Paris Hilton dropped by agent

June 12th, 2007 // 56 Comments

Paris Hilton has been dropped by her team of agents at the Endeavor Talent Agency because she “just wasn’t worth it.” A rep for Endeavor confirmed that, “Paris is no longer a client.” A source tells Us:

“There was a lot of tension between Paris and her agents for a while. Her legal messes have totally consumed her, and she was always a difficult client. The goal was to make her the Martha Stewart of her generation. It just didn’t work out that way.”

How did Paris even land a talent agency in the first place? “Look, she can, like, stand around. You need somebody to stand around? We’ve got your woman.” And how were they thinking she’s anything like Martha Stewart? Hey, guys, I found an old basketball on the street. Maybe that can be the next Martha Stewart too. How about this bowl of cereal? My sock?


  1. ROckstar_Devil

    first first :D

  2. Donkey

    That’s okay… she’s going to become a nun now anyway.

  3. Kamiki

    Well I am English so not that familiar with Martha Stewart, but doesn’t she have some talents or something and Umm no STD’s? Haven’t seen her beef curtains flapping around in posed pap shots either much.

  4. ROckstar_Devil

    i am now very much concerned about the virginity of priests :P…she ll be like ooops, i forgot to wear my bra…or panty…or dresss…and the priest will be like its okay my dear…we all came to earth this way :)


    that sucks!

  6. Too bad she didn’t star in Knocked Up. Then I would have laughed.

  7. Dory

    Looks like noone cares… SIX MESSAGES wow thats huge. Good Bye Paris. Noone NOONE cares!

  8. She has an agent? I thought the correct name was pimp.

  9. sea

    Are her agents serious? With her recent jail stint, she is closer to being Martha than ever before.

  10. Chauncey Gardner

    It’s amazing what it takes these days for four chimps, an orangutan, and a marmoset to decide it “just wasn’t worth it” to rep somebody.

  11. LL

    Wow, I thought Paris was dumb, but it appears her IQ exceeds that of her ex-agents by about 50 points. I’m not Martha Stewart’s biggest fan, but I do know that she started as a stockbroker, then she was a caterer, then the queen of manic-depressive, obsessive-compulsive housewives everywhere. Say what you will about Martha, but she actually did/does produce things that some people find useful. What’s on Paris’s resume that would make any human with a normal, functioning brain think that Paris could replace Martha Stewart? What has Paris produced, other than fresh despair for her “generation.”? The only people dumber than her ex-agents are anybody who paid her money to do anything that didn’t involve her head and a shotgun.

  12. Jimbo

    HAHAHAHAHAHA What a loser. They think she is now going to be able to charge more money for her sorry ass to show up to parties. I would like to know who the FUCK would pay her a dime to drink their beer and just who thinks she is worth inviting? This world is fucked up!!!

  13. Jeff

    I feel so bad for Ms. Hilton. I wish everybody would just leave her alone – except for The Superficial, because they rock! XD

  14. Nitsua

    You know Parisite will end up on “The Veiw” cuz
    Babara W. is on her parents payroll

  15. billy

    She looks beautiful here.

  16. woodhorse

    Hardly anyone is commenting on this thread. I guess we dropped her too.

  17. tina bling

    Jeff- No one comes here anymore anyways, so it really doesn’t matter. Tmz is way more supa populaerrrr.

  18. veegee

    You’ve GOT to be kidding. She has agents??
    For what?? She’s no Martha Stewart either.
    Never will be.

  19. Paris probably wants to hang herself by her bedsheets but she cannot figure out how to tie a knot….

  20. #18 – What are you talking about!!!
    Remember how Martha got her start sucking cock and getting rammed from behind? They are practically mirror images!!!!!

  21. This is it for her lol!

  22. Hell yeah she’s our generation’s Martha Stewart.
    She’s even gone to jail like Martha too :)

  23. redsonja1313

    Silly she will need to hire a team of mensa grads so she no longer “acts dumb” those people at her old agency were just not smart enough !!

  24. leelee

    @22 and 11- i think calling her our generation’s Martha IS because she went to jail, because it’s not as if she’s known for making holiday cookies.

    Paris’s agents are idiots. They obviously don’t see that Paris now reached a Marilyn Monroe celebrity status because of all of this (whether you like it or not, it’s true). She’s become infamous; generations looking back at this time will stumble on the names of that girl from Monster and mix up all the Jessica’s, but they’ll know who Paris Hilton is.

