Paris Hilton flashes her panties

April 13th, 2007 // 93 Comments

Nice eye liner there, Paris. My only recommendation would be to consider using makeup next time, and not permanent marker.

paris-hilton-upskirt-panty-flash-01-thumb.jpg paris-hilton-upskirt-panty-flash-02-thumb.jpg paris-hilton-upskirt-panty-flash-03-thumb.jpg paris-hilton-upskirt-panty-flash-04-thumb.jpg


  1. Beazel


  2. FRIST!!!

    What else is new….but then at least she wears panties

  3. jazzdrummer420

    Thank God she’s wearing them. Probably covering all the genital warts and the Herpes… I like keeping what’s left of my vision.

  4. frank_the_dolphin

    Surely that dog needs therapy after the horrors it has seen.

  5. guymorgan

    Breaking news.

    Once again superficial your empire is crumbling.

  6. Episie O'Tomy

    I’ll never tire of stories about people walking around.

  7. frank_the_dolphin

    The dog with the pink collar not the one in the green dress.

  8. JaeMae

    This twunt is such a tranny.

    Does she NOT see pictures of herself with these shitty blue contacts and realize she looks like an alien?

    Paris! Youre not a blonde hair, blue eyed beauty! You nasty, nasty, bitch!

  9. Jedi Kevin

    I guess Paris *with* clothes on *is* news.

  10. guymorgan

    I like the ox/cow necklace in the last picture

  11. golfinfreak

    Now it would have been news if her dog would have been wearing underwear.

  12. Superevil

    Shit, she’s still alive. Fuck.

  13. schack

    that poor, poor dog

  14. sixerson


    She is supposed to come to Switzerland tommorrow (saturday) for the Annual Watch Show in Basel.. Wonder if she’s gonna be there … :-)

  15. Thanks to this story, I can now have a happy weekend.

  16. Maya Siemensour

    God this is boring…

    Howsabout a survey – do you swallow only during special moments, or only for special guys? Or never? (or always? slut!)

  17. Negatrice

    80′s are back.
    We enter (again) in this “I’m so ashamed of my look at this time” nebulous era.

  18. Debutantejaim

    Its an elephant fucktard!

  19. radically4peace

    She’s starting to look like a tranny.

  20. Debutantejaim

    The black eyeliner is awful!

  21. Jimbo

    I always love a good Paris panty shot. The would not be complete if I did not get to see Paris’s panties. I can now officialy pop the top on the Corona and put my feet up

  22. Jimbo

    Opps week would not be complete. I was day dreaming I was taking Paris’s panties off

  23. veggi

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, corona.

  24. imran karim

    she probably paid someone to sit there with a fan or something

  25. iamsosmrt

    To anyone who EVER tried to deny that this bitch is a total TRANNY please look at these pictures.

    Thank you.

  26. guymorgan


    I was talking about Paris actually, not the necklace, it’s called a joke. In your words ‘fucktard’

  27. Hemlock Queen

    She opted for the “wears panty look” today. Nice.

    And again, how the hell has she deflated her rack?

    27′s right. She really must be a tranny in disguise.

  28. tits_on_snack

    I really don’t understand how things like this are constantly happening to females in Hollywood.
    I have never, in all my partying days with all my partying girlfriends, had my tit suddenly fly out of my shirt or my dress suddenly blast up over my head, or get to the bar only to realize that my top is completely see-through and whoopsie I forgot my bra at home, or pulled some colossal Basic Instinct moment while getting out of a cab.
    I’ve got some serious work to do if I wanna catch up to these ladies.

  29. IFuckingHateYou

    #’s 21 & 27 – No shit. What tipped you off, the tiny testicle lumps you can see in her panties? Or possibly the Adam’s apple? Or maybe it was the sex tape where she was fucking her botfriend in the ass with her cock?
    Thanks for the tip there Mr. Obvious

  30. ImaCracka

    Looks kinda lumpy doesnt it??????

  31. whitegold

    Poor girl, she just can’t be innocent no matter what she does. Even mother nature is working against her in trying to ensure that the whole world is constantly exposed to her crotch. Don’t bother fighting it any more Paris, you might as well just roam the streets naked.

  32. Liverpool FC

    Yeah she looks like a geezerbird.

  33. HughJorganthethird

    Hey Paris, Bobo the clown just called, he wants his make up back

  34. Bugman4045

    the commenters here are the best! I was going to point out that her panties look a little lumpy, like she is hiding her penis, but the Superfish commenters were already on it. Um…so to speak.
    The comments board is the best part of the Superficial site. They are much more funny/entertaining than the original tiresome posts.

  35. I didn’t know she owned panties.


  36. Ruby

    Well, it looks like her tits are back to their tiny ta ta status. Thank Christ she didn’t get a boob job!

  37. Lowlands

    I see paris shows here her concept about the flipoverdesign and also brings it in practice.To show us probably that her one and only braincell is making attempt to split itself in two.Big chance she’s blaming the dog all the time for the bad smell while wearing this flipoverdress.Now for real folks,Bye.

  38. Athina99

    ok, idiot, Paris…apparantly no one has ever told you this. But when you have size 16 feet, DO NOT wear white shoes!!They just make your enormous flippers look even bigger!!

  39. chiris

    I don’t know, but there’s something different about her face…. I think it’s her nose. The beak, bill, rostrum or whatever birds have for a mouth is not there anymore! Am I the only one who sees that?

  40. wedgeone

    #23 – “a good Paris panty shot” is a contradiction in terms. That has never existed. Unless you’re talking about some French hottie. Not this skeeze though!

    Paris is going 80′s retro here – “Walk Like An Egyptian ….” Can’t we see the picture of her getting hit in the eye with an ice cube again?

  41. gatorgirl

    ohhhh she’s got my favorite bracelet on, not the freaky snake one, but the diamone Cartier one…I want I want!

  42. Do Freebird

    What is she doing that poor dogs legs in the last two pictures? It kind of looks like she’s tearing a drum stick off a barbeque’d chicken

  43. Saera

    HAHHAAH nice thinking!

  44. Saera

    and now that i think about it, it sorta looks…photoshopped.

  45. Lowlands

    When you’re missing me,don’t be too sad.There’ve been more Lowlands and there’ll come more Lowlands.Every 25.000 years there’ll be born a new Lowlands.But be aware there’ll be also many fake and evil Lowlands.Claiming they’re the real one.

  46. There's a Surprise Inside

    At least she is wearing panties.

  47. Conky

    See her wear panties is like watching Tara Reid sober. Nobody wants that.

  48. allyoops!

    @30 Thank You! I think that all the time…Are they just accident prone…Or complete attention whores with no sense…

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