Paris Hilton flashes her panties

April 13th, 2007 // 93 Comments

Nice eye liner there, Paris. My only recommendation would be to consider using makeup next time, and not permanent marker.

paris-hilton-upskirt-panty-flash-01-thumb.jpg paris-hilton-upskirt-panty-flash-02-thumb.jpg paris-hilton-upskirt-panty-flash-03-thumb.jpg paris-hilton-upskirt-panty-flash-04-thumb.jpg


  1. Negatrice

    Crap, her bodyguard in the second pic looks like he just french-kissed an exshaust pipe.

    Wait, no. He must of anilingused her.

  2. woodhorse

    #47 of course I’ll be missing you but if you’re not Lowlands, you’ll be secretly spying on me. That’s kind of hot.

  3. Lowlands

    #52)I expect you to take your spyware off my computer,that’s a kind of hot i think.Some of you will miss me and others won’t miss me at all,soon.

  4. p911gt10c

    OH FER CHRISSAKES! We’ve already seen her naked, playing with her pussy, sucking cock and gettin ridden like a pony. THAT’S THE STANDARD! If you’ve got anything above that, great! Post it! Seeing her panties is a step backwards.
    When in doubt, post more Alessandra.

  5. loachcrulch

    my god, look at the dogs eyes in the last photo. it’s probably having seizures from all of the photography flashes. abuse!!

  6. #54 i agree. Alessandra’s a MUCH better choice than Paris Herpes.

    BTW: when do we NOT see Paris Hilton’s ass? or panties? or those miniature golf balls called “boobs”? i mean we’ve seen enough of her already. She might as well just walk out butt naked so we can stop seeing posts about her stuff. i wouldn’t be surprised if they found her penis tucked between her legs…oh wait, they will. TONIGHT.

  7. Superfish

    i wonder if she’s still trying to stay sex-free for a whlle year…
    no way, she gave me a blow job last night…AND screwed all 12 of my friends. it was great…but she bites

  8. Athina99

    Can someone answer a question for me? Why are all celebrity bodyguards fat fucks like this guy? I mean, does being fat make you a better fighter? I would think not.

  9. wedgeone

    #47 – Don’t even try & paraphrase the words of Christ – you’ll never have the wisdom necessary to consider yourself worth to share space in the same sentence.

    #57 – you meant “whole year”, yes? BTW – every word after “no” was unfunny. Stop trying. It’s like you are answering the voices that you are hearing in your head instead of taking your meds. We don’t follow you.

  10. chaunceygardner

    There’s something comically sinister about Paris’s visage. It’s like she means you genuine ill will, but doesn’t have the physical or mental strength to actually pull something off.

  11. Frank N. Stein

    D’oh, her panties are wrinkled because she’s wearing a panty liner, it’s “that time of the month”. Which explains why she’s wearing panties in the first place.

  12. Lowlands

    #59)I start to irritate myself a bit on you.What are you now suddenly?Christian?You’re full of shit,that’s what i know.

  13. didey23

    she looks like a female joker

  14. Lowlands

    Being Christian-Islamic,that would be The Invention of the last millennium…I recommend you to give yourself up for some scientific research.

  15. this is nothing new.

  16. Not sure if those are panties, or fresh gauze on an open wound.

  17. andrewthezeppo

    back in the day, chicks like Marilyn Monroe would push down their skirts when they were blown up. They would act coy, surprised and be pretty hot. Now adays they carry small dogs, or are to wasted to notice. Clearly we’ve evolved as a species.

  18. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    HAHAHAAA #60, awesome & profound–Quote of the Day!
    The only positive thing I can say about this hag is that she at least keeps her roots up. She must get a touchup every 4-5 DAYS.

  19. woodhorse

    This post of Paris is remarkable in that – for me at least – it shows with such clarity her man features. Face from side (Missy Swan voice) looks like a man. Shoulders – looks like a man. Giant hands and feet – looks like a man.

    Paris will have the last laugh on the day that she exposes her huge cock to everyone.

  20. woodhorse

    64: give himself up for scientific research? Yeah! How about chemical psychiatric experiments? Pavlov’s Dog?

  21. It’s just lost all meaning.

  22. katiechen

    When is Paris going to learn that she is a no good whore? All she does is give us more eye sores. I wish she would dissapear

  23. She has made enough money, people need to stop her from her bullshit.. haven’t we all suffered enough?

  24. rmeno

    Paris looks terrible…and OMG she’s aging fast…she has manly hands and her hair is totally FRIED! That poor dog looks scared out of his wits!

  25. alex

    omg look at her huge man hands and her feet are def bigger than that guys next to her! eww

  26. Lowlands

    According to the expression on Paris her face i think she had to let go some gas.It’s not me,it’s the dog!

  27. Lowlands

    Her bodyguard on the second pic doesn’t look happy either.But it keeps him from the street.

  28. chiris

    #61 I thought women now use tampons? The wrinkles must be from her own cooch ewww Her labia must be hanging so she can’t wear thongs anymore

  29. kathleen170

    The poor dog looks terrified! Talk about animal cruelty.

  30. arrogances

    Bow before the Hilton Goddess. Look at those people. They’re attracted to her, but Paris is wearing the only smile.
    Are those golden snakes on her left wrist? She IS a goddess!

  31. Blog Lurker Guy Man Dude

    Wow, what a clown face! I’ve never seen Bozo wear so much makeup.

  32. no1justminda

    #28, you’re not fooling anyone. You were soooo talking about the necklace, ha!

  33. crazyotto

    i wish you people would stop bashing my wonderful Paris-petals(xoxo)…not only is she beautiful to gaze upon but she is intelligent,caring,sexy and witty………

  34. Lowlands

    Wow!What a nice looking girl this is.Nicely curved and blond and i like her intelligent looking eyes as well.She’s sexy legs too!

  35. Lowlands

    #84)I’m talking about her dog ofcourse.

  36. Superbee

    holly shit mama,,, looks like there are cooties in there banging around together trying to get out. Look at all the bumps and shit in her panties I swear there must be bugs n shit trying terribly to get out…Just look man….!
    arrrrrrrrrrrgh think I am gonna puke….

    hmmmm maybe she should auction her panties for charity..bugs and all..

  37. Superbee

    celebrity skank…..

  38. RogueDemon

    Laaaaaawwwwwwlllll to all of you who looked hard to “confirm” her tranny ness, you just wanted to see if you could catch a wet cooter shot of paris…sickos

  39. Actually, I was looking for that pinapple!

  40. And the guy’s body she shoved up her asshole!

  41. Superfish

    #59 you must be having “one of those days” so just…take a midol and lay down for a while…oh yea u forgot, you’re a guy. sorry, i never noticed cause ur acting like such a BITCH. fuck off asshole before i stick paris’s dick in YOUR mouth…and you’d probably like it…

  42. Yourfairytale

    Geez she’s so ugly!

  43. I like…so beautiful and sexy,good!

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