  25. veegee

    To #20 and #22 – Couple of losers, if she’s your “Martha Stewart for our generation”. LOL!!!! Good luck with that.

  26. techclerk

    I’d hire her…

    I’d hire her to give us MORE COWBELL.

  27. techclerk

    If Paris quits “acting dumb”, then I agree with that goal. But my question is, how would anybody be able to tell the difference?

    LOL. That’s Rush’s joke, not mine. I wish it was my joke.

  28. #25 – It is called sarcasm…. If you read that and thought I was seriously saying Martha Stewart is like Paris Hilton (or vice versa), you need meds….

    Learn to read dipshit…

  29. rindumoira

    LOL, “just wasn’t worth it.”
    Hmm, so they’ve figured this out, have they? Maybe someone should have told them sooner…

  30. fatty

    #27- That’s a lame joke. Rush is an idiot, and so are you. Paris is not “dumb”, you sexist pig.

  31. Hollywood Agent

    I don’t want to be the one to tell you “I told you so,” but, (weeks ago) “I told you she would never work in this town again.”


  32. Hollywood Agent

    If she even tries to get a job as a Maid for any Hilton Hotel, they will do a background check on her, and find out she has a criminal record. She will not even be able to get a job cleaning rooms at her own families’ company.

    Paris is now an Official Overnight Has-Been!

  33. Is it time for the Weird Al video yet?

  34. G

    HAHA! What a loser.

  35. wonder if zhe ate
    b*0*L*o*g*n*a yet?

    I’m alzo wondering
    if zhe took a zhit!

  36. Zombie Jesus

    She is the Martha Stewart of her generation, except that she doesn’t actually do anything. Oh, and Martha served her jail time with maturity.

    Paris is going to milk this jailbird thing for books, movies, talk show conversations with Oprah, guest shots on sitcoms, more music, magazine ads, and perfume. Thank that sheriff for making this thing even more newsworthy, by focusing attention on his ineptitude as a law enforcement official.

    Paris will be a celebrity for at least another decade. More reason for The Superficial to stay online, fortunately :).

  37. Tanya

    Why did they drop her? She is like Martha Stewart! Both of there asses have been in prison. =)

  38. star69

    It would have been more fun to read if she was dropped off a plane.

    Without a parachute.

  39. yalola

    considering the prison time that both of them will have served. . . she’s more like martha stewart than we are giving her credit for.
    maybe her agency should have held on at least til she was out.

  40. Paris is Talentless..really

    Doesn’t it take TALENT to be affiliated with a “Talent Agency”..?

    That’s what I Thought.

  41. Conky

    This is part of dumdum’s grand plan.

    Unfortunately, due to her deal with the devil, she will prevail and her image will be forced on us for years to come. :(


  42. Yourfairytale

    The only things Martha and Paris have in common is that they’re both racist, blonde jailbirds.

    How can one have a talent agent without any talent?

  43. pohzimi

    @15: I would like to disabuse anyone of the notion that paris hilton is pretty. Do you realies 99.99% of pictures taken of her are of her side profile, which creates the illusion that she has a well-chiseled face structure [which she doesn't]. With the exception of her eyes, her features are nothing much to speak of.

    Find a frontal picture of her and you’ll know what i mean.

  44. pohzimi

    by ‘side profile’ I mean for eg when she tilts her head to the side/up etc so you don’t see her front face full-on.

    and when she’s not doing that, she has half of her face covered with a hat or her hair or something.

  45. bstargurl

    I’m so sick of this girl. Someone just kill her already.

  46. gerard Vandenberg

    You’re a big, spoiled, bitchy girl who can’t face the other side of human life. Real-life! This is the part every ordinary person has to deal with. This is your little episode of it all.
    When you were weeping like a little kid, who didn’t get enough candy, you showed to us you are not ready for stardom. So the answer is easy: DISMISS LOSER!!

  47. jrzmommy

    *shakes head*

  48. If you are as sick and tired as me of hearing 24 hour news reports every time Paris Hilton breaks wind, do me a favor and vote against paris in
    if enough people vote against her then just maybe the news corporations will realize we had enough!!

  49. clete

    Unfortunately we have not seen the last of Paris. Why anyone was ever interested is mind boggling. She is homely and dumb as a rock. Her on-again best friend Nicole should be prepared to serve her time in the slammer. It’s hunting season on spoiled brat bimbos.

  50. CM

    but Martha Stewart went to jail too!!

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