Paris Hilton eats it in Prague

March 31st, 2008 // 110 Comments

Paris Hilton busted up her chin over the weekend as she was leaving a music store in Prague. She was fleeing the paparazzi when she tripped over a step and landed face first into the ground. Being the heroic knight that he is, Paris’ boyfriend Benji Madden failed to help Paris to her feet and instead stepped over her. Although after realizing she was actually hurt, he did eventually turn back around to help her. Which I guess is actually pretty impressive, because if I saw Paris Hilton lying face first on the floor I’m pretty sure my first instinct would be to kick her. Well that, or bring both my hands to my face in shock that she wasn’t naked and covered in used condoms. Haha, just kidding. Paris Hilton? Condoms? It’s like I’m writing a fantasy novel.

A video of Benji pleading with the paparazzi to leave Paris alone after the jump.


  1. Alaina


  2. hill

    holy shit this is the best thing i’ve heard all year.

  3. Ang

    I would have a tiny bit of respect for him if he had whipped it out and jerked off onto her face while she was lying there.

  4. p911gt10c

    Face first into somethin….where have we heard that before….

    Oh, and #1, you’re a loser.

  5. pointandlaugh

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving twatface.

  6. People who write “FIRST” are lame fucks. Now let’s get back to making fun of Paris.

  7. Looks like me trying to leave a bar…except the guy has his pants on.

  8. sticky-armadillo

    whatever happened to the good old days when sean penn would shot at photographers? Benji sounds more like a scared teenager than a man.

  9. coach_dee


  10. Matthew

    #1 – Alaina – ignore these jealous losers, you won this thread!

  11. Ralph

    This is a perfect example of why women should practice a healthy life style. I am sure Paris is one of those underweight females that eat once a day; probably at dinner time. I understand Paris is a ditz which does not help, but she was probably light headed from not eating, tripped, lost her balance, and fell.

  12. justifiable

    Can’t dance, can’t walk…saw the sex tape, sure can’t fuck. Three strikes, yer out.

  13. Italian Stallion

    Gives a new meaning to “carpet muncher”……………

  14. Dee



  15. mrs.t

    It’s those goddamn giant feet we need to thank for this little treat. If the old adage holds any truth, Paris has a waaaaaayyyy bigger cock than Benji.

  16. badda bang

    paris didn’t fall. she heard there were billionaire penises hidden in the magic carpet. how could she resist?

  17. ambidextroushandjob

    #11 That’s really rich, when your name sounds like a bulemic barfing up lunch.

  18. Well…I’m not going to cast a stone, because most nights I end up with something lumpy on my chin…

  19. snoop says

    he’s too quick on his toes to get caught up with these hoes

  20. NY Ted

    THAT IS FUCKING HILARIOUS! Nothing like seeing someone…especially Paris…get hurt during a comedic prat-fall flat on her face!

    Besides she was most likely sloshed out of her pea-brain mind!

  21. justifiable

    #13 LOL – but that implies she actually eats.

  22. Ted Mosby

    That Benji is a winner.

    Though what’s the big deal? Isn’t Paris used to having someone bust on her chin?

  23. karma

    benji is using her for the press and her money. talking to her must be like talking to a Corky

  24. aja


  25. Auntie Kryst

    I don’t see the point why that douchefucker Benji Madden bothered running??

  26. It's me Fuckers

    #12, LOL!! I saw the porn and the girl needs cock sucking lessons as well.

  27. pay attention

    sloppy whores are the best. just scrap them off the floor and you’ll have fun for hours + no cuddling.

  28. justifiable

    #26 That’s because all Paris does is pose – bellydancing and cocksucking do require some effort (hey, there’s a reason it’s called a blowJOB). Bitch can’t be bothered to do either right.


    the only thing she’s good for is getting down on all fours and she can’t even do that right.

  30. “blowJOB”

    huh! Never really thought of it that way, but you’re right. I guess in my mind I was always thinking “rimJOB” when my arms would get tired from holding apart Frist’s big cottage-cheese asscheeks while licking her hairy bunghole and trying not to sneeze…

  31. Alaina

    thanks matthew :)

    and while its kinda funny, i feel bad her– Paris is so funny!

  32. combustion8

    but she must die, its for the harvest.

  33. alwaysclassy

    SWEET!!! This made my day!

  34. alwaysclassy

    btw – you would be trippin’ all the time too if you had Shaq-size 22 feet.

  35. @30 Are you going to die soon asshole troll??

  36. justifiable

    #35 We know that’s not you, because we all know that FRIST shaves.

  37. Yo Momma

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where is there a mastercard commercial when you need one?

  38. grobpilot

    Pic #4 is perfect (and appropriate, accurate and expected)

  39. The best part is it looks like Paris was crying. Boooo Hoooooo, I guess the dumb shit should look where she is walking instead of trying to pose her ass for the cameras. I am surprised they even got those pictures. I would have been laughing my ass off..

  40. redsonja1313

    THis is so much better then her sad sac crying pic in the back of a police car !!!! I am with the other poster, LET THERE BE VIDEO !!!

  41. Hello!!! I’m IN THE ROOM!!!!!!

  42. woodhorse

    Was she stoned or did she already lose her cat like reflexes?

    and #7 – LOL.

  43. FRIST, Are you glad to know that everyone in here knows you shave??

  44. tuna salad gives me gas

    it looks like jesus did smite her

  45. Nathiest

    LAW SUITE!!! She should sue. Pore girl.

  46. PimpMammaM

    Wow, what a guy Benji is! He was taking a step over her. I would dump his azz just for that. I’m sure this is going to end their relationship now.
    I love how much she’s trying to cover the bump up with her hand. Score for the photog who actually got the shot of the bruise!!!!!! Bravo dude!!!!

  47. justifiable

    #45 Shit, I’d sue the teacher that gave you a passing grade in spelling.

  48. Sld

    I’m no fan of Paris but the prick STEPPED OVER HER? Probably heard there were free growth hormones out the back – he really gets those knees as he runs like a skipping pixie doesn’t he?

  49. @45 For what? Being to stupid to see the step? We should sue your parents for not having an abortion..

  50. Sorry, no comment..

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