Paris & Doug still beating the shit out of each other

November 18th, 2009 // 26 Comments

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt reportedly got into another drunken brawl this morning, according to TMZ:

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt got into an epic fight early this morning … so much so the LAPD responded to a call — “Drunk people arguing” — this, according to law enforcement sources.
It happened a few hours ago in the Hollywood Hills. An eyewitness tells us he saw Paris in her driveway and Doug getting in his car, when Paris began screaming, “Don’t go, don’t go!”
The eyewitness tells us Doug got out of the car and the lovebirds began “shoving each other.”

Sonofabitch. How many times do I have to explain to Doug Reinhardt he won’t go to jail for murdering Paris in a “crime of passion?” No, really, I dare you to find one person who’d convict him let alone an entire jury. It’s the greatest legal loophole known to man.


  1. JohnnyBGood

    Lol! Where are all the captian sav-a-ho’s demanding that dude be burried under the jail for abusing this poor christian girl?

  2. missywissy

    oh great, the new “in” thing to talk about is domestic abuse. Paris will write a heart felt tell-all, and go on a “feel sorry for me” tour.

    Oh,and by the way _ third, or fourth, or by the time I’m done typing this fifth- bitches.

  3. KIKI

    I wish they would have had baseball bats. Or guns.

  4. pdxfacehole

    they’re still around? jesus. booooooring.


    Toxic relationships. I’ve had em and I hate em. Split up already.

  6. p0nk

    Captain & Tenille do a guest appearance on Sesame Street? Why is Big Bird wearing the Captain’s hat?

  7. cc

    She just oozes class.

  8. Valerie

    Dude, that’s horrible : (

  9. KG

    Holy shit I just can’t get over how ridiculously big, ugly and bony her feet are.

  10. Mr.Mr.

    did you look at those fucking feet??? sheeeeeeeeit

  11. GeneralEmergency

    Feet? FEET??


    I’ve seen full skeletons hanging in science class that showed less bone than Paris Hilton’s knees.

    She needs to get fat just so she can have some relocated to pad out those nut crackers.


  12. Annie Loves Anal

    Hey 5, better still……MACHETES!!!!!!

  13. What a pair of dumbass fucktards

    I wish these 2 fucktards would just kill each other already. I can’t imagine how annoying it must be to have these arrogant assholes move into your quiet neighborhood; immediately cars get vandalized, then there’s breakins, then there’s a constant flow of cops having to be called to settle their childish public temper tantrums. In my neighborhood, they’d be very forcefully told that they were no longer welcome, and that if they didn’t move things would get ugly. Fuck them both…

  14. Champ

    They should keep a few loaded guns around the house for those drunken nights of no self control. PLEASE.

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  16. Kangaroo

    God her knees & feet are awful. I’d use those shoes for decoys if I was swan hunting.

  17. CJDC

    I thought Skeletor was a cartoon character. Where’s Conan?

  18. Jamie's Uterus

    Doug should just beat her endlessly on camera. One punch after the next.

    He would be lauded as a hero. All of America, and the world, would stand up and cheer.

  19. Paris…just wear some Keds and blue Jeans. Cover that mess up.

  20. laerbgfd

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  21. In other news, Paris still has ugly feet.


  22. sandy


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