-destructing faster than we thought?
    this will all end very badly for these idiots.

  38. guymorgan

    Guys, look at the first picture in large. What’s wrong with her right leg?

  39. RichPort

    At least Tara Reid didn’t cry. And what’s that dude from House doing there?

  40. RichPort

    I just realized she even tried walking in with her requisite negro, Puffy. He apparently went in with out her. I thought he told you that he don’t stop! She looks like she just got ass reamed by Ron Jeremy.

  41. jrzmommy

    Is Paris Hilton touring a village in Kenya? Who are all of those black folks following her and since when does she hang out with black people????

    Is that Brandon Davis about to get beaten by one of NYC’s finest?? That would be beautiful.

  42. marie-jo

    # 39 that leg is as wonky as her eye!

    I guess that happens when you try to come in, looking like a talentless big bon bon.

    Even more: actually she reminds me of Ace especially when he was wearing that tutu in the retarded home.

  43. Robin

    and this little piggy went “waaaah waaaah waaaaah” all the way home…….

  44. Robin

    #37–Ed Grimly came to mind when I saw the pic–Ace Ventura is a good one too!!!


  45. biatcho

    Wow… i remember me & my friends looking just like this (except for the herpes)during the world trade center attacks a few blocks away from us… but surely this is much more upsetting & harder to get over I am sure.

  46. Miss Muffin

    Ha ha, look at that pathetic bitches mug. Maybe if the Hilton Bimbos didn’t call everyone fat and exclude them all the time, there wouldn’t be 46 comment’s about how she deserves it. Her album blows.

    That’s the face of someone who’s slept around A LOT, haggered. She got more respect when she did nothing at all.

  47. wedgeone

    Why is this thread not ragging harder about Paris being a total lezbo here? She’s hugging up and holding hands with some nasty looking crack-whore & we’re not dogging her about infecting both sides with some unknown VD now?
    C’mon people, I know that we’re all enjoying the fact that justice was served & that she showed her true shallow self, but the crack-fest has GOT to step it up a notch.
    Let’s talk about how these two nasty bitches spent the entire time after getting rejected licking the open sores that surround their nasty vaginas while the rest of the entourage whacked each other off!!

  48. Sassy

    Can she not afford decent shoes? Why else is she wearing skanky ankle boot stilettos from 2001?

    And is that P Diddy walking beside her? I’m willing to bet he got in just fine.

  49. Rossarooni

    Which is more absurdly juvenile and retarded: Paris crying over a denied entry or me loving watching Paris cry over a denied entry?

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