Paris Hilton for Guess. So classy.

Here’s Paris Hilton ad campaign for the Guess Spring/Summer 2009 collection. Because apparently they want to lose a lot of money. Who knows? That said, two observations:

1. If PETA truly cares about animals, why aren’t they armed to the teeth and pulling that Chihuahua out of Paris’ house? I mean, Michael Vick gets jail time yet this chick visibly commits animal abuse in an international ad campaign. Where’s the justice?

2. Are my eyes deceiving me or did they seriously airbrush thighs onto Paris to make her look heavier? I can understand cropping out the tentacles, but it’s pretty much a scientific fact she has the legs of a flamingo. No, really, I tried to stick her in my yard once. Totally killed my lawn.

NOTE: I tossed in some old shots from Guess to round out the pics. Feel free to point that out as much as possible.

Photos: Guess