Paris Hilton eats it in Prague

March 31st, 2008 // 110 Comments

Paris Hilton busted up her chin over the weekend as she was leaving a music store in Prague. She was fleeing the paparazzi when she tripped over a step and landed face first into the ground. Being the heroic knight that he is, Paris’ boyfriend Benji Madden failed to help Paris to her feet and instead stepped over her. Although after realizing she was actually hurt, he did eventually turn back around to help her. Which I guess is actually pretty impressive, because if I saw Paris Hilton lying face first on the floor I’m pretty sure my first instinct would be to kick her. Well that, or bring both my hands to my face in shock that she wasn’t naked and covered in used condoms. Haha, just kidding. Paris Hilton? Condoms? It’s like I’m writing a fantasy novel.

A video of Benji pleading with the paparazzi to leave Paris alone after the jump.


  1. Everyone cops the superficial writer’s humor, and it’s a crappy allusion to the real stuff anyway. And to all the douche’s who thiink they’re funny about how nasty here seamen filled oral cavity is, guaranteed you’d stick it to paris. You might be ashamed but she’s much better than that fat chick from your past. Plus if you get lucky and she’s knocked up your the new K-fed.

  2. Anna

    best fucking thing i heard all year

  3. Anna

    best fucking thing i heard all year

  4. @53 Anna Mikes dick would be the funniest fucking thing you have seen all year.

    That is if you could actually see it.

  5. Sapphire

    Message to All Paparazzi: I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

  6. JJ

    Those paparazi were chasing her like satan’s death hounds — I actually felt a little sorry for her! In a big mob scene like that, she should have hired beefy security instead of relying on a little nancy boy.

  7. My favorite part is that Benji decided not to help her up, but stepped over her.

    What a great freaking guy.

  8. fuck you

    Oh this is freaking hilarous…in pic # 4 he looks like “how did i get myself involved with this dumb ass?”!!!…..

  9. fygu

    She looks like a man. Why doesn’t she just come out as a butch lesbian. She’s repulsive.

  10. Flint

    Nobody should feel sorry for Paris being constantly photographed — it’s her sole reason for existence. She started it, not them. She wanted to be “famous”, she got her wish, and she doesn’t get to select the degree of attention she gets. You can’t put the shit back in the goose, as granddaddy used to say.

  11. justifiable

    #59 Because femme lesbians hate a bad lay just like everyone else.


  13. Ted from LA

    Vandaley Industries!!!! Say Vandaley Industries!!!!

  14. ali

    ARE YOU KIDDING? she wears 4 inch heels and she’s fine, dumb bitch falls wearing running shoes? WOOOWWW…..

    Is this….LAUGHTER I’m having? hahahahahahhahahah

  15. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

  16. Jess

    Dear Superficial Writer,

    Please, oh please, oh *please* tell me you’ve seen the video wherein Paris is asked if she is ok, and she states, “No, because you guys crippled me!”

    much lust-
    a girl that doesn’t have super-herpes

  17. KillMONTAG

    paris such an attention whore, she THRIVES on this, without it she’s a zero – Oh wait she’s a zero anyway.

  18. Pilu


  19. memememe

    im loling alot right now

  20. Racer X


    /I’m lol’ing

  21. kevin

    # 12 Awesome !!!

  22. shankyouverymuch

    Boy those Prague-a-nese paparazzi sure were rough on Poor Paris! Gosh darn, that’s mean!

  23. Meaghan

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  24. lucy

    What a ^%$&$%$ woman!! The magazine WEALTHY GOSSIP reported she joined the rich men seeking sugar babies site sugarmatchmaker.c o m and she is mentioned to find a sugar daddy there! the magazine fool her?? or fool us.

  25. shadowgirl

    funniest thing i’ve seen in awhile, what a fricken loser she is. If she were my spawn, well, i’m sure her parents must be so proud!!! Why doesn’t she do us honest working people a favor and keep her ugly ass right where she’s at.

  26. Hannah T

    Unbelievable, Paris makes a pathetic career out of being chased by the paparazzi, and then she turns around and complains about them?????? She is even more of a waste of space than I already thought….

    Erm…Meaghan? That’s great love, but I think you’re on the wrong site….

  27. LA gal

    i actually kinda felt bad for paris with those photographers mobbing her. i know she asked for it, but how do you live like that? that’s crazy.

  28. Fluffy Butt

    BAM! this just made my day …..!

  29. I….. just…… don’t…… get….. the facination…..

  30. Ooba Gooba

    I hope she bled profusely.

  31. Greasy Bear

    She’s got a big clit.

  32. why is her enormous nose shrinking> Am I the only one noticing???

  33. why is her enormous nose shrinking> Am I the only one noticing???

  34. meaghan

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    Thank you all, sorry to not talk about paris but paris dont need help lol!!! i do on the other hand lol!!!

  35. b.SophiaLoren

    Lol! Love the picture of him stepping around her. I agree with #23 too.
    She’s doing a “Jessica Simpson”- changing into what her boyfriend is. Emphasizes how ugly she is. Also, Paris, its lame to change for your bf, and so dramatically! Who knew- the “skank Barbie” look actually works for her.

  36. jonesy

    Weeee! That was fun! Isn’t that clown from Good Charlotte? I think my 6 year old nephew likes them.

  37. IKE

    It must SUCK being the one that EVERYONE laughs at their misfortune.
    Tough job, but someone has to do it. Good luck, Paris! Keep up the good work!

  38. dacros


  39. Benji

    “Get out of my way bitch”

  40. Tanya

    OH YES!!! This just made my day. Thank you!!! Too bad she didn’t hit her entire face because if that would of been the case then the story would of made my entire LIFE!!!

  41. cofused but not really

    I Love Florist Henderson and Ann B Davis and That Guy from The Golden Girls I think his name is Maude or Mud.
    Angie Dikinson is a hottie
    Florist=Frist=First you dickholes

  42. Anonymous


    I’m going to go out on a limb here: I think I speak for everyone here when I say FUCK OFF, WE DON’T CARE.

    To the one or two posters I’m not speaking for, I sincerely aplogize.

  43. Sunny

    Every day Paris gives us something to mock, ridicule and laugh at.

    Keep up the good work Paris :)

  44. Pilatunes

    Wheeeeeeee! My voodoo doll worked! What’s next? Should I give the doll crabs?

  45. PostmortemG

    “It must SUCK being the one that EVERYONE laughs at their misfortune.
    Tough job, but someone has to do it. Good luck, Paris! Keep up the good work!”

    You’re funny and you make me laugh. =D What also makes me laugh is that my best friend automatically assumed the news reports he saw about ‘the blemish on Paris’ chin’ had something to do with STD warts.

  46. Jamie's Uterus

    haha! That Madden guy should of taken this opportunity to kick her in the face too! Is there any video of her falling down? I’d love to see it.

  47. MerMer

    It’s amazing how off balance and lightheated you get when you’re downing muscle relaxers.

  48. curious

    no one has noticed the photoshop job on the ‘stairs’ to her right?/? What’s the deal, Superficial Guy??

  49. gwenda

    LOL well written
    And Joel Madden what gentleman..LMAO

  50. ys

    thats how she eats,lol

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