Paris Hilton gets charged

Paris Hilton has been officially charged for the incident earlier this month with two misdemeanors including driving under the influence and driving with a blood-alcohol level of .08 or higher. Her arraignment is set for Thursday and she faces a maximum punishment of a $1,000 fine and/or six months in jail.

“I’d be very surpised if she does any jailtime,” says Lawrence Taylor, an L.A.-based attorney with 30 years experience handling DUI cases. “If she pleads guilty, she’d likely pay a fine, attend DUI school and be on probation for three years.” “Paris regrets the entire event,” Mintz told People. “She had never been arrested before, so to go through the police procedure was very disorienting for her. It was personally humiliating for her; she is not taking it lightly or frivolously.”

And just cause, here are some pictures of Paris Hilton in Germany promoting the ultra classy canned sparkling wine, Rich Prosecco. You’d think a DUI might affect Paris Hilton’s ability to promote canned alcohol, but that would only make sense in a world that isn’t completely mad, where people get paid more money to occasionally flash their genitals than to save lives.